Monthly Favorites – June 2016

Welcome back! It’s that time of the month again where we talk about all of the products I was loving this month!

I was working on a lot of product testing this month, so I didn’t really have the time to get super creative with my makeup. With that being said, let’s get into my favorite products this month!

Starting with the star of the show this month, the Arachne’s Demise Creme Luminizer in “Radiant Gold”.

Creme Luminizer gold.jpg ($14; this just recently went out of stock, but I imagine it’ll come back really soon.) 

I wouldn’t call this a cream, it’s more of a liquid consistency. But I’m really fond of it!

I’ve been using this as a primer, as it adds a lot of luminosity to my otherwise dull skin and is very hydrating. I’m not going to go too into detail about this, as I’m gonna have a full review of it coming soon, but I’m really liking this and there are several shades in the line to suit most skin tones!

This next product is really shocking to me, and anyone who has been following me since this blog started, the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation.

dewy and smooth.jpg ($7.99)


If you’ve been here for any length of time, you’ll know that my holy grail foundation is my Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless. Even though I have dry skin, that foundation looks stunning on my skin and provides good coverage without drying my skin out.

I assumed I’d love this too because this one is actually geared towards my skin type, but I really, really disliked this for a long time. I even put it in my Products I Regret Buying post.

I don’t know what has changed, but I decided to pull this out and give it a try again  and I actually really liked how it looked. If applied in a thin layer with a damp sponge, it gives a beautiful luminosity to the skin, with light to medium coverage.

So even though I hated this in the past, I’m starting to come around and really enjoying it!

Moving on, my next favorite is the Arachne’s Demise Contouring & Concealing Palette in “Fair” 

contour.jpg ($14) 

This is a very emollient cream contouring + concealing palette, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for very oily skin. However if you’re dry or normal, this is a dream come true. The colors are perfect for my very fair skin. The “concealer” shade is more of a corrector for me, and works wonderfully that way. This makes for a flawless, natural contour and I’ve been using it daily!  Again, keep an eye out for a more in depth review of some Arachne’s Demise products coming soon.

As you’ve probably noticed, I really just focused on face makeup this month, as I was doing so much product testing on my eyes that I wasn’t using anything particular all month.

My next favorite of the month was the Dirty Little Secret Baked Highlighter in “Bellissima”

dls 1.jpg ($9) 

I received this in my June Ipsy Bag and I’ve been wearing it every day since. It’s a beautiful pink champagne highlighter that just brings so much glow to the skin. I love the texture and pigmentation of this product, and really want to pick up the other shades. Total underrated gem!

The last face product I’m going to talk about today is the Wet ‘n Wild Photofocus Setting Spray.

wnw setting spray.jpg ($4.99) 

I really rely on setting sprays, especially in the summer, because I really can’t wear much powder on my face. This keeps my makeup looking and feeling fresh all day. It’s by far one of my favorite setting sprays, and I recommend it for everyone!

The last product I have to share with you today is the Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Color in “Cherry Blossom”.

velvet mousse inside.jpg ($6) 

These come in a super cute little tin with a mirror in it, making them excellent for travel. But above all else, I absolutely love the formula.

hc swatch.jpg

This goes on fully pigmented and dries down to a matte finish within 10 minutes or so.It’s a little different than a typical liquid lipstick, because the formula is more of a thick mousse upon application.

They last through drinking and eating for me, and are by far the most comfortable “liquid lipstick” type product I’ve ever worn. These are super affordable, so if you’re into matte lips, I strongly suggest you run off to your local Walmart and pick one up!

That’ll be it for today’s post! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about my favorites, and let me know what things you were loving this month, and keep an eye out for a makeup look using all of these products coming tomorrow!

As always, thanks for stopping by!




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Introducing Manly In Montana: Manly Mondays!

I’m so excited to introduce this new series, Manly In Montana!

My boyfriend, Michael, will be stepping in once a month or so to do a Manly Monday post, all about a men’s product or different tips for men!

I hope this will  be really helpful not only for men, but for women looking to buy something for the man/men in her life.

So if you’re interested in seeing a review on anything in particular, please let me know in the comments or on my various social media (Instagram : @makeupinmontana; Snapchat: makeupinmontana) 

Keep an eye out for our first Manly In Montana post coming this Monday!


June 2016 Ipsy Unbagging + Review

Welcome back!

We’re back today for yet another unbagging and review on my monthly *Ipsy bag!

If you’ve missed any of these posts, Ipsy is a $10/month subscription service that sends 4-5 full or sample sized personalized goodies to your door every month!

With the details out of the way, let’s get into this month’s bag!

ipsy bag 2

This month’s theme was “Rebel Rebel”, and I actually think the graffiti style bag is really cute!

So the first thing I was super excited to see in this bag is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow in “Fireball”.

fireba;l.jpg (Sample size; full size retails for $19) 

I’m a big fan of Urban Decay’s shadows. They’re very pigmented, smooth, and have excellent color pay off, so I was really happy to see this in this month’s bag.

ud fireball 2 swatch.jpg

This shade “Fireball” is described as a “Peach with pink shift”, and that is a very accurate description. I had a really hard time capturing the duochrome shift of this product, but I can assure you that it’s absolutely stunning. Typically when Ipsy has a shadow available, it’s nothing this unique and fun, so I’m really happy to be adding this to my collection.

eyeball.jpg (A quick look I came up with using “Fireball” all over the lid!) 

