Little Pea Soaps – Review! (Part 1- Soaps)

Welcome back!

Today’s post will be the first part of my review on a ton of products from Little Pea Soaps!

This company’s owner, Vanessa, was kind enough to send me an amazing and generous package full of products to test out for review!

There are so many products that we’re going to have to split it up into a few parts, so let’s get into it!

little pea stuff (Little Pea Soaps products NEVER come in plastic packaging. My lotion bar had a little accident in shipping and I had to improvise!) 

The first thing that drew me to this company was the fact that EVERYTHING is 100% natural and handmade. The owner is a licensed esthetician, so she is very knowledgeable  about skin and what is good for it. Everything is completely cruelty free, additive free, harmful chemical free, biodegradable, Non-GMO, mostly vegan(some are considered vegetarian), even the water is distilled and fluoride free. So it’s very obvious that the owner takes this company and what she does very seriously, and has a lot of passion for what she does. If you’re interested in reading more information, please visit the website’s About and FAQ pages.

Now, getting into the products, we’ll start with the soaps. I was sent 6 different soaps to try out, so buckle up, because we’re going to be here for a while (don’t worry, it’s totally worth it!).

To preface this, the owner recommends keeping your soaps on a soap dish, preferably one made out of wood with rungs, to extend the life of your soap, and she does sell these with the soaps for an additional fee if asked.

First soap I want to talk about is my favorite of the bunch, The Joker Got Away soap.

jga soap.jpg ($6, formula includes aloe leaf, home-pressed apple juice, and many more, refer to the link above for full ingredient list[This soap is 100% vegan]) 

I LOVE the colorful design! It’s always fun to use pretty soap. But on to the important thing, the formula.

This has a very rich, creamy lather that is so moisturizing. I have skipped lotion after using this in the shower and I actually didn’t notice a difference, which is awesome. The scent is so difficult to describe, but it’s amazing and is definitely a unisex scent. The colorful pieces at the top do transfer to the skin, but don’t stain at all.

The owner herself told me to try this as a shampoo bar, and gave me a few tips and tricks on how to use it in that way, and I’m so glad I did. I don’t have any experience with solid shampoo bars, so she told me to use it for about a week or two and see how my hair likes it. At the first use, I noticed my hair was very easy to comb through, and didn’t tangle nearly as badly as it typically does. I’ve mentioned this before, but I have very fine, dry hair, so I did follow up with a conditioner, but I’m not sure it was necessary. I feel like this is so moisturizing that my conditioner almost weighed my hair down on top of it. After a few more uses, I saw that it was really kind of amping up the appearance of my natural hair texture. Usually after washing my hair, my natural wavy texture is somewhat noticeable, but this really helped my waves look nice and smooth, without being frizzy at all. I have no idea why that is, but I won’t complain!

So I definitely recommend this soap, not only for how great it makes my skin feel, but my hair as well. Total win!

Well if we can’t already tell, this is going to be very long winded, and that is why we are going to be splitting this up into a few parts, but let’s keep it going with The Sky Is Falling soap.

sky is falling soap 2.jpg ($6,formula includes unrefined shea butter, scented with white rose [vegan]) 

This soap is inspired by the sky, and I love how fun and cute this soap is, the little bits of rainbow and glitter at the top really make it special. As for the scent, it’s described as a unisex scent with “crisp cotton/linen beach type scent with a very faint floral white rose”. And that is a very accurate description. I really like this soap when I plan to wear a floral perfume, as that subtle white rose scent becomes quite noticeable when paired with a fragrance like that.

The formula is just as fantastic as The Joker Got Away soap, but is just a tiny bit less creamy and is a little more foamy, but that doesn’t take away from it at all. This not only makes a great soap, but I’ve really been loving it as a shaving cream as well. It leaves my legs feeling really nice and moisturized. That is my favorite thing about natural soaps like this, they’re multitasking, and especially at such a low price point like these, you are actually saving yourself quite a bit of money by buying this one soap that you can use not only as a soap, but as shampoo and shaving cream.

On to our next soap, the Forbidden Love Spell Soap.

Forbidden Love Spell Soap.jpg ($6, formula includes homemade coconut milk, coconut flakes, and is scented with Love Spell & Juicy Couture type scents [vegan]) 

As I’ve said with everything else here…how beautiful is this soap? This is so cool and girly, and would make a beautiful gift!

