August 2016 Ipsy Unbagging + Review

Welcome back!

Today we’ll be taking a look inside my August Ipsy* bag! If you’re not familiar, Ipsy is a $10/month beauty subscription service that sends 4-5 personalized beauty products directly to your mailbox.

August Ipsy Bag.jpg

This month’s theme is “Sugar Highness”, so it’s very pastel and elegant. The bags this month were actually illustrated by Ipsy’s founder Michelle Phan. I think the bag is absolutely stunning, and it’s very sturdy. It has a patent faux leather texture, and feels incredibly high quality.

Now let’s get into what came in the bag!

First things I pulled out were the Sally’s Box Secret Garden Ampoule Sheet Masks.

Worst masks ever.jpg ($5 each)  

These are Korean 2 step sheet masks. For the first step, you apply the serum from the top of the package, and put the mask on for 20 minutes before that serum dries.

I can honestly say I’ve never used a mask that was worse than these. I’m not being dramatic when I say that this mask literally ruined my skin. I have decent skin, a little texture and the occasional blemish. This broke my skin out pretty badly, and gave me tiny bumps all over my face. I’ve only used one of them, and I’m not coming within 50 feet of the other, I may apply for a restraining order.Absolutely horrendous product. No me gusta.

Moving on, the next product I pulled out was the Beau Gachis Paris Applicator Sponge.

sponge .jpg (Before & after being dampened, $23)

I was really happy to find this in my bag, as I’m always needing a beauty sponge. They’re my favorite tool to use to apply my foundation, and I’ll never say no to a new one. Except to this one, big no.

First of all, this one is really stiff. I prefer sponges like the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge that have a little bounce to them. This one is just way to dense for me, and it soaks up a ton of product. It really didn’t blend my foundation at all, and wasn’t really enjoyable to use at all. This is okay to use for the baking method, but I would never spent $23 on a sponge specifically for baking when my Real Techniques sponge can do that as well. Hard pass from me on this guy.

As you can tell, this particular unbagging hasn’t been terribly positive this month, but we’ll keep on going.

Next up, we have a nail polish from Dermelect in the shade “Unscripted”.

Dermelect.jpg ($14) 

This polish is infused with peptides and 5 free, basically meaning it’s free of a lot of gross chemicals, which I always appreciate.

The formula was decent, took about 2 coats to be fully opaque. Unfortunately, this chipped within minutes of application. As I’m writing this post, I barely have any polish left, and it’s only been about 3 days. I’m also really not crazy about the color. It’s a radiant orchid type shade that I just don’t like. This is not the best polish I’ve ever used, but it’s also not the worst.

The only makeup product I received this month is the It Cosmetics No Tug Waterproof Eyeliner.

It Cosmetics Eyeliner (Sample size; full size is $22) 

I was really excited to get this in my bag, because I’ve heard great things about it. Besides, never hurts having an extra black liner.


As you can see, this is SO black. This is by far the blackest eyeliner I think I own, and I really love that about it.It’s also very creamy and glides on to the eyes really easily. Unfortunately, it really doesn’t play well with my eyes. I loved how it looked in my waterline immediately, but it only lasted for a minute before it began smearing all over my eyeball. This left a film on my eye that was not only really uncomfortable, but gross. I don’t understand why this product claims to be waterproof, because that’s definitely untrue.

And the last product I received in my bag this month was the Sympan Beauty ONE Moisture Cream

Sympan Beauty Moisture Cream.jpg ($20) 

This claims to be a moisturizer, but being someone with very dry skin, I’m super picky about moisturizers. This really doesn’t add even close to enough hydration for me. If you’re very oily and just need something mild, this could work for you. The texture is also very sticky and tacky. As a moisturizer, I really don’t like this. However, the tacky feeling made me think of the texture of the Too Faced Hangover Primer, so I decided to try it in that way. It actually works really nicely as a hydrating primer. It really gives my makeup something to grab onto , and helps extend the wear of it. Not exactly the intended purpose, but works nonetheless.

I hate to be such a downer, but this is by far the worst Ipsy bag I’ve ever gotten. I really think all of the effort this month went into the bag, not the products. The only product I kind of liked was the moisture cream, but I only liked when not using it for it’s intended purpose. This bag was a total fail for me. Really hoping for better next month.

And that’ll be it for today’s post! Even though it wasn’t as positive as my other posts, I still hope you’ve enjoyed it, and will tune in for more.

And as always,

thanks for stopping by!



*This is my personal Ipsy referral link

**This post is NOT sponsored. All products were purchased myself.


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