January 2016 Ipsy Unbagging + Review

Welcome back! Today’s post is an unbagging and review of my January Ipsy bag!

If you’re not familiar, *Ipsy is a beauty subscription service. Each month you pay only $10, and receive a personalized bag with 4-5 sample to full sized makeup and beauty products! So basically, it’s a huge deal, considering if I were to buy every item I receive in the bag, I would spend a lot more than $10.

So without futher ado, let’s get into January’s bag!

Ipsy Bag #2

This month’s theme was “All Eyes On You”, hence the cute little bag and several eye products. Not my favorite bag design we’ve gotten so far, but it serves it’s purpose.

First product I was so excited to see was a FULL SIZE Mr. Write Now  eyeliner from TheBalm!

Mr. Write Now.jpg

This full sized pencil retails for $17, so right off the bat, you’ve already gotten more than the worth of the bag in the first place. However, I am incredibly sad to say that this product really disappointed me.
Mr. Write Now Swatch.jpg (Shade: Jac B. Bronze)

The texture is very creamy, as you’d want in an eyeliner, but the staying power is so poor with this pencil. I wore it on my lid and on my waterline and only got about an hour of wear before it had completely disappeared from my waterline and began smudging on my lid. The shades are beautiful and the concept is cute, as is the norm with TheBalm, but I’m sad to say this is so overpriced for what it is. I’d much rather spend an extra $3 and buy an Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil, which is significantly higher quality and has much better lasting power. Or, if you’re in the market for an affordable pencil, the Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils are incredible and only cost $3.


Next product I was excited to see was a City Color Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio.

City Color Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio.jpg

These shades are right up my alley, but unfortunately, this doesn’t perform as well as I’d like. These retail for $5.99, so ultimately it’s not a huge loss if you don’t love it. But i find the shades to be decently pigmented, but patchy and powdery, as you’ll be able to see in the swatch (no primer, of course).

Trio Swatches.jpg (Shade: Falling Leaves)

I really appreciate the matte in this trio, most shadow trios are all satin/shimmer shades, so it is nice to see a mixture of texture in this. The shades do perform much better on the eye over a primer, but unless you really love the colors, I would skip on this as well. Not a good start to this bag.



This product is something I actually needed, the Tucker Ashley Peptide Eye Complex, which is a long winded way to say eye cream.

Eye Cream.jpg

This is a great sample size, especially for something like an eye cream that takes forever to use up. The full size of this product is $29.95 for 14g, while this is over half of the full size (9g), great deal.

This has a creamy, gel-like consistency with a citrus scent that is rather refreshing to use in the morning. Infused with ingredients such as retinol, swiss apple stem cells, and vitamins A, C &E, the intent of this product is to hydrate and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the under eyes.

I have noticed a difference in the hydration of my under eyes, but after a week of using this daily, I have yet to see any difference in fine lines. Keep in mind, I’m 19 years old, so wrinkles aren’t really prevalent in my life currently. Not being able to attest to the “age defying” claim of this product, I can’t say I would spend $30 on the full size.


Tools are something I’m  always excited to see in subscription bags. Personally, I am more drawn to color cosmetics and tend to neglect important things like brushes while shopping, so it’s nice to get different items I may not purchase on my own accord.

In this bag, I received the Coastal Scents Pearl Shadow Angle Large Brush .

Coastal Scents Brush.jpg

I have been using this brush to highlight my browbone and have really been enjoying. As with the vast majority of brushes, this is multifunctional. This could be used for cream contouring, blending out the crease, lining the lash line with diffused shadow for a smokey look, you name it.

The quality of these brushes is pretty impressive, especially for the price. This brush retails for about $7, but Coastal Scents almost always has some sort of sale going on, so pick it up then.

This brush is very soft, and I have yet to experience any shedding of the hairs, even after washing it twice. Totally recommend picking up some Coastal Scents brushes, I know I’ll be buying more!


And the last product I received in my bag is actually my favorite, the Lasting Smiles Organic Lip Balm.


I received the Peppermint Creme scent, but they also offer Peach Blossom and Vanillla Bean.

Before I even get into how I feel about this product itself, the best part of it is that every 1,000 balms sold goes to fund a cleft palette surgery for a child. So not only is this a wonderful, organic lip balm only costing $4, it’s for a good cause.

My lips have been in better shape than they have been in a long time since I started using this product. I’m cursed with perpetually dry lips and can easily say this is probably the best lip balm I’ve used to date, and I will be repurchasing.

That wraps it up for this month’s Ipsy bag!

Thanks for stopping by!




*Ipsy link is my personal Ipsy referral code.


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