This formula is a little thinner than the others, but the lather is still very rich and creamy, and the scent is completely intoxicating. The best part about the scent is that it really lingers on the skin, which I don’t always see in natural soaps.

This one must be very popular, because she is already almost completely sold out. So if you’re the person who’s able to snatch up the last one, congrats! Otherwise, fear not, they will be restocked hopefully sooner than later!

The last body soap I received was the Feel Good Poppy Aloe Exfoliating Soap.

Feel Good Poppy Aloe Exfoliating Soap.jpg (This is a sample size, the full size 4.5 oz and costs $7. Formula includes grass fed buttermilk, poppy seeds, activated charcoal mica)  

I have mentioned on here before that I have KP on my arms, which basically makes my arms look and feel like they constantly have goose bumps. My way of soothing that is using body scrubs and exfoliants to keep my skin looking smooth and healthy. A soap like this is perfect for not only people like me, but people who just don’t have the time to shower and use a traditional scrub, as this cleans you off and gives your skin a really good scrub at the same time. This is just abrasive enough to keep my skin looking good, while being gentle enough to use every day. The scent itself is just a very clean scent, somewhat similar to The Sky Is Falling soap, but more herbal.I’m really happy to have this, and definitely recommend it to anyone with skin that needs to be exfoliated often like mine.

Moving on to facial soaps, we’ll start with the Chamomile Aloe & Avocado Facial Soap.

This product is not yet available, and is currently in the works, so I’m very excited to have had the opportunity to test it out before it hits the market!

Chamomile Aloe and Avocado Facial soap.jpg (Sample size, full size will most likely cost between $6-$10, and weigh about 4 oz. Formula includes chamomile tea, aloe leaf gel, cruelty-free silk, and many oils and butters.)  

Like all of Little Pea’s other soaps, this has a very rich, thick, creamy lather. This felt amazing on my face! The lather feels so luxurious on the skin and doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped, as many commercial facial soaps will do. I have very dry skin, and this really helped give me a little extra hydration that I desperately need. I will try to let you know when this awesome soap is available for purchase, so be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram, which is most likely where I will update!

And the last soap we’ll talk about for this post is one that is very strange to most people (myself included), Breast Milk Rose Clay Charcoal Facial Soap.

Breast Milk Rose Coal Facial Soap.jpg (Sample size. Full size is 4 oz and retails for $9. Formula includes breast milk, calendula, argan, walnut and sesame oil, and is scented with geranium rose essential oils.[vegan]) 

I admit that when I heard about this product, I was extremely skeptical of this, and thought it to be very bizarre. The owner (her healthy breast milk is used) of the company gave me a lot of great resources to read and look over as well as giving me a lot of information on it.

For a little info on it, breast milk is full of many good nutrients, and has been proven to help regenerate the skin and help balance the ph in problem skin. I have done plenty of research, and feel very confident in saying that this is a completely safe product to use, as the milk that is used is healthy, and the sopanification  process (what makes the soap.. soap) gets to around 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and it only takes up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit to kill most bacteria, so you can feel comfortable using this.

On to the actual soap, like everything else I’ve mentioned, there’s an excellent lather. This did have a bit of a grey lather, from the charcoal, but it doesn’t stain your skin, or the sink. The process of washing my face with this was very average and unexciting. What was really amazing was how my skin felt afterwards. My skin feels so incredibly soft and smooth, and I have noticed my skin retaining more moisture, and not looking and feeling nearly as dry when I use this, and even noticed some of my redness beginning to fade, as well as it getting rid of the uneven texture from the KP on my face.

I was legitimately afraid of using this product, but I’m glad I took the plunge and tried this out, because I am seeing a significant difference in my skin. So if this product scares you as it did me, don’t be afraid, give it a try, and I hope you’ll see the amazing results that I have! I will absolutely be placing an order for a full size of this soap, because I don’t intend on going without this product anymore.

That will be it for today’s incredibly long post. These are only a few of the products I received from Little Pea Soaps, but I could not be happier with these. You all know by now that I would never promote a product I don’t truly believe in, regardless of whether it was sent to me or not. I am shocked at how much I really love these products, and this company has definitely made a loyal customer out of me, and I hope you’ll try some of these great products too.

Part 2 will be coming very soon, so stay tuned!


You can buy Little Pea Soaps products at:

LPS is also very happy to do custom orders, so be sure to reach out to them if you have a specific need or want!

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*This post is NOT sponsored. These products were sent to me for review purposes, but all thoughts are 100% my own.





