June 2016 Ipsy Unbagging + Review

Welcome back!

We’re back today for yet another unbagging and review on my monthly *Ipsy bag!

If you’ve missed any of these posts, Ipsy is a $10/month subscription service that sends 4-5 full or sample sized personalized goodies to your door every month!

With the details out of the way, let’s get into this month’s bag!

ipsy bag 2

This month’s theme was “Rebel Rebel”, and I actually think the graffiti style bag is really cute!

So the first thing I was super excited to see in this bag is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow in “Fireball”.

fireba;l.jpg (Sample size; full size retails for $19) 

I’m a big fan of Urban Decay’s shadows. They’re very pigmented, smooth, and have excellent color pay off, so I was really happy to see this in this month’s bag.

ud fireball 2 swatch.jpg

This shade “Fireball” is described as a “Peach with pink shift”, and that is a very accurate description. I had a really hard time capturing the duochrome shift of this product, but I can assure you that it’s absolutely stunning. Typically when Ipsy has a shadow available, it’s nothing this unique and fun, so I’m really happy to be adding this to my collection.

eyeball.jpg (A quick look I came up with using “Fireball” all over the lid!) 

Next product I pulled out of my bag is the Dirty Little Secret Illuminating Baked Highlighter in “Bellissima” 

dirty little secret highlighter.jpg ($9) 

My highlighter actually came with the packaging broken, but Ipsy replaced it immediately, which was really awesome!

dls 1.jpg

I initially thought this would be a little too dark on my skin to be a highlight and would be more of a blush, but I’m pleased to say that this makes an excellent pinky highlight. The texture of this is unlike any other baked highlighter I’ve ever come across. It’s so incredibly smooth and pigmented and intense, without needing to be wet or applied on top of a cream highlighter.

Unfortunately I really couldn’t capture the true beauty of this highlighter in a swatch photo, but this has been my go-to since I received it, and I really want the other colors!

The last color product I have to share with you today is the Formula X Nail Polish in “Wingwoman”.

formula x.jpg (Sample size; full size is $10.50) 

We’ve gotten Formula X polishes in previous Ipsy bags, and I’m really fond of the formula. This goes on smooth and opaque in one coat, lasts really well.

Formula X mani.jpg (Formula X “Revved Up” as my accent nail) 

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this polish, and would definitely recommend it!

This month I received 3 skin care products, which doesn’t exactly thrill me. I don’t mind getting one in my bag, but 3 was just incredibly excessive. The first two I’ll talk about are the BioRepublic Sheet Maskssheet masks.jpg ($5 each) 

I received the Cucumber Breeze and Pomegranate Crush masks, and I honestly didn’t like either of them.

Sheet masks are a lot of fun, mostly because they kind of make you look like a serial killer from a B rated horror movie.

jason vorhees.jpg (Sorry for the nightmares this may give you…) 

This is a fibrous sheet that is soaked in a serum that is placed on the skin for around 10-20 minutes, and the excess serum rubbed into the skin.

Unfortunately, neither of these did anything good for my skin, and the cucumber one actually gave me a lot of texture on my skin.

If you’re someone who loves sheet masks and like what these claim to do, maybe give them a try, but they’re definitely not for me.

Last product I received this month is the Hey Honey 24Seven Day & Night Revitalizing Cream.

hey honet.jpg (Sample size; full size is $38) 

This is described as an anti-aging cream suitable to be used on the face, neck, and even as an eye cream, which is how I’ve been using it.

I’m very comfortable with my current moisturizer, and my skin is so dry that I really try not to mess with it once I have something that works, so I used this as an eye cream. I like it, it’s nice and moisturizing, but I’d never pay $38 for it. Not in a million years.

With that being said, it’s not a bad product, I just think it’s really overpriced for what it is.

So my overall thoughts on the bag, not bad. I really would have preferred to see more cosmetics instead of 3 skincare products, two of which I really didn’t like. However, this is better than some months, so I’ll still consider it a win.

And that’ll be it for today! I hope you’ve liked this post, and please be sure to follow/subscribe for more!

As always, thanks for stopping by!



*This is my personal Ipsy referral link. If you’re not interested in using that, just visit www.ipsy.com.

**This post is NOT sponsored. All products were purchased myself.






2 thoughts on “June 2016 Ipsy Unbagging + Review

  1. Miriam C

    Loved your post! I got the same highlighter but otherwise got different products, so I loved seeing other products people got!!


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