Next product I pulled out of my bag is the Dirty Little Secret Illuminating Baked Highlighter in “Bellissima” 

dirty little secret highlighter.jpg ($9) 

My highlighter actually came with the packaging broken, but Ipsy replaced it immediately, which was really awesome!

dls 1.jpg

I initially thought this would be a little too dark on my skin to be a highlight and would be more of a blush, but I’m pleased to say that this makes an excellent pinky highlight. The texture of this is unlike any other baked highlighter I’ve ever come across. It’s so incredibly smooth and pigmented and intense, without needing to be wet or applied on top of a cream highlighter.

Unfortunately I really couldn’t capture the true beauty of this highlighter in a swatch photo, but this has been my go-to since I received it, and I really want the other colors!

The last color product I have to share with you today is the Formula X Nail Polish in “Wingwoman”.

formula x.jpg (Sample size; full size is $10.50) 

We’ve gotten Formula X polishes in previous Ipsy bags, and I’m really fond of the formula. This goes on smooth and opaque in one coat, lasts really well.

Formula X mani.jpg (Formula X “Revved Up” as my accent nail) 

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this polish, and would definitely recommend it!

This month I received 3 skin care products, which doesn’t exactly thrill me. I don’t mind getting one in my bag, but 3 was just incredibly excessive. The first two I’ll talk about are the BioRepublic Sheet Maskssheet masks.jpg ($5 each) 

I received the Cucumber Breeze and Pomegranate Crush masks, and I honestly didn’t like either of them.

Sheet masks are a lot of fun, mostly because they kind of make you look like a serial killer from a B rated horror movie.

jason vorhees.jpg (Sorry for the nightmares this may give you…) 

This is a fibrous sheet that is soaked in a serum that is placed on the skin for around 10-20 minutes, and the excess serum rubbed into the skin.

Unfortunately, neither of these did anything good for my skin, and the cucumber one actually gave me a lot of texture on my skin.

If you’re someone who loves sheet masks and like what these claim to do, maybe give them a try, but they’re definitely not for me.

Last product I received this month is the Hey Honey 24Seven Day & Night Revitalizing Cream.

hey honet.jpg (Sample size; full size is $38) 

This is described as an anti-aging cream suitable to be used on the face, neck, and even as an eye cream, which is how I’ve been using it.

I’m very comfortable with my current moisturizer, and my skin is so dry that I really try not to mess with it once I have something that works, so I used this as an eye cream. I like it, it’s nice and moisturizing, but I’d never pay $38 for it. Not in a million years.

With that being said, it’s not a bad product, I just think it’s really overpriced for what it is.

So my overall thoughts on the bag, not bad. I really would have preferred to see more cosmetics instead of 3 skincare products, two of which I really didn’t like. However, this is better than some months, so I’ll still consider it a win.

And that’ll be it for today! I hope you’ve liked this post, and please be sure to follow/subscribe for more!

As always, thanks for stopping by!



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The Monthly Meow: Solid Gold Holistic Delight Creamy Bisque with Tuna & Coconut Milk

Welcome back to our next installment of the Monthly Meow!

If you’re new here, this is where we talk about and review one kitty product once a month courtesy of!


This month was a little different than others, because Daechir had herself a little solo adventure.

I’ve never gone into Daechir’s story, and what led us to having her (If you are interested in that, let me know!) but basically, she’s strictly an indoor cat for a lot of reasons. We take her outside on a harness, but she really does not have any outdoor skills to speak of. So this month during a pretty good storm, a door opened and Daechir snuck out. We noticed at about 10 that she wasn’t in sight, so being the crazy cat woman I am, I immediately went into a panic.

Long story short, I looked for her from about 10 until 8 am the next morning, and learned that it is in fact possible for a human being to cry for 10 hours straight. We live in a very rural town, right next to a highway, so my biggest concern was other animals (Daechir is  very small, she weights about 4 lbs and she’s 3 years old)  or her getting hit by car.

Finally, after much prayer, and many tears, I heard her meow from an old abandoned building across the street from our house (which I searched several times, I must add), ran over there, called to her, and she ran right into my arms. She looked like a drowned rat, stunk to high heaven, and had a few scratches, but she was totally okay, and we’re both very happy she’s home.

So with that being said, we had a very eventful month. Luckily, before her little adventure, we were able to try out the Pure Gold Holistic Delights Creamy Bisque with Tuna & Coconut Milk food pouches.

Holistic Delights.jpg  (This case of 12 3 oz pouches retails for $14.28 at, making Chewy the most affordable place to purchase this product.) 

Holistic Delights cat food.jpg

The box that the food is shipped in converts into a very useful container for the pouches, which is a bonus. Now, onto the details of the food itself.

PicMonkey Collagefood 2.jpg

Some of the key benefits of this product:

  • Shredded tuna meat in a creamy coconut bisque
  • Single portions in an easy-to-serve pouch
  • Grain-free and gluten-free recipe
  • No corn, wheat, soy or artificial colors or flavors
  • Suited for all life stages  

(Copied from description)  

There are several other flavors available, this is just one of many.

So I really like the holistic aspect of this food. I love knowing exactly what goes into my cat’s food, with no unnecessary chemicals or questionable ingredients.


Here’s how it looks out of the package. “Creamy bisque” is a really accurate description of this. Now this isn’t necessarily that important, but it should be noted that the smell is very strong, bordering on offensive. Cat food never particularly smells delicious, but I got a little of this on my hand and didn’t notice for awhile, and when I caught a whiff of it I literally gagged. It’s not even a strong fishy smell like one would expect, it’s just really hard to describe, but it’s far from pleasant.