May 2016 Ipsy Unbagging + Review

Welcome back!

Today I bring you a look into my May *Ipsy bag! I’ve done several of these posts, but if you’re not familiar, Ipsy is a $10/month subscription service that sends a bag of personalized beauty products directly to your door once a month.

Ipsy may.jpg

This month’s theme was Destination Chic, and I actually think the bag is really cool, and very useful. Typically Ipsy bags have a zipper closure, so it’s kind of fun to see a snap on one.

The first product I pulled out of my bag this month was the Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow Trio in the shade “Skinny Dip/Crush/Lovely”.

PicMonkey Collagepacifica($7.99)

I really love the natural aspect of this, and that part of the proceeds support clean water.  If you’ve been here for awhile, you know that I love anything and everything organic and natural. Unfortunately, this didn’t really impress me much.

pacifica swatch.jpg

These eyeshadows actually perform MUCH better on the eyes than they do in the swatches, and they are very soft to the touch. I was able to get some really nice eye looks out of this little trio, but it isn’t a favorite for me.

cg look2 (For this look I blended the peachy shade into my crease, packed the taupe shade on my lid, and the cream shade in my inner corner) 

Moving on, the next thing I received was the Glamour Dolls Gloss Snob in “Twirl”.

gloss snob .jpg


This is actually a really nice, very pretty gloss, and this shade is described as a “watermelon” on the Glamour Dolls website, but comes off more as a soft pink on the lips.

GS Swatch.jpg

I don’t find this to last terribly long, but that is to be expected with a gloss. The texture is not sticky whatsoever, and I really do like the product. I don’t love the applicator, as I feel like its a lot easier to make a big mess with a squeeze tube like this, but for the price, one can’t complain.

The last cosmetic product I received in this month’s bag is the Smashbox X-Rated Mascara. 

smashbox xrated mascara.jpg

(Sample size. Full size retails for $22) 

The wand on this mascara reminds me a lot of the Covergirl Super Sizer, in the sense that the brush is not completely covered in bristles, has areas that contain the product and bristles to brush it through the lashes.

mascara wand.jpg

This does have natural bristles, which I typically prefer to rubber bristles. This mascara does give me decent lashes, but I honestly am not super impressed by the results.I found that it made my lashes look kind of spidery and clumpy.

PicMonkey Collagertf.jpg

I’ve been using the new Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers mascara religiously since I received it, and maybe the reason I’m not loving this one so much is because I’m comparing it to my new favorite, and it doesn’t measure up. (If you want to see my results with that mascara, check out this review.)  

This flakes pretty badly on me, and feels really thick and sticky on my lashes. So unfortunately, I just don’t really see myself purchasing the full size of this product.

On to the products that aren’t color cosmetics, I received the Vera Mona Eye Smudger Brush.

vera mona brush.jpg(Not sure on the price, wasn’t listed online.) 

There isn’t much to say on this brush. It’s nice and soft, and I like to use it to apply eyeshadow on my lower lash line, and to smudge out eyeliner on the lash line. Ultimately, it’s a good brush, and I’m always happy to add another good brush to my arsenal.

And finally, after what seems like an incredibly long post, the last product I received was the Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser and Makeup Remover.

avene.jpg(Sample size. Full size retails for $32) 

I am a big fan of micellar waters, as they not only remove makeup, but they help cleanse the skin and leave it feeling moisturized, which is great for every day as a precursor to your skin care routine, or for a quick one-and-done for those lazy nights that we all have.

This works decently, and does leave my skin feeling good, but it is honestly nothing special when it comes to micellar waters, and had a hard time removing my mascara, which wasn’t waterproof, and ended up breaking my skin out pretty badly.

My favorite micellar water that I’ve used is the Boots Botanics Micellar Water, and that is only $8 for 8.4 oz. The Avene water is $32 for 13 oz, so I’d much rather continue using my Boots micellar water, as you’re getting more bang for your buck. But if you have had your eye on the Avene water, it is good, but no better than my current favorite.

So my ultimate thoughts on this bag; it’s not my favorite. Usually we get at least 1 full sized high end product, and this month, the only full sized items were the Pacifica eyeshadow trio ($7.99), the Glamour Dolls gloss ($1.99), and the brush. I still made up for the total cost of the bag, but not by much.

And finally, that’ll be it for today! If you’ve liked this post, be sure to subscribe to receive email notifications for my future posts!

