Lipstick Dupes! Affordable Alternatives

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Today’s post is a personal favorite of mine, dupes! I love high end makeup just as much as anyone else, but I’m a drugstore girl at heart. So finding affordable alternatives to high end makeup is practically an emotional experience for me because I’m unbelievably addicted to makeup.

So anyways, let’s start out with the most expensive lip products we’ll be duping today, Nars Velvet Matte & Satin Lip Pencils.

These were the free Sephora birthday gift for 2015, so if you fell in love with the shades but don’t want to take the plunge to purchase the full size, I got you covered.

The full size retail value of these is $26 each, so I was really excited to find some much cheaper alternatives in my collection.

Nars ” Rikugien” vs. Jordana Balm Stain “Honey Love”

Jordana vs Nars.jpgPrice difference: $23

As you can tell, these are don’t look exactly alike, but on the lips they are completely identical.

Nars vs Jordana Lip Swatch (And yes, I have peach fuzz on my face because that’s a thing that Mammalian creatures have, let’s move past that.)

The only difference I can really tell is that the texture of Honey Love is a bit stickier than Rikugien, but I actually prefer that, as it helps the lip color stick around significantly longer, increasing the wear time by hours.

Next up,

Nars “Cruella” vs. Nyx Matte Lipstick “Alabama”.

Nars vs Nyx.jpg Price difference: $20

Actually throwing in an honorable mention in here too, the Revlon Matte Balm Stain in “Standout.” This is nearly identical on the lips, but on a hand swatch, comes off a tiny bit more pink toned than Cruella. So even though the format of the Revlon is a little more similar, being in a pencil form, the color of Alabama is completely identical. Alabama is a bit more matte and has better staying power than Cruella, but is just as comfortable to wear, and only a fraction of the price.

Nars vs Nyx lip swatch.jpg

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes”Committed” vs. Elf Moisturizing Lipstick “Marsala Blush.”

The Balm vs Elf.jpg Price difference: $14

As we know, liquid to matte lipsticks are all the rage right now. Every company is coming out with them. But they aren’t for everyone. Some people just can’t stand that dry, uncomfortable sensation associated with lipsticks such as these. So if you really love the color of this product, but not the formula, this Elf lipstick is for you. Marsala Blush does have a matte appearance, without the matte feel, making it a favorite of mine.

The Balm vs Elf Lip swatch.jpg

Model Co Illusion Lip Liner vs. Essence “In The Nude”  

Model Co vs Essence.jpg Price difference: $18

This Model Co pencil is made in this specific nude shade to create the appearance of larger, fuller lips as well as act as a universal liner for nearly any lipstick. Essence’s lip liner in “In The Nude” is literally the exact same color, and costs nearly $19 less! They look a little different here, because the Essence lip color is actually way more pigmented than the Model Co. Not to mention, these Essence liners are my absolute favorite, and though I do like the Model Co liner, I would choose this formula over the Model Co any day.

Model Co vs Essence Lip Swatch.jpg


We’ll finish this post up with a few Urban Decay dupes.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick “Bang” vs. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream “Morocco”

UD vs Nyx.jpg Price difference: $16

Whereas these are in different forms (Bang is a traditional lipstick bullet, Morocco is more of a liquid lipstick), the shades are completely identical. I find the Revolution lipsticks to have a pretty matte appearance on the lips, as does Morocco. (this does not dry to a complete, full matte like your average liquid lipstick.) So for a price difference of $16, Morocco is a fantastic alternative.

Urban Decay vs Nyx lip swatch.jpg

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick “Stark Naked” vs. Elf Moisturizing Lipstick “In The Nude”

UD vs Elf.jpg Price difference: $17

(My lighting in this photo was pretty off, hence the lipsticks looking so yellow and strange.)


This lip color gained a massive amount of popularity this year, since we’re all very into the matte brown nudes this year. Formula and color of these are ridiculously alike. Of course, there is a quality difference. The Urban Decay lipstick is creamier, but for the price difference, I would definitely pick the Elf lipstick.

UD vs Elf lip swatch.jpg

And lastly,

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick “Venom” vs. Wet ‘n’ Wild “Sugar Plum Fairy” 

Urban Decay vs WnW.jpg Price difference: $18

We’re all incredibly familiar with these Wet ‘n’ Wild lipsticks, as the shades are dupes for several popular high end lipsticks. So if you’ve been pining after “Venom” like I had been, check out your own collection, you may already own it! Sugar Plum Fairy is more matte than Venom, so if you really want it to be exact, add a bit of a gloss on top. I personally prefer shades like this to be more matte, as I don’t really want to worry about having a purple smear on my face after eating or drinking, but to each their own. If you’re a little afraid of this type of color, the Wet ‘n’ Wild is a great way to go, if you don’t like it, you’re not out a good chunk of cash.

UD vs WNW lip swatch.jpg


I hope you guys have liked this post, there will be an eye product dupes post coming,so keep an eye out for that!


Thanks for stopping by!




*This post is NOT sponsored. All products were purchased myself.


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