Little Pea Soaps – Review! (Part 2)

Welcome back!

If you missed part one of this post, I strongly suggest you check that out, because this is the second part of my review of Little Pea Soaps products.

little peea soaps stuffs.jpg

I was lucky enough to receive a package from Little Pea Soaps of all of these fantastic products to try out! The first part covered just the soaps from the line, and today’s will cover everything else!

Everything this company produces is natural, biodegradable, contains no heavy metals, most products are vegan, no poly by products, cruelty free, and even the water used is distilled and fluoride free, so this is a company you can feel very confident purchasing from.

So getting in to the products, we’ll start with the Ruff Me Up stick.

Ruff Me Up.jpg (Available in 2oz and 4oz, $10) 

This comes in a really handy (and biodegradable) cardboard push tube. The tube itself is very  durable, and very convenient.

Ruff Me Up close up.jpg

This is a very thick, highly moisturizing multi-use balm stick.When I initially tried this I thought it was very dry and not very creamy. But because of the ingredients, it really needs a moment to warm up on the skin.And now that I’ve been using this regularly, I find that to be really nice, because I’m not afraid to throw this in my bag because I know it won’t melt on the go. Once it’s warmed up, it is very rich and emollient, and smells like fresh rosemary.

I’ve actually been using this not only as a heavy duty moisturizing product, but it’s also wonderful to sooth skin irritation, and contains mango butter, which is a natural sun protectant. I had a pretty intense sunburn, and using this on it not only really soothed the pain, but also helped it heal much faster than it would have otherwise. I also had razor burn and this soothed that immediately.

I don’t typically suffer with cracked heels, but my boyfriend’s feet are very dry because he’s on them all day in dress shoes. So we liberally applied this to the dry areas, and put socks, slept with it overnight, and when he took them off his feet looked and felt 100 times better!

My only qualm with this product is that you do have to keep it pushed up through the bottom, as it isn’t spring-loaded, and the top of the applicator can get a little torn up. Personally, it’s really not a big deal for me, as I’m okay with sacrificing that for biodegradable packaging, but that is something I feel needs to be mentioned. But ultimately, this is a great product for a multitude of uses, and I definitely think this is something worth having around.

Sorry that got so long-winded, but I had a lot to talk about! Next up, the Cucumber Ginger & Tea Lotion Bar

Cucumber Ginger & Tea Lotion (Sample; mine melted in it’s biodegradable packaging so I had to transfer it to this, LPS never uses plastic packaging[Ingredients include: Babassu, mango and shea butter, avocado, walnut, chamomile, pumpkin seed oil, and more)

This is not currently on the website nor the Etsy shop,  but if you’re interested, I suggest just reaching out to the owner and I imagine she would happily custom make it for you.

On to the actual product, I’m not sure I’m getting the best sense of what this product should be like, simply because of the melting issue. Keep in mind this is NOT the fault of LPS, my postal service is questionable at best sometimes, and this issue has happened to me with several different products and brands. But I’ve been using this as a typical lotion, and I do like it.

I will say that a little goes a long way, it’s very rich and emollient, so you don’t need much. I love that this does have the natural SPF to it as well. I’m very fair, so anything with even a small amount of SPF really does help keep me from getting burned. If you use too much of this, it will feel a little sticky. But it rubs into the skin really easily and smells really nice, so if you apply the correct amount, it is a really nice light weight lotion.

Probably one of my favorite products I tried was the Espumita Coffee Face & Body Butter.

Espumita Body and Face Butter.jpg (Sample; ingredients include unrefined shea and cocoa butter, mango butter, coconut, green tea seed, rice bran oil and more.)  

This is another product that is no longer on the website nor Etsy shop, but as I stated before, this company is very open to custom requests.

I’m really bummed that it isn’t on the site right now, because I LOVE this.  As with all body butters, it’s thick, so it needs to be warmed up in your hands a little before it’s applied. This feels so smooth and moisturizing, and smells like a fresh cup of coffee. This is one that I might need to do a custom order for, because I really, really like this.

Alright, to finish up the body care products, we’ll talk about the fragrances, starting with the Hippie Diva Perfumed Body Gel.

Hippie Diva Perfumed Body Gel.jpg (Again, this is a custom order product, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to ask the company to do so.)

I love this scent and this product a lot. I typically just dip my finger lightly in the gel and put it on my pulse points (base of the neck, behind the ears, wrist, etc) and it adds a little moisture, but works beautifully as a perfume.  You don’t need much of this at all! It’s a gel, so a little goes a long way.

The scent is a really vibrant citrus smell, and is absolutely perfect for summer. I really hope this becomes a permanent item on the site, because I think it’s really a great, unique product.

The last of the fragrance products I tried I have been using nearly every single day, the Cleopatra’s Oils & Essence.

