Jcat Beauty #MOTD Eyeliner + Shadow Palette Review

Welcome back!

Today I bring you a review on a few products I picked up from JCat Beauty, which now has several products available to Ulta stores and online.

JCat Beauty.jpg

I’m always interested by new brands to hit the market, especially affordable cosmetics, so I’ll share with you my thoughts on the few things I picked up.

First, the #MOTD Slide On Eyeliners.


JCat Slide On Pencils.jpg


These come in a beautiful array of colors, with a 12 count shade selection ranging from white, black, and very colorful options, and retail for $3.99.

JCat Swatches.jpg

However, I am SO incredibly sad to inform you that these are probably some of the worst eyeliners I’ve ever used. They swatch beautifully, but the texture is so ridiculously dry, don’t even bother trying to apply these to the waterline, which is what I bought these for in the first place.


In this (obviously incredible smartphone quality) photo, I used the shade “Platinum” and I got little to no color payoff, and ended up with a very irritated waterline from having to go back and forth in a futile attempt to build up the color.

I ran into this problem with all of the shades I bought, the color “Pure White” being the best out of the bunch. They are just not what I was hoping they’d be, and I do not recommend them to anyone, unfortunately enough.


On to the other product I picked up, the Fab Five Eye Shadow Palette in the shade “Mysterious Trove”.

Mysterious Trove.jpg

If these particular colors scare you, fear not. This line has 5 palette options, this obviously being the most colorful.

Mysterious Trove Swatches.jpg

I appreciate the texture variation in this palette, that matte red was a huge selling point for me, as well as the low price tag ($4.99!).

I can happily say that I am very impressed with the quality of these colors. These are swatched over no primer, just showing off their natural beauty. They can be a bit powdery, but that is to be expected when the first ingredient is talc (cosmetic grade talc is FDA approved and used as an inexpensive filler for not only affordable makeup, but very expensive as well [looking at you, Natasha Denona], so don’t freak out.)

I will have a few looks using this palette up on my Instagram , so check that out if you’d like to see this palette in action! Also, please let me know if you’re interested in seeing more actual makeup looks here on the blog!

So that’ll do it for this post. Ultimately, I will be trying more JCat Beauty products, so if you have a favorite you think I should try, let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!




*Post is NOT sponsored, JCat doesn’t know/care who I am. I purchased these myself.




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