With that being said, I could get past the scent if my cat liked it, but unfortunately, she doesn’t.

I’ve mentioned before that Daechir is really, really picky with her food. For almost 3 years, she refused to eat anything that wasn’t Fancy Feast. She wouldn’t touch it, and would literally rather starve herself because she’s a huge drama queen. Then, out of nowhere, she decided she doesn’t like Fancy Feast anymore and will only eat Friskies. I have no idea why she is like this, but she’s weird (This is the same cat that woke me up in the middle of the night because her food had collected to the sides of her bowl and she needed me to push it back into the middle….I’m ashamed to say I actually did it.)

I tried to feed this to her 5 times. The 5th time she actually tasted it, gave it a few licks, and then completely lost interest. I’ve just concluded that she doesn’t like it, and I’m not going to force her to eat it.

There’s an abandoned house down the street from my place where a lot of neighborhood cats hang out to do cat stuff, so I put some of this food out in a disposable bowl for the cats over there to see if anyone would eat it. When I checked in the morning, the entire bowl was GONE. I don’t mean the food inside of it, I mean the bowl itself. Nowhere to be seen. Kind of creeped me out honestly. So someone or something apparently really liked it, enough to steal the entire bowl.

Just because my cat didn’t love it, doesn’t mean that yours won’t. My cat is supremely picky, and this food has really great reviews on If you’ve been thinking about getting it, definitely pick it up and try it, and see if your cat loves it!

I really wish I could say more about this food, but I think the quality of it is excellent, and if you’re looking for a good holistic wet food that’s affordable, give this a try!

And  that’ll be it for this month’s Monthly Meow! It was kind of a crazy, but I’m glad Daechir and I were able to bring you this month’s review! If you’ve liked this post and want to see more, be sure to subscribe or follow!

As always, thanks for stopping by!



*This product was sent to me for review purposes by All thoughts are 100% my own and honest.



Pop!Natural – Review! (Part 1)

Welcome back!


Today I bring you a review on 2 products I was sent by Pop! Natural (The other 2 products shown in the photo above will be reviewed separately). This brand is based on integrating elements of pop culture with natural, fun bath products. So let’s get started!

I’ll talk first about the Pink Lady 4 Ever Skull Bath Bomb.

Pink Lady 4ever.jpg (Ingredients include: extra virgin coconut oil, ylang ylang, geranium, lemon, rose, roman chamomile essential oils and more.) 

These weigh in at a whopping 8 oz, and retail for $12 each. It is recommended to break this into four chunks to get 4 baths out of it, making this about $3 per bath.

I would call the scent very fresh and floral, and it made my entire bathroom smell FANTASTIC! HERE is a demo of this bath bomb, if you’re interested in seeing that.  This turned my bath to a really cute pastel pink color, and you could really see the all of the different oils in the water if you check out the demo.

I thought this felt really nice and relaxing until I got out of the bath. Once I did, my skin felt absolutely amazing. All of the oils really sunk into my skin and the hydration and scent lingered on my skin ALL DAY! I have yet to experience that with a bath bomb until now.

I initially thought that these were a little overpriced, but after trying it out, I think that it’s actually pretty fair pricing. This is HIGHLY potent. You DO NOT need to use the entire bomb at once. I suggest breaking it up as recommended because a little goes a very long way.

This didn’t stain my skin or my tub at all, but I do keep a washcloth with me to wipe down my tub immediately after using products like this to make sure there’s no oily residue or color left in my tub.

So to wrap up my thoughts about this, I think that it is definitely worth picking up, and makes for a great little treat for yourself, or an amazing gift. Plus, if you’re a Grease fan, you might enjoy this for more than just the bath bomb itself!

Moving on to the last product we’ll talk about in this review; The Tub Full O’ Xanax Bath Soak.

Tub Full o xanax.jpg (Ingredients include:Extra virgin coconut oil, grape seed oil, cedarwood, blue tansy, lime essential oils, and more) 

This is a soak to add to your bath and relax in, because let’s be honest, sometimes we all need a little “xanax.” The name (and description) of this just really cracked me up, because we can all relate to needing to chill out a little.

XANAX closeup.jpg

You get half a pint of product (approx. 2 lbs) for $18. This sounds like a lot for a soak right off the bat, but it’s recommended to use only a tablespoon (or more, if you so desire) per bath. Once you break it down, it’s actually about $1.13 per bath. These aren’t your typical Epsom salts either, they’re packed with a lot of nourishing, beneficial oils as well.

These have a really nice soft floral scent, and make for a really nice bath. There’s something really incredibly relaxing about this scent, so there’s some definite aromatherapy goodness happening here.

So I think this is something for those of you who want to jazz up your bath a little, or for a gift for someone who really needs to relax.

Overall, I’m really pleased with everything I tried from the line. I like not only the concept of the brand, but the products really speak for themselves. Please be sure to check out Pop! Natural to support a great small business!

That’ll be it for today! If you’ve liked it, sign up for email notifications to stay on top of all of my posts.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


*This post is NOT sponsored. These products were sent to me for review, all thoughts are 100% my own, and are completely honest. You can always expect complete honesty from me, no matter where the products come from.

How Much Does My Face Cost? TAG

Welcome back!

Today we’re doing a short, fun little blog post all about much money ACTUALLY goes in to doing a full face of makeup.

