NEW Profusion Products Review-Super Affordable!

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Today we’ll be talking all about some new releases from Profusion Cosmetics, a very affordable brand that can be found online and in some drugstores.


This is my first true experience with Profusion products, so I was really excited to dig into this and go nuts. We’ve got some good, and some not so good here, so let’s get into it!

We’ll start with the Absolute Conceal Palette.

absolute conceal paleete collage.jpg ($4.99) 

This is a concealer palette that comes with 4 different shades for concealing, highlighting and correcting.

cream concealer swatcg.jpg

My issue with this product lies in the formula. It’s very stiff and dry until really warmed up with the fingers. Even then, it’s still too dry for me to personally use. With that being said, the highlight and corrector shades are really great. The tone of the correcters are perfect for cancelling out under eye darkness and cater to most skin tones, and the highlight shade (more of a concealer shade on me) is light enough to highlight on most people. The shade at the far right would be a great highlight on tan to deeper skin tones.

If they would come out with this same palette in a creamier formula, I’d be head over heels for it. Unfortunately, it’s just too dry for me to really use on my already very dry skin, so I don’t recommend this product.

One thing that’s awesome about this product is actually the brush that comes with it.

profusion concealer palettebrish

This brush is really soft and great quality. Most brushes that come with palettes are stiff and virtually unusable, but that’s not the case here. I would pay $5 alone for this brush. My hat is definitely off to Profusion for providing excellent, usable brushes in their palettes.

Next product we’ll talk about are the Highlight & Contour Sticks.

IMG_6141contour kit.jpg ($9.99) 

In this kit, you receive cream highlight, bronzer, and contour sticks, as well as a beauty sponge, for $10.  Right off the bat, that’s a great deal. And I’m happy to report that I am over the moon about these.

profusion contour sticks swatches.jpg           (From right to left: contour, bronzer, highlighter) 

These are all 100% matte, so they are perfect for highlighting and contouring. The bronzer stick is warm, but not orange, and the contour shade is absolutely perfect for my skin tone. I’m not crazy about the highlight stick, only because it’s too yellow for my skin. I’m sure someone who had a deeper complexion than myself could get a lot of good use out of it, though I have noticed that it isn’t quite as creamy as the other two sticks.


These are super creamy and blend effortlessly into the skin, leaving a very natural looking effect behind. When I say natural, I don’t mean that these are sheer. These are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way. But they’re very buildable, and can be used to create a “barely there” look or full on drama. I have been using these every single day, and will probably need to hide them from myself so I’ll actually use something else. Totally 100% recommend these!

As for the beauty sponge that comes with these, I’m not totally crazy about it, but it definitely isn’t bad.

profusion sponge collage (Before & after being dampened) 

This sponge works really well for blending out these sticks in particular, but it is too dense to use for foundation or anything of the sort. This sponge doesn’t claim to blend out foundation, so I’m not mad at it. I would like it to be a little softer, but this is definitely not like hitting yourself in the face with a rock either. It’s just a little dense for my liking, but I will continue to use it.

Last product we’ll be talking about today is The New Trendsetter Eye Palette.

profusion eyes outer packaging.jpg

The outer packaging is actually really nice, and reminds me a lot of a book (which I think is kind of the idea here). My only wish here was that this had a magnetic closure, but that really isn’t a big deal. Now, let’s dig into the palette.

profusion book 2.jpg ($12.49) 

As you can see, there’s a lot going on here. You get 24 shadows, 2 brow powders, 4 gel liners, 2 under eye concealers, 3 brushes, and an eye shadow primer.

For $13, this is a fantastic deal. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a palette in the same price range to offer so much for this low of a price. I also really love how all of the shadows are individually named. Most drugstore brands don’t bother to do that, and I personally love it when my shadows are named. There’s also a really substantial mirror in here, which makes it great for travel.

Let’s dig into the shadows first.

palette .jpg

profusion the new trendsetter eye palette shadow swatches.jpg

First things first, there is a really nice shade range here, which you can use to get a multitude of different looks. You’ve got your everyday neutrals, all the way to your bright, fun colors.

18 of these 24 shadows are matte, which is so refreshing to see in the drugstores. As you can see, some of these shadows are really strongly pigmented, others are very lackluster. Shockingly enough, the mattes far surpass the shimmers in pigmentation, usually it’s the opposite. Some of these shades are hard to see because of my light skin tone, but would definitely show up on someone who has a deeper complexion than Casper.

