Top Ten Elf Cosmetics Products!

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Today’s post was requested from a friend of mine who is beginning to get into makeup, and what better brand to start with than Elf Cosmetics, one of the most affordable brands on the market (and my personal favorite).

With that being said, let’s get into my top ten must have Elf Cosmetics products!


These are in no particular order when it comes to 1-10, so we’ll start with face products, beginning with the Daily Moisture Stick.

Elf Daily Moisture Stick (2) ($6)  

This is a clear stick that can be used as a primer,  moisturizer, or dabbed on any dry spots on the face that need a touch up during the day.

For someone with very dry skin, this product is something I just cannot go without. The texture is thin, but very moisturizing, so many skin types can benefit from this product. This is great to have at home or on the go, and I couldn’t recommend it more.


Sticking with colorless cosmetics, my next must have is the Makeup Mist & Set.

Elf Mist + Set (WATERMARKED) ($3) 

This is a setting spray, used to set your makeup in place and add a little extra hydration at the same time. I also use this frequently to refresh my makeup and avoid that midday cakiness that can happen, especially in the hotter months.

There are three versions of this product, a matte, illuminating, and the standard version. Personally, I don’t see a difference between the formulas, and recommend going with the original Mist & Set!

Our last colorless product we’ll talk about today, the High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder.

Elf High Definition Undereye Setting Powder (WATERMARKED) ($3) 

This is a powder specifically for setting concealer on the under eye. It has a very finely milled texture,so it keeps your concealer from creasing, as well as preventing a cakey appearance under eye.

There are very small particles of shimmer in this product, but don’t let that scare you, as they really don’t transfer to the under eye at all, and instead leave a bit of luminosity that keeps the area from looking completely flat and matte. This is by far my favorite setting powder, as it never looks too heavy on my skin, making it perfect for all skin types, especially dry and mature skin.

Finally on to some of the fun stuff, the Contour Palette.

Elf Contour Kit ($6) 

This is a four piece palette consisting of a shimmery white gold highlight, a matte beige-yellow highlight, a warm bronzer, and a cool toned contour.

Elf Contour Kit Swatches(WATERMARKED)

The shades don’t appear too pigmented in the swatch, which is actually a good thing, as it keeps you from depositing too much color onto your face immediately.

This is also a great kit for travel, as you have pretty much everything you need, a large mirror, and the shades can be popped out and substituted with any of the products in Elf’s other 4 pan palettes like this. I use this product nearly every day, and I have yet to try a contour product I like more!

To finish up the face products, my next pick are the Baked Blushes.

Elf Baked Blushes ($3) [Well loved, as you may be able to tell….]

These are very shimmery, highlighting blushes. I personally don’t use much blush on myself, as I already have naturally rosy cheeks, but I love using these on the occasional client as a blush, or the deeper shades as a highlighter for darker skin tones.

Elf Baked Blushes swatched.jpg (Top to bottom: “Passion Pink”, “Peachy Cheeky”, “Pinktastic”) 

I don’t know anyone pale enough to use Pinktastic as a blush, but it is one of my favorite highlights ever. It just brings such a beautiful champagne glow to the high points of the face. All of these can potentially be used as highlights if used with a light hand. But any way you choose to use them, they’re absolutely stunning, and far surpass their worth.

Finally, we’re done with the face products. Now, on to eyes, starting with the Smudge Pots.

smudge pots.jpg ($3)

As you can tell, I REALLY love these cream shadows! I have all but 3 of the shades, and I intend on completing my collection.

These come in an array of beautiful shades, and have fantastic lasting power on my eyes.

smudge pot swatches.jpg (Top to bottom: “Wine Not”, “Cruisin’ Chic”,”Ain’t That Sweet”, “Gotta Glow”, “Back To Basics”, Pearls Of Wisdom”, “Brownie Points”, “Poppin’ Party”) 

These can be worn alone and blended into the crease for an easy one shadow look, or used as a cream base and topped with any powder eyeshadow. These last all day for me and never crease. Highly, highly recommend these to everyone!

Next eye products we’ll talk about are the 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palettes.

elf palettes 2.jpg ($10) 

I’ve raved about the Mad For Matte palette endlessly on here, but just for a refresher, these are Elf’s latest eyeshadow palettes. There are 5 different color varieties, but the two I’ve pictured here are Mad For Matte (left) and Need It Nude (right).

mad4matte swatches (My favorite Mad For Matte shades) 

needitnude .jpg (My favorite Need It Nude shades) 

These are really nicely pigmented, very blendable, have several palettes to choose from, and are great palettes for beginners and experts alike.

We’ll finish this section about eyes with the Mineral Infused Mascara.

mineral infused mascara.jpg ($3) 

I had never heard of this mascara until I received it as a freebie from an Elf order I placed, and was so incredibly surprised at how much I liked this.

mineral infused wand.jpg

The wand is very easily managed, and works well for both the upper and lower lashes. I got a lot of great volume and length for this, and for $3, it’s an absolute steal! If you’re in the market for a new mascara, I strongly suggest you give this one a chance.

Finally on to our last 2 products, lips.

First up, the EXtra Lip Glosses.

Elf Ex-Tra Lip Gloss ($2) 

These are some of the best lip glosses I’ve ever used, and for only $2, you definitely need them!

EX-tra Lip Gloss Swatches (Top to bottom: “Michael”, “Brian”, “Luke”) 

These are very pigmented, super creamy, smooth and moisturizing, and are not sticky at all, while having great lasting power (for a lip gloss, that is).

And finally, the last product. I know this has been a long one, but you’ve made it this far. Congratulations.

We’re gonna finish up this post with the Matte Lip Colors.

Matte Lip Color.jpg ($3)

These are matte, without being drying at all. So if you love the matte look, but not the matte feel, these are for you!

Actually did some lip swatches for these, since they’ve been pretty requested!

Natural swatch.jpg (Natural) 

praline .jpg (Praline) 

Berry Sorbet.jpg (Berry Sorbet) 

Cranberry.jpg (Cranberry) 

There’s not too much to say about these, other than that you really need to try these. Some of the best lip pencils ever, not just for the price, and I definitely intend to expand my collection of these!


And FINALLY, we are done! I could talk about Elf Cosmetics all day long, but we’ll end it here.


As always, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my ramblings, and I hope if you’ve liked it, you’ll stick around and subscribe!

Thanks for stopping by!



*All products were purchased myself, post is NOT sponsored.




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