My blog typically focuses on affordable makeup, but I use a mix of both drugstore and high end products in my daily life, so I was excited to give this a try and see exactly how much my “face” costs. I’m not going to be adding in the cost of my tools, but did use all Elf Cosmetics brushes, and there will be a post coming soon all about those.

I heard about this tag from ChewyCheesecake, which is a UK based beauty blog (her Instagram will be listed at the end of this post), and couldn’t resist giving it a go, so let’s get into it!

hmdmfc 2.jpg (Camera quality is not stellar for these selfies, sorry!)  

Starting with the face products used for this look:

Elf Cosmetics Daily Moisture Stick to add a little extra hydration before starting my makeup. ($6)

-Primed my skin with the Arachne’s Demise Creme Luminizer in “Radiant Gold” for a luminous finish to the skin. ($14)

-Used Benefit Porefessional Primer in my T-zone to fill pores. ($31)

-Elf Cosmetics HD Lifting Concealer in “Adjusting” green shade to color correct. ($3)

-Quick spritz of the Elf Cosmetics Illuminating Mist & Set for even more hydration on my dry skin. ($4)

Maybelline Dewy + Smooth Foundation in “Porcelain” as my base. ($7.99)

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in “Fair”under my eyes and on any blemishes. ($6.99)

Arachne’s Demise Contouring & Concealing Palette in “Fair” to correct my under eyes, and cream highlight and contour.($14)

-Set my concealer with the Elf Cosmetics High Definition Undereye Setting Powder. ($3)

-Bronzed with the Elf Cosmetics Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in “Fiji”. ($4)

Elf Contour Palette used to set and intensify the cream contour.  ($6)

Elf Cosmetics Baked Highlighter in “Blush Gems” to highlight. ($3)

-Used the Wet ‘N Wild Photofocus Setting Spray to set everything in place.($4.99)

So just my face products have totaled up to be $107.97. Yikes! And I used mostly drugstore products.

Now, let’s find talk about my eye products!

PicMonkey Collage12

-Primed my eyes with the Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base. ($3.49)

Elf Cosmetics Smudge Pot in “Brownie Points” used all over the lid and blended in the crease. ($3)

Elf Cosmetics Mad For Matte Eyeshadow Palette used in the crease and on the lower lash line. ($10)

Arachne’s Demise Pure & Natural Eyeliner in “Penny” on my waterline.  ($8)

Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers on my top lashes. ($6.99)

Wet ‘N Wild Megalength Mascara on my lower lashes. ($2.97)

Elf Cosmetics Instant Lift Brow Pencil in “Neutral Brown” to define brows.  ($2)

Nyx Cosmetics Tinted Brow Mascara in “Brunette” to set and add extra fill. ($6.99)


And to finish up, I used the Model Co Illusion Lip Liner ($20) and the Arachne’s Demise Lip Frosting in “Flambe” ($6) on my lips.



So the total cost of my look was $177.94!  I used mostly affordable products as well. This is a lot of fun, and really makes you realize exactly how much you’re spending on your face every day.

I tag all of my readers to try this out, and be sure to let me know what your totals were, and check out the Chewy Cheesecake blog & Instagram, where I got this idea in the first place!

I hope you’ve liked this post, please be sure to sign up for email notifications, as there will be something special coming for those who do. (wink wink)

And as always, thanks for stopping by!



*All products were purchased myself, with the exception of the Lip Frosting in “Flambe” and the Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers Mascara. I  also received a discount from Arachne’s Demise for the products I purchased.

Affordable Summer Lip Picks!

Welcome back!

Today’s post is all about my top picks for affordable summer lip products!

arm swatches.jpg (Just a little preview…) 

I’ve divided these up into 3 categories with three individual products each; lip gloss, cream lipsticks, and matte lipsticks. I knew that I had to really narrow these down, or we’d be here all day!

So without further ado, let’s start with my first lip gloss pick, the Nyx Butter Gloss in “Tiramisu”.

Nyx Tirimasu.jpg ($4.99)

This is an all time favorite of mine. Not only in color, but formula. This is the perfect pink-brown gloss that is just opaque enough, and not sticky in the slightest.

tirmasu lip swatch.jpg

This is basically a “my lips but better” shade by itself, as shown in the swatch above. But I really love layering this over a pink or nude lip liner for an easy lip look, which is perfect to pair with colorful summer eyes.

If you’ve never tried a Nyx Butter Gloss, I highly suggest doing so, and pick up Tiramisu!

Next up for lip glosses, an unexpected favorite for me, the Covergirl Lip Lava in “Mango Lava”. 

covergirl lip lava ($7.99) 

I have typically not been a fan of Covergirl lip products as a general rule, but I picked this one up because I couldn’t get over how unique this color is.

lip lava close up

This is a bright, electric orange with hot pink shimmers throughout it. As for the formula, it’s very opaque, but very creamy, and isn’t sticky at all. The sparkles do stick around on your lips though, but are easily removed by makeup remover or water. Orange is my absolute favorite color to wear for summer, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this with you!

covergirl lip lava swatch

I typically like to layer this over the Essence Lip Liner in “Femme Fatale”, but it’s beautiful on its own!

Last gloss in the category is the Glamour Dolls Gloss Snob in “Twirl”.