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The Monthly Meow -Friskies Pull ‘n Play Play Pack Cat Treat Toy

Welcome back to the next installment of The Monthly Meow!

Precious pumpkin.jpg (The weather has been so rainy for most of the month here in my area of Montana, but we did have a few beautiful days, so we went outside to soak up a little sun!) 

This month Daechir and I got to try out the Friskies Pull ‘n Play Play Pack.

pull n play stuff

In the box you get the toy itself (Which is named Wobbert, I must add), a full bag of treats, and one of the Friskies Pull ‘n Play treats.


So the first thing I have to mention is what a deal this set is. One bag of the Friskies Party Mix treats are approximately $4, and one Pull ‘n Play is $3. This entire set is only $4.45 on, so you’re basically getting the toy for free, which is awesome.

wobbert.jpg (How precious is this little guy? Seriously.)

The toy is basically like a Weeble, if anyone remembers those. It’s weighted at the bottom, so no matter what your cat does to it, it stays upright. There is a small hole on the side of the base of the toy for the treats to come out.

wobbets side hole.jpg

wobberts insides.jpg pullnplay.jpg (The Pull ‘n Play treats)

To put the toy together, you take the little head off (sounds a little morbid) and string one of the Pull ‘n Play treats through the holes, and fill the base with the traditional treats.

lil bb wobbert.jpg (The finished product)

As for how my cat feels about this, she’s not shown as much interest as I thought she would. She’s very picky with toys, and it can be really hard to keep her attention with them, and that’s basically what happened with this.

She realized pretty quickly that this toy had treats inside. And instead of doing what a normal cat would and playing with it to get the treats out, she just pushes it far enough to knock the treats out, eats them, and walks away. She has been using this as more of a food dispenser than a toy, which in all honesty, makes it MUCH more entertaining for me than for her. She also has no interest in the Pull ‘n Play treat whatsoever. She will gnaw at it a little bit, but has no interest in eating it at all.

With that being said, I think this is a great toy and a fantastic deal (if you purchase on Chewy, it is more expensive everywhere else, as things typically are). Just because my picky cat doesn’t play with it in the conventional sense does not mean that I don’t think it’s a good product!

literally the most beautiful cat ever.jpg (You’re looking at a very hard-to-please cat…can’t you tell by that sassy expression?)


So to wrap up this post, I do recommend this because it’s a great deal, and the toy itself is great quality!

And that’ll be it for this post! If you’ve liked it, be sure to sign up for email notifications of future posts!

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*This product was sent to me by All thoughts are 100% my own, as always! I was not compensated for this review.

NEW Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers Mascara- Review

Welcome back!

Today I bring you another review courtesy of Covergirl and *Influenster.

If you missed my last post featuring a product I received via this site,  Influenster is a website where anyone can sign up for free, and have the opportunity to have great products sent to you (free!) to try out

So with that out of the way, let’s get into the products!


I was SO excited to get this box, because I really like the original Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara, and assumed I’d like this as well. This box also came with the Perfect Point Plus liner in “Black Onyx”, which is not a product I’m familiar with, so that was even more exciting!

Let’s start out with the Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers Mascara.

super sizer.jpg (MSRP: $6.74)  

Right off the bat, the first thing I noticed is that the wand is exactly the same as the original supersizer.

wands.jpg (Original is on the left, Super Sizer Fibers on the right.)

This was not a wand I imagined myself liking, as I typically gravitate towards really full natural fiber brushes. I was pleasantly surprised how much this little plastic wand actually did for my lashes.

sesrgsrg.jpg (This is a photo from this past fall, using the original Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara) 

It gives me great length, but not much in the way of volume, which is typically my end goal with mascaras. And that is what makes the new Super Sizer Fibers mascara so amazing. I not only get the length that I loved from the original, but I get easily triple the volume with this than I was ever able to get with the original.

PicMonkey Collage2.jpg

As you can tell, this does fantastic things for my lashes. I’ve never used a mascara that has made my lashes look this incredible, and I never thought I’d say that about a fiber mascara.

As for the fibers themselves, they are completely undetectable on the wand itself, and have zero fallout throughout the day.

The only bad thing I have to say about this mascara is that I really don’t like to use it on my lower lashes, and I’ve experienced a lot of smudging and I prefer a waterproof mascara for my lower lashes. On my top lashes, I have zero smudging or flaking throughout the day.

So to wrap up my thoughts about this mascara, I really like it and if you are looking for full, voluminous, long lashes, look no further and pick this up!

