Monthly Favorites – April 2016

Welcome back!

It’s that time again where we discuss the makeup and beauty products I was loving this month, so let’s get started!

I don’t have a ton of things to talk about this month, as I was REALLY into the “no makeup” style. April was a lot of running around, getting used to new schedules, etc. It was definitely a busy, but great month!

So starting out with the face products, my first favorite is the Elf Moisturizing Stick Foundation.

elf moisturizing foundation.jpg ($6) 

This is a great little foundation. Typically, I avoid stick foundations like the plague since my skin is so dry. But this one doesn’t accentuate my dry skin, and looks great (especially when applied with a damp blending sponge). My shade is “Ivory” for those who may be curious, and it is a decent match for me. Not perfect, but definitely doable.

I not only love the staying power and finish of this foundation, but the application is so ridiculously easy. I use just a few swipes all over my face, blend it out, and done. It’s a total no brainer, and was perfect for my “no makeup” look that I wore throughout April.

Next up for face products, the Ulta Illuminating Powder.

ulta powder.jpg ($10 [Shade: Yellow Diamond]) 

This was impossible to get a good swatch photo of, but this adds such a gorgeous sheen to the skin without looking glittery and obnoxious, as some highlights can.

I’ve been using this on the high points of my face to add a little glow, as well as on the inner corner of my eyes and my browbone when I’ve skipped eyeshadow. This is a perfect white gold highlight, great for pale skin, but other skin tones could  pull this off. Love it, and I definitely want the other shade!

And last for face, the Ulta Setting Spray.

ulta sprau.jpg                       (Full size 3 oz – $10) 

This is a mini size from a kit that you’ll see a review on soon, but I am so impressed by this. I love my Mist & Set from Elf, but that is used more for hydration than actually prolonging the wear of makeup. This spray keeps my makeup looking fresh and beautiful for hours upon hours. When I last wore it, I got a solid 12 hours of wear out of my makeup without it fading away at all. It kept my makeup looking great all day!

Moving on to eye products. I really didn’t use much, but what I did use were absolute stand out hits!

Starting with the only eyebrow product, the Nyx Tinted Brow Mascara.

nyx brow mascara.jpg ($6.99) 

This is a perfect product for a simple “one and done” brow. This adds hold and color to my brows, and lasts all day. I love being able to quickly run this through my brows and just be done with them.

nyx brow mascara wand

The wand is very small, which is exactly what I want out of a brow mascara.My shade is “Brunette”, which I find to be a very universally flattering shade.  Ultimately, I have nothing bad to say about this, and I highly recommend this for everyone!

Keeping up with mascaras, my next favorite is the Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Mascara.

maybelline colossal.jpg ($6.99)

This is absolutely not a new addition to Maybelline’s line. I really haven’t heard anyone talk about it, but I’m shocked, because it is really a fantastic mascara.

mascara wand.jpg

The wand is a full, natural fiber brush (which is my favorite), perfect for adding a ton of volume, as the name suggests. This really amps up my lashes, holds my curl, and lasts really well throughout the day. Definitely reminds me to check out those older releases in the drugstore, might be a hidden gem!

Last eye product we’ll talk about today is the Manna Kadar 3 in 1 Blush/Highlight/Eyeshadow in “Fantasy”. 

manna kadar.jpg ($19) 

As the (incredibly long) name suggests, this is a multitasking product, designed to be used as a blush, highlighter, and an eyeshadow. This month, I really only used it as a pop of rose gold all over my lid to add a little glow to my eyes.


To finish up this post, we’ll quickly talk about the lip products I wore most often this past month, starting with the Ulta Butter Balm in “Luna”.

butter balm luna.jpg ($8) 

I’ve tried out a lot of Ulta products this month (thanks, Mom!) and this is one in particular that I haven’t been able to put down. The texture feels like a lip balm, not sticky at all, with beautiful color pay off and lasting power.

luna swatch.jpg (The shade “Luna” in particular is a medium toned rosy pink, and is great for all skin tones!)

To end this post, the Vintage by Jessica Liebskind Sparkling Lip Gloss in “Pink Sequin”.

vintage.jpg (Full size – $19) 

This isn’t the kind of lip gloss I would typically wear all over my lips, but I love to use this in the center of my lips to add a spotlight effect. This is a great trick to use to give the appearance of plump lips.


And that’ll be it for this post! Stay tuned tomorrow for a makeup look done using all of these products if you’re interested in seeing them in action!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, and if you have, be sure to sign up for email notifications!

Thanks for stopping by!




*This post is NOT sponsored. All products were purchased myself.






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