Products I Regret Buying!

Welcome back!

Today’s post is a more negative one. I recently asked on my Instagram if y’all would like to see a Products I Regret Buying, or a dupes post, and this won!

I know the stigma about posts like this. And as much as I hate feeling like I have to use this disclaimer, I will.

Just because I don’t like these products, doesn’t mean I don’t like the brands. You can always count on me to be honest, regardless of where the products have come from. So with that out of the way, let’s get into it.


So the first product we’ll talk about is the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth.

Dewy + Smooth.jpg

If you guys have been here for awhile, you know that I have very dry skin and I LOVE the Matte + Poreless version of this foundation. So I assumed that this would work well for me. Oh how wrong I was.

One thing I really can’t deal with is the shade. This is the lightest shade, 110 Porcelain. The Matte + Poreless 110 shade is a perfect match for me, and this one is about 2 shades too dark for me, which just makes no sense to me at all.

Secondly, this foundation looks so incredibly cakey,no matter what application method I use, this settles into every line and pores I didn’t even know I had and just looks awful on my skin. Definitely do not recommend this product to anyone.


We may as well continue with face products, so this next disappointment is the L’Oreal True Match Lumi foundation.


I do really appreciate the pump on the bottle, which is kind of a rarity at the drugstore, so thumbs up for that.

But again, shade selection is an issue. This is the shade W 1-2, I can pull it off, but its about a shade too dark, and this is the lightest shade in the line. And equally, not much in the way of dark shades either. Come on, L’Oreal. We’re not all a medium skin tone.

This one also settles into any pores and fine lines as well, even when I’m wearing a pore filling primer. I find it to be incredibly cakey on my skin no matter how I apply it, and I can easily say this is my least favorite foundation that I own. I know so many people love it, but it just isn’t for me.

Almost done with face products, but this one comes from the Hard Candy Glamoflauge line. I LOVE the original Glamoflauge concealer in the tube, it covers blemishes flawlessly without looking too heavy.

This is the Glamoflauge Lite, a concealer duo with a skin tone shade on one end, and a more correcting side on the other.

Glamoflauge Lite.jpg

Glamoflauge Lite swatches.jpg

So naturally when I saw this, I was so excited to try it! Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed by this. The coverage isn’t enough for me, and it’s just too heavy to use on my under eyes. If you don’t have dry skin, this may work well for you. But if your skin type is similar to mine, I would skip on this one.

Finishing up with the face products, this is the Elf Cosmetics HD Face Powder in “Shimmer”.

Elf Hi Def powder.jpg

Now I really do like the original, translucent version of this powder. But after moving to Montana, my skin got so much drier than it was before, so I thought the shimmer version may add a little luminescence to my skin while taking away the tacky sensation foundation can have.

Sadly, this just has chunks of silver glitter in it, not really any legitimate shimmer. I’ve tried using it as a highlight as well, and just found myself incredibly underwhelmed. If you’re interested in a low cost powder, check out the original formulation of this powder, which is said to be a dupe for the Makeup Forever HD Powder.

Moving on to eyes, the Maybelline Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette.

Maybelline Blushed Nudes.jpg

I should start this out with saying I actually love the original Nudes palette Maybelline released, though many people didn’t. I found it great for the price, and a nice addition to the drugstore. But I can honestly say, I can’t stand this palette.

First off, as you can tell in the photo, several of the shadows have developed hard pan, which is when a powder product develops a hard layer at the surface, making it near impossible to use. This can happen when a shadow’s formulation is too emollient.

With that aside, I just find a huge lack of pigmentation in this palette, and after trying to use this for several months, I see most of my looks using this palette  turning out incredibly similar to each other because of the issues with pigmentation  and the shades bleeding into each other.

Blushed Nudes Swatches.jpg

(As you can see, these shades are patchy and not pigmented. All of my swatches are done on clean skin, one swipe, no primer.)

If you’re looking for an affordable rosy toned eyeshadow palette, check out the new Covergirl Tru Naked palette in Roses, and steer clear of this disaster.


