BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Eyeshadow & Lipstick Palette – Review!

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Today I bring you a review on the BH Cosmetics  Shaaanxo Palette.


This palette is in collaboration with Shannon Harris (AKA Shaaanxo) on YouTube, a very successful beauty vlogger from New Zealand. It retails for $22 on, but is currently on sale for $14.50.

The palette is double sided, with 9 eyeshadows on one side, and 9 lipsticks on the other, both sides having a pretty good sized mirror as well, and the packaging is relatively sturdy.


Now, let’s get into the palette, starting with the shadows.


As I mentioned earlier, there are 9 shades in the palette, 4 being a matte finish and 5 being shimmers. These shades all lean warm, with the exception of the darkest color.

shannon collage shadows1

These shadows have seriously blown me away. the quality far surpasses the price.No shade is lacking in pigment, and they’re all very buttery and smooth, and practically blend themselves. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about these shadows at all, my only con would be that they can be a little powdery, but so is my $45 Anastasia palette.

With that being said, you do have a limit as to what you can do with this palette alone. The shades I would typically use in my crease from this palette are warm, reddish shades so without bringing in other shadows, I can really only do looks that are very warm toned.

shaaanxo look 12        (For this look I used the peachy-custard shade as a transition, the reddish brown in my crease, and the duochrome all over my lid)  

rose gold eye w hella creasing.jpg (Same shades used in my crease applied very lightly, rose gold shade packed all over the lid. Try to ignore the creasing, tried out a new eye primer that isn’t working for me.)   

A flaw in this palette is definitely that it won’t be very usable for all skin tones. If you have a very deep complexion, I’m not positive that all of the shadows would work for you. However, if you’re fair to medium-deep, this would be fine.

Even though the shade range is somewhat limited, I am really loving the looks I’m getting using this palette. I’ve never tried shadows from BH Cosmetics before, but if they’re all like this, I’m definitely getting my hands on more. For such an affordable palette, I’m honestly shocked at the quality of the shadows. This easily rivals and surpasses some of my more expensive palettes.

So a huge thumbs up from me on the shadows, now let’s talk about the lipsticks.


Just like the eyeshadows, there are 9 shades. These range from a pale nude to a dark maroon shade, and have a few fun pops in between.

lipstick collage1.jpg (Swatched using my finger) 

Shaaanxo Palette lip swatches.jpg (In the order they appear in the palette) 

These are all very creamy, and clearly pigmented. These are swatched with no lip liner, which will always help add to the pigmentation of a lip color.

I really appreciate the range of shades in here, as there’s pretty much something for everyone. However, as you can tell, these don’t come off exactly as they look in the pans, especially the dark shades. These are all applied with a lip brush, if you were to use your finger, you’d get a more true-to-pan color.

These lipsticks are very comfortable, and the shades really play well with the selection of shadows you’re given. Beyond the general hassle of a lip palette, I really don’t have anything particularly negative to say about them.

To wrap this post up, I definitely recommend this palette. Not only am I fan of Shannon, but this palette really did live up to my expectations. I think it’s a great addition to any collection, and would come in handy for any traveling due to the multitasking nature. I strongly suggest getting your hands on this palette while you still can!

And with that, we end this post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, will you be picking up this palette?

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thanks for stopping by!



*This post is NOT sponsored, all products were purchased myself.



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