I don’t want this post to be super long, so we’ll just talk about the Perfect Point Plus eyeliner really quickly.

ppp.jpg ($6.99) 

Initially, I was not impressed with this. I like the self-sharpening aspect, and how small the actual liner is, making it really easy to get a nice, sharp line. But, this claims to be smudge free and definitely isn’t.

It looks rich and black on the eye, and applies beautifully to both the lashline and the waterline. For me, it really didn’t stick around long in the waterline and began to gather in my inner corners, which really wasn’t attractive. So for me, I don’t recommend this for the waterline. But if you like using pencil liner on the lashline, maybe give this a go.

cg look2.jpg (This was about 15 minutes after application, and it’s already beginning to wear off.) 

Another issue I noticed with this pencil is that once it’s clicked up, you cannot click it down, so don’t get crazy with this and try to see how much product you’ve got in it, because you’ll regret it.

And that will be it for this review! I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if you have, please be sure to sign up for email notifications of my future posts!

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Head and Shoulders Green Apple 2 in 1 -Review

Welcome back!

Today I bring you a review courtesy of *Influenster and Head & Shoulders, on this 2 in 1 Green Apple Shampoo & Conditioner.

If you’re not familiar with Influenster, it’s a website where anyone can sign up for free, and have the opportunity to have great products sent to you (free!) to try out!

So with the details out of the way, let’s get into the product!

Head and shoulders.jpg

This is available at most stores, as well as online, and retails for around $4.99.

The first thing I have to mention is the smell, it’s INCREDIBLE. Super refreshing green apple scent, without being overwhelming, and the smell actually stays in your hair.

As for the consistency, it’s a thick cream, which is unlike most 2 in 1 products I’ve used, that tend to be really watery and runny.


As for my experience with this product, I have to preface this by saying that I have pretty long hair, so 2 in 1 products are usually not enough for me, and leave my hair feeling coarse and dry. This, however, actually left my hair feeling soft and manageable, and completely flake free, as it claimed to do.

haie.jpg (I know, my color is tragic right now. That’s what happens when you try to grow your hair out.)  

As you can tell, my hair looks soft and shiny, which I really wasn’t expecting to happen. Before this photo was taken, I only used the Head & Shoulders product, and let it air dry. For my hair to actually look decent after using a 2 in 1 is rare, so I’m pleasantly surprised by this product.

Ultimately, I do like this. I can’t see it being an every day item for me, however. Not because it’s not a good product, but because I already have items that I love to use, and am a serious creature of habit when it comes to my hair.  I think I’ll get the most use out of this when I travel, the less I have to pack, the better.

This would be great for traveling, or for anyone who just likes 2 in 1 products, and I do recommend it!

That’ll be it for today’s post!

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April Favorites Makeup Look!

Welcome back!

Every month after I’ve shared my favorite products, I’ve put together a look using these products to show them in action. So if you’ve missed my last post talking about all these great products, you can find it here.

april faves.jpg

Now let’s get into the look!

As I mentioned in my favorites post, April was the month of “no makeup” makeup for me. Fresh, illuminated skin is the focus of this look, with very simple eyes.

could potentially be worse2sef.jpg (The struggle could not be more real when trying to take these photos, so unfortunately enough, this is as good as it gets today)

Face Details:

Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate to prime

Elf Cosmetics Moisturizing Stick Foundation in “Ivory”

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in “Fair” set with the Elf Cosmetics High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder

-Very light contour using Elf Cosmetics Contour Palette

Ulta Powder Illuminator in “Yellow Diamond” for highlight

-Lips are lined with the Model Co Illusion Lip liner, topped with the Ulta Butter Balm in “Luna”.

Vintage by Jessica Liebskind gloss in “Pink Sequin” dabbed in the center of the lips.

-Set with the Ulta Setting Spray.



Eye Details:

Nyx Tinted Brow Mascara in “Brunette”

Manna Kadar 3 in 1 in “Fantasy” popped in the center of the lid

-Ulta Illuminating Powder on inner corner and browbone

Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeliner in “Nude” in the waterline

Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Mascara

not as potato2 (This adventure made me realize exactly how un-photogenic I am)


That is it for this look! It’s so incredibly simple, and is a total go to for me on days when I can’t be bothered to do much with my makeup.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and if you have, please be sure to sign up for email notifications of my future posts.

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Monthly Favorites – April 2016

Welcome back!