Gloss Snob in Twirl.jpg ($1.99)  

If this rings a bell to you, it’s because I received it in my May Ipsy Bag, and though I’m not a huge fan of the packaging, was happy with the gloss. The color is absolutely stunning, but the main reason I’m mentioning this is that it’s also very multifaceted. You can apply this lightly on bare lips for a baby pink gloss, over a lip liner to add color and shine, or apply it heavily by itself for a hot watermelon gloss; and for only $1.99, you can’t beat it!

gloss snob lip swatch.jpg (Applied lightly with my finger) 

Moving on to our next category, cream lipsticks. I separated cream and matte finishes because mattes are clearly very on trend right now, so if you’re not interested in creams (or vice versa) you can just skip ahead.

First cream lipstick we’ll talk about is the Nyx Butter Lipstick in “Hunk”.

Nyx HUNK.jpg ($5.99) 

I’ve mentioned the Butter Lipsticks before, they’re exactly what they sound like; very creamy, hydrating lip products. They’re very  buildable, and can be worn sheer for a wash of color, or be built up to be very opaque, and has a beautiful glossy finish.

Nyx hunk lip swatch.jpg

If you’re someone who is scared to wear a lot of color, I think this lipstick is a perfect place to start experimenting with fun lip colors. This is a very wearable purple/fuchsia that I think is beautiful on every skin tone, especially those with a deeper complexion. So for those of you who may be afraid of the other colors I may talk about today, give this one a try!

My next cream lipstick pick is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in “Ravish Me Red”.

revlon ravish me red 2.jpg ($8.49)

If you’re a fan of American Horror Story like I am…you’ll know why I obviously had to have this lipstick (and that Asylum was the best season yet…). But beyond that, this is a beautiful warm, orange red that is just ridiculously stunning.

ravish me red swatch.jpg

This is supremely comfortable on the lips, and has great staying power. This is such a great summer red, and I’ll definitely be wearing it a lot!

Last cream lipstick on the agenda today is the Elf Cosmetics Moisturizing Lipstick in “Coral Cutie”.

Coral Cutie.jpg ($3) 

The name is very fitting, and this is so incredibly comfortable, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, yet is very pigmented and packs a lot of punch color wise. As for the color, it’s a light peachy coral that just screams summer to me, and looks especially good on those of you who are fortunate enough to get a tan (I burn, turn into a human lobster, and then go right back to being snow white.) I am a huge fan of Elf, and this would make a great addition to your collection!

Onto our last category, matte lipsticks, a trend that has absolutely dominated the beauty industry in the last year, matte liquid lipsticks especially. So it wouldn’t be right not to include one in this list, so I had to go with the Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick.

nyx liquid suefe.jpg ($6.99) 

If you haven’t noticed yet, I am a huge fan of basically every Nyx lip product, this being no exception. This is not your typical very drying liquid lipstick. This does dry down to a matte finish, and lasts exceptionally well, but is not completely transfer resistant. With that being said, I am willing to deal with a little transfer to have comfort.

This color in particular (Pink Lust) is way out of my typical comfort zone, but I actually really like it. This is a neon bright pink, and definitely not for the faint of heart.

nyx pink lust .jpg

This is a really fun color all on it’s own, but I particularly like using it with a purple or berry lip liner to deepen it up a little bit. If you are someone who loves electric pink, this is the lipstick for you!

Next product I have to share with you is the Elf Cosmetics Matte Lip Color in “Berry Sorbet”.

matte lip color elf.jpg ($3) 

I’ve mentioned these before in my Top Ten Elf Cosmetic Products blog post, so I won’t go into too much detail here. Basically, these are very creamy lip pencils with a comfortable matte finish. Berry Sorbet is along the lines of the Nyx “Hunk” color I mentioned before, it’s very wearable, yet still fun for the hot summer months.

berry sorbet.jpg

These have wonderful staying power, and are easily one of the most comfortable matte lipstick formulas I’ve ever come across. They’re not a flat matte, they still retain a tiny bit of shine for dimension. But they’re beautiful nonetheless.

And our last lip product we’ll talk about today is the Maybelline Color Blur in “Orange Ya Glad”.

maybelline color blur.jpg ($8.99) 

This is a matte lip pencil that has a smudger on the end to create a “reverse ombre” effect, but I typically just use the pencil as is and I love it.

This is a fully matte, opaque, creamy bright true orange. I am completely in love with the formula, and wish I could find more of these in my area, but I think I’ll just have to cave and pick some up online.

Maybelline has a fantastic matte formula, if you’re familiar with their creamy mattes, this is a very similar feel on the lips.

maybelline color blur swatch.jpg

This is probably my #1 summer lipstick pick, and if you purchase anything you see on this post, I suggest this one above all else! Orange was a color that I was really intimidated by in the past, but once I really started wearing it, it became my favorite bold lipstick shade.

arm swatches2.0.jpg

So I hope this has been helpful for those of you who are looking for some fun affordable summer lip products, and maybe this will give you the inspiration to step out of your comfort zone and try something fun! Tell me which one of these lip products you liked the most, and what your favorite summer lip has been!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and be sure to sign up for email notifications, because there is something very exciting coming very soon for those who do!

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Little Pea Soaps – Review! (Part 2)

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If you missed part one of this post, I strongly suggest you check that out, because this is the second part of my review of Little Pea Soaps products.

little peea soaps stuffs.jpg

I was lucky enough to receive a package from Little Pea Soaps of all of these fantastic products to try out! The first part covered just the soaps from the line, and today’s will cover everything else!

Everything this company produces is natural, biodegradable, contains no heavy metals, most products are vegan, no poly by products, cruelty free, and even the water used is distilled and fluoride free, so this is a company you can feel very confident purchasing from.