Next up, a Too Faced limited edition palette you shouldn’t be upset about not getting your hands on, the Candy Bar Palette.

Too Faced Candy Bar.jpg

This was a holiday release in 2014, I believe. It came in an Iphone phone case, and was basically as adorable as everything else Too Faced has ever released.

Too Faced Swatches.jpg

However, I find the dark shades to be patchy and lacking pigment, the light shades to be chalky, and the bronzer literally nonexistent. The winning shades in this palette is the blush and the gold eyeshadow in the center. But beyond that, I was really unimpressed. This is not the quality I’ve come to know and love from Too Faced. So if you missed out on this one, fear not. You’re not missing much, unfortunately.


This product isn’t necessarily bad, but in all honesty, it made me really angry. This is the Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow in “Sugar Mint Candy”.

Essence Metal Glam.jpg

When I first received this from a recent Ulta order, I thought it was absolutely beautiful. A light blue, minty shade with a silver duochrome sparkle. NOPE. OVERSPRAY.

Metal Glam Swatch.jpg

If you don’t know, an overspray is exactly what it sounds like. When there’s a spray of glitter or something along those lines that is just on the surface, not throughout the product. The shade is still very pretty, but it’s not what I thought it was, which really irks me. Maybe I’m just dramatic, but whenever I see a company using an overspray, I feel like they’re just lying to me to get me to buy it. Guess what? It worked. Thanks, Essence.

Another Essence product (y’all know I love Essence, but I have to be honest on here.) that really was underwhelming to me was the Crystal Liquid Liner.

Essence Crystal Liner.jpg (“Twinkle Sparkle”)

This is a glitter eyeliner with the jankiest little brush I’ve ever seen in my life.

Essence Brush .jpg

Seriously. What is that. It came to me like that, too. All the brush hairs frayed and really unpleasant to use. Not to mention the formula of the product itself, which is thick, chunky and sticky without really having much glitter to speak of.

Essence Crystal Swatch.jpg

Definitely suggest passing on this one, pick up one of the Nyx glitter eyeliners instead, and don’t waste your time with this.

The final eye products I’ve already touched on on previous posts, which I will link for you below the photos for full details, so we’ll just fly by these.

JCat Beauty #MOTD Eyeliners

JCat Slide On Pencils.jpg (Full Review)

TL;DR: Too dry, not pigmented, irritates my eyes.

City Color Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio


(Full Review)

TL;DR: Lacks pigmentation, colors bleed into each other, generally underwhelming.

Our last eye product comes to you from Jessie’s Girl, the talked about Eye Shadow Primer.

Jesse's Girl Primer.jpg

This gained a lot of popularity due to YouTube’s Kathleen Lights using it frequently in her videos, and having very dry skin like Kathleen, I thought this would work well for me and was very excited to receive it in an Ipsy bag. This is your typical flesh-toned silicone based eyeshadow primer, but really under performs for me.

This not only didn’t increase the wear time of my shadows, but it creased on me horribly (I do not have oily eyelids, and always set my primer with powders, so it’s ridiculous that it creased at all.) and actually caused my shadows to fade much faster than they would have normally.

My go to primer is the Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base, and it is absolutely phenomenal. If you need an affordable primer, definitely pick up the Essence one, and forget about the Jessie’s Girl. Especially if you’re someone with oily skin.

To finish up this post, we’ll talk about a product that I actually love, but packaging that is just not working for me, the Wet ‘N’ Wild Balm Stains.

WnW Balm Stains.jpg

(Shades top-bottom: “Rico Mauve”, “A Stiff Pink”)

I LOVE the actual product. They’re creamy, pigmented, and come in a variety of gorgeous shades. However, the lid on the packaging is so flimsy it never clicks into place, causing the lid to fall off all the time.

I have several of these and have experienced this issue with every single one. The lid pops off and gets all over the contents of my purse, and even in my makeup collection.

So these aren’t a bad product, just bad packaging.

That’ll be it for today’s post! Stay tuned for more.

Thanks for stopping by!



*This post is NOT sponsored. None of these brands know/care who I am, lol.



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