It’s that time again where we discuss the makeup and beauty products I was loving this month, so let’s get started!

I don’t have a ton of things to talk about this month, as I was REALLY into the “no makeup” style. April was a lot of running around, getting used to new schedules, etc. It was definitely a busy, but great month!

So starting out with the face products, my first favorite is the Elf Moisturizing Stick Foundation.

elf moisturizing foundation.jpg ($6) 

This is a great little foundation. Typically, I avoid stick foundations like the plague since my skin is so dry. But this one doesn’t accentuate my dry skin, and looks great (especially when applied with a damp blending sponge). My shade is “Ivory” for those who may be curious, and it is a decent match for me. Not perfect, but definitely doable.

I not only love the staying power and finish of this foundation, but the application is so ridiculously easy. I use just a few swipes all over my face, blend it out, and done. It’s a total no brainer, and was perfect for my “no makeup” look that I wore throughout April.

Next up for face products, the Ulta Illuminating Powder.

ulta powder.jpg ($10 [Shade: Yellow Diamond]) 

This was impossible to get a good swatch photo of, but this adds such a gorgeous sheen to the skin without looking glittery and obnoxious, as some highlights can.

I’ve been using this on the high points of my face to add a little glow, as well as on the inner corner of my eyes and my browbone when I’ve skipped eyeshadow. This is a perfect white gold highlight, great for pale skin, but other skin tones could  pull this off. Love it, and I definitely want the other shade!

And last for face, the Ulta Setting Spray.

ulta sprau.jpg                       (Full size 3 oz – $10) 

This is a mini size from a kit that you’ll see a review on soon, but I am so impressed by this. I love my Mist & Set from Elf, but that is used more for hydration than actually prolonging the wear of makeup. This spray keeps my makeup looking fresh and beautiful for hours upon hours. When I last wore it, I got a solid 12 hours of wear out of my makeup without it fading away at all. It kept my makeup looking great all day!

Moving on to eye products. I really didn’t use much, but what I did use were absolute stand out hits!

Starting with the only eyebrow product, the Nyx Tinted Brow Mascara.

nyx brow mascara.jpg ($6.99) 

This is a perfect product for a simple “one and done” brow. This adds hold and color to my brows, and lasts all day. I love being able to quickly run this through my brows and just be done with them.

nyx brow mascara wand

The wand is very small, which is exactly what I want out of a brow mascara.My shade is “Brunette”, which I find to be a very universally flattering shade.  Ultimately, I have nothing bad to say about this, and I highly recommend this for everyone!

Keeping up with mascaras, my next favorite is the Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Mascara.

maybelline colossal.jpg ($6.99)

This is absolutely not a new addition to Maybelline’s line. I really haven’t heard anyone talk about it, but I’m shocked, because it is really a fantastic mascara.

mascara wand.jpg

The wand is a full, natural fiber brush (which is my favorite), perfect for adding a ton of volume, as the name suggests. This really amps up my lashes, holds my curl, and lasts really well throughout the day. Definitely reminds me to check out those older releases in the drugstore, might be a hidden gem!

Last eye product we’ll talk about today is the Manna Kadar 3 in 1 Blush/Highlight/Eyeshadow in “Fantasy”. 

manna kadar.jpg ($19) 

As the (incredibly long) name suggests, this is a multitasking product, designed to be used as a blush, highlighter, and an eyeshadow. This month, I really only used it as a pop of rose gold all over my lid to add a little glow to my eyes.


To finish up this post, we’ll quickly talk about the lip products I wore most often this past month, starting with the Ulta Butter Balm in “Luna”.

butter balm luna.jpg ($8) 

I’ve tried out a lot of Ulta products this month (thanks, Mom!) and this is one in particular that I haven’t been able to put down. The texture feels like a lip balm, not sticky at all, with beautiful color pay off and lasting power.

luna swatch.jpg (The shade “Luna” in particular is a medium toned rosy pink, and is great for all skin tones!)

To end this post, the Vintage by Jessica Liebskind Sparkling Lip Gloss in “Pink Sequin”.

vintage.jpg (Full size – $19) 

This isn’t the kind of lip gloss I would typically wear all over my lips, but I love to use this in the center of my lips to add a spotlight effect. This is a great trick to use to give the appearance of plump lips.


And that’ll be it for this post! Stay tuned tomorrow for a makeup look done using all of these products if you’re interested in seeing them in action!

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*This post is NOT sponsored. All products were purchased myself.