So getting in to the products, we’ll start with the Ruff Me Up stick.

Ruff Me Up.jpg (Available in 2oz and 4oz, $10) 

This comes in a really handy (and biodegradable) cardboard push tube. The tube itself is very  durable, and very convenient.

Ruff Me Up close up.jpg

This is a very thick, highly moisturizing multi-use balm stick.When I initially tried this I thought it was very dry and not very creamy. But because of the ingredients, it really needs a moment to warm up on the skin.And now that I’ve been using this regularly, I find that to be really nice, because I’m not afraid to throw this in my bag because I know it won’t melt on the go. Once it’s warmed up, it is very rich and emollient, and smells like fresh rosemary.

I’ve actually been using this not only as a heavy duty moisturizing product, but it’s also wonderful to sooth skin irritation, and contains mango butter, which is a natural sun protectant. I had a pretty intense sunburn, and using this on it not only really soothed the pain, but also helped it heal much faster than it would have otherwise. I also had razor burn and this soothed that immediately.

I don’t typically suffer with cracked heels, but my boyfriend’s feet are very dry because he’s on them all day in dress shoes. So we liberally applied this to the dry areas, and put socks, slept with it overnight, and when he took them off his feet looked and felt 100 times better!

My only qualm with this product is that you do have to keep it pushed up through the bottom, as it isn’t spring-loaded, and the top of the applicator can get a little torn up. Personally, it’s really not a big deal for me, as I’m okay with sacrificing that for biodegradable packaging, but that is something I feel needs to be mentioned. But ultimately, this is a great product for a multitude of uses, and I definitely think this is something worth having around.

Sorry that got so long-winded, but I had a lot to talk about! Next up, the Cucumber Ginger & Tea Lotion Bar

Cucumber Ginger & Tea Lotion (Sample; mine melted in it’s biodegradable packaging so I had to transfer it to this, LPS never uses plastic packaging[Ingredients include: Babassu, mango and shea butter, avocado, walnut, chamomile, pumpkin seed oil, and more)

This is not currently on the website nor the Etsy shop,  but if you’re interested, I suggest just reaching out to the owner and I imagine she would happily custom make it for you.

On to the actual product, I’m not sure I’m getting the best sense of what this product should be like, simply because of the melting issue. Keep in mind this is NOT the fault of LPS, my postal service is questionable at best sometimes, and this issue has happened to me with several different products and brands. But I’ve been using this as a typical lotion, and I do like it.

I will say that a little goes a long way, it’s very rich and emollient, so you don’t need much. I love that this does have the natural SPF to it as well. I’m very fair, so anything with even a small amount of SPF really does help keep me from getting burned. If you use too much of this, it will feel a little sticky. But it rubs into the skin really easily and smells really nice, so if you apply the correct amount, it is a really nice light weight lotion.

Probably one of my favorite products I tried was the Espumita Coffee Face & Body Butter.

Espumita Body and Face Butter.jpg (Sample; ingredients include unrefined shea and cocoa butter, mango butter, coconut, green tea seed, rice bran oil and more.)  

This is another product that is no longer on the website nor Etsy shop, but as I stated before, this company is very open to custom requests.

I’m really bummed that it isn’t on the site right now, because I LOVE this.  As with all body butters, it’s thick, so it needs to be warmed up in your hands a little before it’s applied. This feels so smooth and moisturizing, and smells like a fresh cup of coffee. This is one that I might need to do a custom order for, because I really, really like this.

Alright, to finish up the body care products, we’ll talk about the fragrances, starting with the Hippie Diva Perfumed Body Gel.

Hippie Diva Perfumed Body Gel.jpg (Again, this is a custom order product, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to ask the company to do so.)

I love this scent and this product a lot. I typically just dip my finger lightly in the gel and put it on my pulse points (base of the neck, behind the ears, wrist, etc) and it adds a little moisture, but works beautifully as a perfume.  You don’t need much of this at all! It’s a gel, so a little goes a long way.

The scent is a really vibrant citrus smell, and is absolutely perfect for summer. I really hope this becomes a permanent item on the site, because I think it’s really a great, unique product.

The last of the fragrance products I tried I have been using nearly every single day, the Cleopatra’s Oils & Essence.

Cleopatra.jpg (Custom order product) 

This smells so incredibly intoxicating. I love the more deep, sexy scents and this is right up my alley. This can be used in a multitude of ways (perfume, beard oil, shower oil, etc) but my favorite way to use this is as a perfume oil, and I love it. The scent is amazing and lasts for several hours on my skin. I can even still smell it on my clothes when I go to wash them the next day. I hope they’ll come out with more perfume oils and perfumed gels, because I’m really fond of these!

Alright, we have 3 bath products to talk about, starting with the Bath Truffles.

bath truffles.jpg (Currently only available in the gift set linked above) 

These smell really fruity and fresh, and I love the mica paintings on the top.

Typically I would show a small demo video of these, but I didn’t get the chance. But I really enjoyed these a lot. They’re formulated with avocado and coconut oil, as well as citric acid and a lot of other great ingredients, so they not only turned the water really fun, glittery colors, but left my skin feeling so moisturized that I didn’t need to add any extra lotion after the bath. It’s recommended to keep a washcloth with you to wipe down your tub so the colors don’t stain, and I experienced no staining on my tub or my skin once I wiped everything down. These are not only really fun, and would make a great gift, but they’re actually really beneficial to the skin.