These definitely perform better over a shadow base, but not every shade is wonderful. As a whole, I think this is a great palette for the mattes, but none of the shimmers are very good.  I haven’t had an issue with blending, and found these actually really easy to blend.

profusion eye 1 (For a neutral warm look (very trendy at the moment) using this palette, I used “Khaki” as my transition, “Celebrity” in my crease, “Terra Cotta” on my lid, “Cream” under my browbone, and “Pearly” to highlight the inner corner. I also used the “Brunette” brow powder and the brown gel liner.) 

profusion eyeb 2.jpg (For this very colorful option, I used “Enchanted” in my crease, “Deep Sea” on my lid and blended into the crease, “Cobalt” to deepen the inner corner, “Aluminum” to highlight my browbone, and “Pearly” to highlight the inner corner. Brows are the “Blonde” brow powder and a tiny bit of the black gel liner on my upper lashline.)

Moving on to the other products in the palette, we’ve got a lot to talk about here. palette 2.jpg

We’ll start with the brow powders.


with names2.jpg

These look much warmer in the pans than they come off on the skin, but they are still pretty warm toned, so if you’ve got very ashy brows, these won’t work as a brow powder for you. Also, the names confuse me a little. The dark one is called the “Blonde Brow Powder”, and the lighter one is the “Brunette Brow Powder”. Maybe that’s mislabeling, but I find it very strange regardless.

I don’t typically use a brow powder, but these aren’t bad at all. The color is too warm for me, but I have been using them as eyeshadows as well, and actually prefer to use them in that way. So even if these don’t match your brows, they can still serve a purpose.

Next up, the gel eyeliners.

gel liner swatch names.jpg

These are actually pretty good. They’re easy to work with and look really nice on the eye. There is a pigmentation issue with the plum and navy shades, they take a lot of building to get to full color, and even then, they’re not 100% opaque. I like to use these shades first, and then top them with a shadow of the same color. The black and brown shades are really nice. Very creamy, smooth, and pigmentation isn’t an issue at all with these. I’ve actually continued to come back to this palette just to use these liners. Total thumbs up from me. These also may be sold in their own gel liner palette, THIS palette from Profusion looks to contain the exact same shades, but I haven’t tried it, so I’m not sure if the formula is exactly the same, but I’m willing to bet it probably is.

Right below the liners in the palette are two under eye concealer shades.

concealer swatch

I would consider these a corrector and a skintone/highlight shades, but that is very dependent on your skintone. If you’re darker than a light complexion, these will not work as concealers for you, but I have used them to prime my eyes and they’ve worked nicely for that.

As for the formula, it’s really not bad. MUCH better than the other concealer palette we talked about in the beginning of this review. Very creamy, blend nicely, and are much more hydrating. With that being said, they’re not my #1 choice for concealers, just because of my dry skin. I have been used them several times and haven’t had any creasing to speak of, but they do look dry on my under eye. If you’ve got more normal to oily skin, I don’t think you’ll have that problem with these.

Alright, the last actual makeup product to talk about is the eyeshadow primer.

It’s nothing special, honestly. I appreciate that it’s in here, and it’s decent, but it doesn’t do anything particularly great for me. It’s a very greasy kind of consistency that reminds me a lot of the Jessie’s Girl eyeshadow primer, and I really am not a fan of that one. I don’t find that this really intensifies my shadow, extends the wear time, or prevents creasing. It’s not bad, but it is also not that great.

And finally, the last products we’ll be talking about today are the 3 brushes that came in this palette.

profusion brushes.jpg

Earlier I said that I was a fan of the brush that came in the concealer palette, and I feel the same way about these. They’re very soft, I haven’t experienced any shedding with them, and they’ve cleaned really nicely. I really like the flat shader brush for adding shadow to my outer corner, the angled one is great for brows and liner, but I’m not totally crazy about the small liner brush.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, besides the fact that not all of the brush hairs are completely even, but this just isn’t the kind of brush I like to use with cream or gel liners. I really think that comes down to personal preference, and doesn’t have much to do with this brush itself.

In total, I think this is a great palette. Not only for general use, but for travel as well. This is definitely something I can see a lot of people really enjoying.


And finally, that will be it for today’s post! I hope you’ve found this helpful, and if you’re looking for some great affordable products, be sure to check out Profusion’s or look for them in your local drugstores.

As always,

Thanks for stopping by!



*This post is NOT sponsored. Profusion Cosmetics sent these products to me for honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.




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