Beauty Favorites 2015 (Pt. 1)

For my very first blog post, I figured what would be better than an overview of my favorite beauty products from 2015!

This series will be a collaboration with some of my favorite ladies on Instagram, who will be linked below for reference.

I’m starting the series off with my favorite face products of the year.

2015 Face Favorites (WATERMARKED).jpg


The first standout product for me has to be the Elf Daily Moisture Stick.

Elf Daily Moisture Stick (WATERMARKED)


First things first, you should all know I have ridiculously dry skin. We’re talking Sahara dry. So naturally anything that says “moisture”, I’m all about (regardless of how I feel about the word “moist”…eww.).

This is such a great multitasking product, you can use this as a hydrating primer, throw it in your bag for a midday touch up if you see yourself getting a little dry, even as a lip balm if you’re in a pinch.

I use this as a primer more than anything, it’s a very lightweight and thin formula that hydrates without being greasy. So if you’re someone with dry skin and you struggle with practically every foundation looking cakey and flaky on you, you need this product in your life.


My next favorite was very surprising for me. When I first purchased it, I hated it. But once I learned how to use it correctly for myself, I couldn’t put it down!

I’m talking about the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation , my shade is “Porcelain 110” because I’m basically as white as you can get.


Maybelline Matte + Poreless (WATERMARKED).jpg

When I first purchased this foundation, I applied it with a brush with my normal silicone-based primer, and since my skin is so incredibly dry, I ended up with cakey, flaky skin that was pretty unattractive. I was heartbroken, because it’s rare for me to find a foundation that matches my skin so well, especially an affordable product.

But, I decided to pair it with a hydrating/illuminating primer and applied with a damp beauty sponge, and ended up with beautiful medium coverage and a natural matte finish. This foundation would be phenomenal for those of you with combination/oily skin types, but dry skin can definitely wear this as well.

This has great staying power (I tend to wear it for about 8-12 hours), doesn’t oxidize in color, and feels very comfortable throughout the day, as it has a lightweight texture. Total win for me!

The next product I want to talk about actually hails from Maybelline’s Fit Me line as well, the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (WATERMARKED).jpg

You can definitely tell mine is well loved! As with the products I’ve mentioned thus far, this has a very light texture while also having great coverage. I tend to have a difficult time finding a  concealer that doesn’t cake up on my aforementioned dry skin, and has a shade light enough to not only match my skin, but to possibly highlight, and this concealer really meets all of those prerequisites for me.

As for coverage, if you have very dark under eye discoloration, I would suggest going in with a correcter like the Benefit Erase Paste or the Nyx Dark Circle Concealer in a shade appropriate for your skin tone, before adding concealer. But on my skin, it covers my dark circles flawlessly and can also be used for spot concealing blemishes. However, I do highly recommend you set this concealer with a light setting powder, or you will experience serious creasing.


That makes for a great segue into our next product, the Elf High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder.

Elf High Definition Undereye Setting Powder (WATERMARKED).jpg



This is a such a nice, finely milled powder with a hint of an iridescent shimmer to it. Before you get scared, the shimmer isn’t really noticeable on the skin, but leaves your under eye looking very healthy.

This only comes in one translucent shade, so if your skin tone is very deep, I can’t be certain this product will work for you, but if you are anywhere between fair to medium-dark, this is a fantastic setting powder for you. I’ve heard this product compared to the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder , but I can’t speak on that personally.


Contouring and highlighting was huge in 2015, as we all know. (yes, contouring has been a prevalent technique for a very long time, but there has been a huge spike in popularity throughout this year).

An amazing, affordable alternative to the popular high end contour products is the Elf Contour Kit.


Elf Contour Kit(WATERMARKED).jpg




Included in this kit is a shimmery white-gold highlight, a yellow-beige matte highlight, a warm bronze shade, and your cool-toned contour.

Elf Contour Kit Swatches(WATERMARKED).jpg


The quality of Elf’s products just astounds me, and be forewarned that you will see a large amount of this brand on this blog. But this product is pigmented, but not so pigmented that you will have that muddy appearance, making it  great for beginners. The powders are finely milled and blend out beautifully on the skin.

My only fault to this product is shade selection. This isn’t terribly friendly to those with a deep skin tone, but I am hoping they will expand their shades to include more skin tones.


My final favorite for this category has to be the Elf Mist + Set. I’ve probably bought at least 5 or 6 of these just this year alone.

Elf Mist + Set (WATERMARKED)


To an extent it does help prolong the wear of my makeup, but I use it more as one would use MAC Fix+, to settle my makeup and reduce the cakey appearance powders can give and help hydrate. This particular one I have shown here is the illuminating version, but in all honesty it’s no different than the original.

This has a pretty fine mist, a slight fragrance due to the aloe and green tea in the formula, and feels incredibly refreshing on the skin. If my skin is feeling particularly dry, I just give myself a spritz of this and it instantly adds some hydration and a very subtle glow to the skin.

If you’re in the market for an affordable alternative to Fix +, I highly suggest checking this one out.


That’s it for my first blog post! Hope you’ve enjoyed it and stick around for the next one!




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    • makeupinmontana

      Thank you so much, Sarah! And I can’t say that I do, really. The Illuminating version costs $1 more, and the ingredients differ slightly, but the end result is really the same. They do carry a matte version, but I have yet to try that one out.


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