Next bath product is the Healing Hearts Bath Bomb.

healing hearts bath bomb.jpg (3.5 oz, $4; ingredients include myrrh resin chunks, pure frankinscence, tangerine, orange, litsea essential oils, bentonite clay, and more.) 

I do have a demo of this bath bomb HERE, if you’re curious about how it looks. This lasted for over 5 minutes, which is pretty great for a bath bomb that’s 3.5 oz.

The little flowers floating around in the bath was a lot of fun, and it smelled really nice and herbal. This did make my skin feel nice, but I used this more for the aromatherapy and muscle soothing properties, which was actually really calming and relaxing. I’m not sure I need something like this all the time, but I think if you’re someone who just needs to unwind a little, this is an excellent product to do so with.

We’re nearing the end here, finishing up the bath products with the Forbidden Love Spell Bubble Bar.

Forbidden Love Spell bubble bar.jpg (Sample Size; full size is $4.50 for 4 oz; formula includes coconut milk, coconut flakes, bentonite and rose clays, activated coal soap embed, and more.) 

I believe this particular scent is probably sold out right now, since the Forbidden Love Spell is a very popular . This smells exactly like the Forbidden Love Spell soap that I talked about in part one of my review and really enjoyed. Check out my demo of this HERE if you’re curious to see how it works.  I got 3 bubble baths out of this sample, and the bubbles were really rich and thick, not watery and thin at all. So for a full size, you could potentially get 6 really nice baths out of one of these bubble bars! This was really fun to use, and I much prefer this to commercial bath bombs, as it not only works much better than those tend to, but also doesn’t have any nasty chemicals. I think this is great, especially if you have little ones that love bubble baths.

And finally, the last Little Pea Soaps product we’re going to speak about is actually a cosmetic product that is currently in the works, the Hydrating Lip Shade.

Hydrating Lip Shade.jpg (This will not be the final packaging, it will come in a biodegradable cardboard tube; ingredients include castor, argan, avocado oil, and more.)

I was really excited to try this, since I feel like I got a little sneak peek into some fun new products. This is described as being very hydrating and buildable; can be applied in a sheer fashion for a wash of color, or built up to be highly pigmented.

hydrating lip shad2e.jpg

I wore this in both ways, and I really, really like this. This stays moisturizing on the lips, while still maintaining fantastic lasting power. I was completely shocked that this lasted a full 5 hours (including eating a meal) without going anywhere, which is entirely unheard of for a hydrating lip product. I am really hoping there will be more shades available soon because I am such a fan of this! Keep in mind this is a product in the works, but I will update when it is available. This is so new that this shade isn’t even named. If I were to name it(wink wink) I’d call it Bitterroot, because the shade is spot on with the Bitterroot flower, which is actually the state flower of Montana. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Snapchat(makeupinmontana) for any updates on when this product is available, if you’re interested!

And finally, that will be it for today’s post!

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*These products were sent to me for honest review. This post is NOT sponsored, and all thoughts are 100% my own. I will never accept products or compensation in exchange for a falsified review, and I will never be anything but 100% honest on any and all reviews.



May Favorites Makeup Look!

Welcome back!

Every month after I share my favorites, I put together a look using all of them to show them in action. If you haven’t read my May Monthly Favorites, check it out to get more in depth about all of the products used in today’s look!  Now, let’s get into the look!


dat glow doe.jpg (Very hard to photograph highlighter on fair skin, but can you see why I love this highlight so much? It’s stunning!) 


Face Details: 

-Face was previously cleansed and washed with my Boots Botanics Micellar Water and Little Pea Soaps Rose Clay Coal Soap.

Catrice Prime & Fine Healthy Look Primer 

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Illuminator in “Ice” used under foundation on high points of the face.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation in “Porcelain”

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in “Fair” set with Elf Cosmetics High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder

Wet ‘n Wild MegaGlo Dual Ended Contour Stick in “Light Medium” to cream contour & highlight.

Elf Cosmetics Bronzer & Blush Duo in “Fiji”.

Elf Baked Highlighter in “Moonlight Pearl” on the tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupids bow. (Check out THIS video on my Instagram to see this highlight in action!)

Clinique Pop Lip Colour in “Passion Pop” on the lips.



Eye Details:  

Elf Cosmetics “Mad For Matte” eyeshadow palette.

Elf Cosmetics Intense Ink Liner.

JCat #MOTD Eyeliner in “Pure White” on the waterline.

Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers Mascara.

Elf Cosmetics Instant Lift Brow Pencil in “Neutral Brown” set with Nyx Cosmetics Tinted Brow Mascara in “Brunette”.

full face

And that is the look for this month! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and be sure to sign up for email notifications, because there is something special coming for those who do!

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*This post is NOT sponsored. Rose Clay Facial Soap and Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers were sent to me, all other products were purchased myself.

Monthly Favorites – May 2016

Welcome back!

Today we are doing what we do at this time every month; talk about the products I was loving!

Starting with skincare, which I don’t always mention in these posts. The first product I have to talk about is the Boots Botanics Micellar Water.

IMG_5203.jpg ($7.49) 

I briefly mentioned this in my May Ipsy bag review, but if you’re not familiar with micellar waters, they’re basically makeup remover/cleanser/skincare all in one, which is great if you’re lazy like me. I use this to remove my makeup, and occasionally as just a quick cleanser,and it is by far the best makeup remover I’ve tried yet. It takes off all of my makeup instantly, even waterproof mascara. Doesn’t sting my eyes at all, and actually does help to give my skin a little extra hydration. So if you’re looking for a product like this, run to your local Ulta or Target and pick this up!

