The Wicked Beauty – Indie Brand Review!

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Today I bring you a review from an indie brand called The Wicked Beauty.

This brand focuses on eye and lip products, and we have a few of them to talk about today, so let’s get into the makeup!



Starting off with the lips, let’s talk about the Greaspaints.

3 greasepaints .jpg ($9)

These are called Greasepaints because that’s basically what makeup really is. A mixture of oils, liquids, etc. with colorants to be used on the face. If you’re familiar with traditional stage makeup used in plays and musical, that is also referred to as greasepaint, and since the theme of all the lip products is The Wizard Of Oz, I’m assuming the reference was intentional.

These pot style lip products have become very popular, especially for their more interesting color selection, and their ability to be mixed and customized.

These appear very sticky in the pots, but are very comfortable on the lips. The texture once on the lips is somewhere between a lipstick and gloss, and actually set down to a satin, almost matte finish. They feel almost like a chapstick on the lips.



Greasepaint shades.jpg (Shades: Witch’s Castle, Horse Of A Different Color, Emerald City) 

As you can tell, we have some really different colors here. I am not typically the type to go for colors like these, but there’s something about the tone of these that makes them almost wearable.

witch's castle lip swatch.jpg

(Witch’s Castle

This one is my favorite of the bunch. It’s obviously very bold, but something about it just really speaks to me.

Horse Of A Different Color lip swatch.jpg

(Horse Of A Different Color

This color is totally stunning, but it is patchy. I would typically layer this one over a matching eye or lip pencil.

emerald city swqatch.jpg

(Emerald City)  

This one is in a typical lip gloss tube with a doe foot applicator. I really love the packaging like this, unfortunately  they’re not for sale like this on the website. However, I saw on The Wicked Beauty’s Instagram that they will be available in squeeze tubes soon. This one also seems more minty to me than the others.

The formula is highly pigmented, but  the shades do need to be built up for full opacity. They can be applied in a very sheer manner for a whisper of color, or built up for some seriously eye catching lips. These have excellent staying power, (will stay through drinking and light eating) and will definitely stain your lips. They also have a very strong mint scent/taste/sensation. If you’re not a fan of mint, you will not like these at all. I like it, but that comes down to personal preference.

Ultimately, I really like these. They’re a fun, affordable way to play with different colors and step outside of your comfort zone, and a little goes a very long way. If you’re interested in trying some samples, there are some on the Etsy shop for only $2 each.

Moving on, we have a few Pressed Glitters to talk about.

Pressed Glitters collage.jpg

These are $7 a piece, and come in a magnetic pan shaped like a little bottle cap, which is very cute.  Pressed glitters have become kind of a big thing in the past year, as they’re much easier to use than typical loose glitters and don’t need a glitter primer.

If you’ve been in the makeup community for any amount of time, you’d know there was controversy with several brands over their pressed glitters. No names will be named, but the glitters were molding due to the lack of a preservative in the formula. I personally went through the ingredients on these glitters and there are preservatives used to make sure that doesn’t happen with these. These pans will rust if they’re in contact with water, so make sure to keep them dry. Otherwise, I haven’t noticed anything weird with these, but if something does happen I will make note of it.

Glitter is  not actually FDA approved for use on the eyes, there are cosmetic grade glitters that are available and safe, but it’s really a “use at your own discretion” kind of thing.

Now, let’s check out the swatches.

glitters swatched.jpg (Shades: Beetle’s Back, Pickled Flies…these names get me pumped for Halloween!)

Out of these two, Beetle’s Back is definitely my favorite. They’re both beautiful, but I find the formula of Pickled Flies to be a little more chunky and a little difficult to work with. I still used a glitter primer with these, but I wouldn’t say it’s totally necessary. These are very finely milled, and I really don’t feel uncomfortable using these on my eyes. If a piece were to make it’s way into my eye, I don’t think it would actually cause any damage. Still not a preferable scenario, but you know what I mean.

Devinah Contest Collage 2.jpg Here’s a very colorful look I did  using these products. I used Beetle’s Back on my under eye, and Pickled Flies in my inner corner, though it really didn’t show up much because I used a very small amount.

These are a lot of fun, and if you’re looking for affordable pressed glitters, I think these would be up your alley. Again, use at your own risk, as with all glitters.

To wrap this up, I really like the things I have from this brand, and I will continue to use them, especially for Halloween . I definitely want to get my hands on a few more lip shades and pressed glitters!

And that will be it for today’s post!  I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and will you be picking up any The Wicked Beauty products?

As always,

thanks for stopping by!



The Wicked Beauty Links: 

Etsy Shop 



*This post is NOT sponsored. These products were sent to me for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.



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