Cleopatra.jpg (Custom order product) 

This smells so incredibly intoxicating. I love the more deep, sexy scents and this is right up my alley. This can be used in a multitude of ways (perfume, beard oil, shower oil, etc) but my favorite way to use this is as a perfume oil, and I love it. The scent is amazing and lasts for several hours on my skin. I can even still smell it on my clothes when I go to wash them the next day. I hope they’ll come out with more perfume oils and perfumed gels, because I’m really fond of these!

Alright, we have 3 bath products to talk about, starting with the Bath Truffles.

bath truffles.jpg (Currently only available in the gift set linked above) 

These smell really fruity and fresh, and I love the mica paintings on the top.

Typically I would show a small demo video of these, but I didn’t get the chance. But I really enjoyed these a lot. They’re formulated with avocado and coconut oil, as well as citric acid and a lot of other great ingredients, so they not only turned the water really fun, glittery colors, but left my skin feeling so moisturized that I didn’t need to add any extra lotion after the bath. It’s recommended to keep a washcloth with you to wipe down your tub so the colors don’t stain, and I experienced no staining on my tub or my skin once I wiped everything down. These are not only really fun, and would make a great gift, but they’re actually really beneficial to the skin.

Next bath product is the Healing Hearts Bath Bomb.

healing hearts bath bomb.jpg (3.5 oz, $4; ingredients include myrrh resin chunks, pure frankinscence, tangerine, orange, litsea essential oils, bentonite clay, and more.) 

I do have a demo of this bath bomb HERE, if you’re curious about how it looks. This lasted for over 5 minutes, which is pretty great for a bath bomb that’s 3.5 oz.

The little flowers floating around in the bath was a lot of fun, and it smelled really nice and herbal. This did make my skin feel nice, but I used this more for the aromatherapy and muscle soothing properties, which was actually really calming and relaxing. I’m not sure I need something like this all the time, but I think if you’re someone who just needs to unwind a little, this is an excellent product to do so with.

We’re nearing the end here, finishing up the bath products with the Forbidden Love Spell Bubble Bar.

Forbidden Love Spell bubble bar.jpg (Sample Size; full size is $4.50 for 4 oz; formula includes coconut milk, coconut flakes, bentonite and rose clays, activated coal soap embed, and more.) 

I believe this particular scent is probably sold out right now, since the Forbidden Love Spell is a very popular . This smells exactly like the Forbidden Love Spell soap that I talked about in part one of my review and really enjoyed. Check out my demo of this HERE if you’re curious to see how it works.  I got 3 bubble baths out of this sample, and the bubbles were really rich and thick, not watery and thin at all. So for a full size, you could potentially get 6 really nice baths out of one of these bubble bars! This was really fun to use, and I much prefer this to commercial bath bombs, as it not only works much better than those tend to, but also doesn’t have any nasty chemicals. I think this is great, especially if you have little ones that love bubble baths.

And finally, the last Little Pea Soaps product we’re going to speak about is actually a cosmetic product that is currently in the works, the Hydrating Lip Shade.

Hydrating Lip Shade.jpg (This will not be the final packaging, it will come in a biodegradable cardboard tube; ingredients include castor, argan, avocado oil, and more.)

I was really excited to try this, since I feel like I got a little sneak peek into some fun new products. This is described as being very hydrating and buildable; can be applied in a sheer fashion for a wash of color, or built up to be highly pigmented.

hydrating lip shad2e.jpg

I wore this in both ways, and I really, really like this. This stays moisturizing on the lips, while still maintaining fantastic lasting power. I was completely shocked that this lasted a full 5 hours (including eating a meal) without going anywhere, which is entirely unheard of for a hydrating lip product. I am really hoping there will be more shades available soon because I am such a fan of this! Keep in mind this is a product in the works, but I will update when it is available. This is so new that this shade isn’t even named. If I were to name it(wink wink) I’d call it Bitterroot, because the shade is spot on with the Bitterroot flower, which is actually the state flower of Montana. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Snapchat(makeupinmontana) for any updates on when this product is available, if you’re interested!

And finally, that will be it for today’s post!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this, and be sure to sign up for email notifications (there is something special coming for those who do!).

Thanks for stopping by!



*These products were sent to me for honest review. This post is NOT sponsored, and all thoughts are 100% my own. I will never accept products or compensation in exchange for a falsified review, and I will never be anything but 100% honest on any and all reviews.




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  1. Vanessa

    This is awesome! I love the name for the lip shade! It attracted me for some reason and now i know why! Im going to name it that then! Awesome! I agree with you on the push tubes. Your feedback is so helpful and deeply appreciated. Thanks for your hard work! In a few weeks i will send you some stable products! ^_*


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