Next up for skincare, the Little Pea Soaps Breast Milk Rose Clay Coal Facial Soap.

Breast Milk Rose Coal Facial Soap.jpg (Sample size. Full size is 4 oz for $10) 

If you caught the first part of my review on Little Pea Soaps products, you’ll know that I RAVED about how much I loved this product, and I really wasn’t joking. If you missed that post, I definitely suggest checking it out, as there will be a lot more information on that post about this product than I’ll go into on here.

Basically, I was freaked out about this product and was afraid to use it. The idea of breast milk in a soap made me highly uncomfortable. But I’m so glad I got over myself and tried it out because this is by FAR the best facial soap I have ever used, and most likely will ever use. For those wondering, it is completely safe and hygienic to use, and for only $10, it’s a total steal. This has single-handedly changed the life of my skin. My skin is much more hydrated, my texture is evened out, and my redness has been reduced. This is such a phenomenal product from a phenomenal company, and I strongly recommend this for anyone with dry or problem skin.

My favorites this month have really been geared towards healthy, glowy skin, so most of my products are face products this month, so let’s start out with my favorite new foundation, the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation.

hc2 ($7)

I did an entire review on this foundation, so I’m not going to go into too much detail, but I LOVE this. The shade (Porcelain) is a perfect match for my skin, builds up to full, flawless coverage, lasts all day, and doesn’t dry my skin out at all. This is a fantastic foundation for dry skin, and this might be taking over my Maybelline Matte + Poreless for my favorite foundation.

Next up for face products, I wore the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Highlight in “Ice” every single day.

true match lumi highlight.jpg ($12.99) 

This is a REALLY intense liquid highlighter, so I’ve been using this on the high points of my face (cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, etc) under my foundation to really amp up the glow on my face without looking greasy.

ice swatch.jpg

“Ice” is a pinky-white highlight, which I think would look best on fair-light skin. If you are darker, there are two more shades more suitable for your skin tone.

This is such a great highlight, and if you like glowy skin, I recommend picking this up in one of the three shades.

Staying with the highlights, I’ve fallen back in love with my Elf Cosmetics Baked Highlighter in “Moonlight Pearl”

Elf Moonlight Pearl.jpg ($3) 

The packaging has seen better days, but that is because this is the first highlighter I ever purchased, so she’s special to me. But beyond that, it’s really a fantastic highlighter, especially for fair skin.

elf moonlight pearls watch.jpg

This adds a beautiful champagne glow to the skin, and can easily be used as a subtle highlight, or built up to be very intense. When layered over the L’Oreal liquid highlight I mentioned above, it just screams summer to me, and I’m glad I rediscovered this.

Okay, last highlighting product, I promise,although this one is a little different, the Wet ‘n Wild Megaglo Dual Ended Contour Stick.

wnw contour stick.jpg ($4.68)

This is a double ended cream stick with a contour shade on one end, and a matte highlight on the other side.

contour stick (My shade is Light-Medium) 

Now this is not the type of shimmery, light reflective highlight I was talking about earlier. This is a completely matte shade used to highlight the center of the face (under the eyes, etc.). For my skin tone, it adds a very subtle highlight, once blended out it’s very close to the color of my skin.

contour stick swatch.jpg

The contour shade is great for my skin tone, and both sides are very creamy and easy to blend. I’ve used this under and over my foundation, and have gotten a beautiful, natural result each time. I’m really impressed with this, and will continue to use it. If you’re looking for an affordable cream contouring product, look no further!

The last face product I’m going to talk about today is the Elf Cosmetics Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in the shade “Fiji”.

contouring blush and bronzing.jpg($3)  

There are three shades in this line, but “Fiji” is the only matte option.

I rarely wear an actual bronzer, much less a blush, because my skin is so fair. But as you can see, I’ve actually managed to hit pan on this bronzer.

bronzer swatch.jpg

This is such a great bronzer and blush duo for fair skin, as it’s very pigmented, but doesn’t look orange or muddy on the skin. I can actually get away with using a little bronzer and blush in the summer, and this is what I’ve been reaching for nearly every day this month!

Finally done with the face products, we only have two eye products to talk about. I was really into simple, matte eyes this month, so I used my Elf Cosmetics Mad For Matte Eyeshadow Palette every single day.

mad for matte 2.jpg ($10)

I’ve talked about this palette ad nauseam, because it is my go-to must have palette. It has everything you need for a complete eye look, or to pair up with other single shadows.

mad for matte swatches.jpg

All shadows are matte, obviously. They’re super creamy, pigmented, and blend really easily. I just cannot imagine not having this to rely on in my collection, and I can’t (and won’t) stop using this.

Alright, last product we’re going to talk about this month is the Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers Mascara.

super sizer fibers.jpg ($7.49)  

This is another product that I did an entire review for , so check it out to get more in depth info about this, but to keep it short, this is my new favorite mascara. I am very against fiber mascaras as a general rule, but the fibers in this are completely undetectable and really lengthen and thicken my lashes.

PicMonkey Collage2 (My before and after with this mascara…pretty impressive!)  

I love how this makes my lashes look, and I will absolutely repurchase this when I run out.

And finally, that’ll be it for today’s post!

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Be sure to check back tomorrow for a makeup look done using these products.

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*This post is NOT sponsored. The Covergirl mascara and Breast Milk Rose Clay Coal soap were sent to me, all other products were purchased myself.