City Color Cosmetics Spice Me Up Palette – Review! Possible Dupe?

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Today we’ll be talking about the newly reformulated, re-released City Color Spice Me Up Palette.

City Color Cosmetics Spice Me Up outer packagingThis palette was originally released a year or so ago, and consisted of only 10 shades, all being a shimmer finish. The newly launched version of this palette offers 2 more shades, as well as a much larger color selection, and most shades are a satin finish with the exception of a few.  Because of that, this retails for $15.99 on City Color’s website. 

city color spice me up palette

This palette pretty much screams fall. Not going to lie, I purchased this completely for that Paprika shade. This is also somewhat reminiscent of my very loved Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, so we’ll also do a little comparison in addition to the review.

But first, let’s check out the swatches.

smu swatches1

As I mentioned before, most of these shades are more of a satin finish. Personally, I always prefer to use mattes in my crease, specifically because of my hooded eyes. However, the satin shades really don’t come off particularly shimmery on the lid, which I appreciate. I would rather they were totally matte, but I won’t complain too much.

The only shades in this row I find that struggle with pigmentation are Cayenne and Saffron. Cayenne just needs to be built up, but Saffron really doesn’t swatch well at all. When applied, you can get good color payoff, but it does have to be built up quite a bit. The texture for the rest of the shades is pretty soft, but I wouldn’t say it’s creamy. Ginger is probably the most pigmented shade in this row, Mace being a close second.


This row is my personal favorite, because I love Paprika and Cinnamon. The fun thing about this palette is the names really do correspond with the colors of the actual spices they’re named after, which I think is very unique.

This particular half of the palette has a few more duds than the previous. Chai is really very unpigmented, Allspice is very dry and unpigmented, and Cumin really doesn’t have a lot of color payoff in general.  Paprika is a little dry, but has decent pigmentation and can be built up for stronger color. Tamarind and Cinnamon are the standout shades in this row, specifically Cinnamon. This one is completely full pigment in just one swipe. The texture of this one really reminds me of Too Faced shadows.

spice me up swatches

Overall, not every shade is absolutely the best I’ve ever worked with, but they’re all definitely usable. Keep in mind these swatches are over no primer, which would help intensify them quite a bit. I find that these perform much better on the eyes than they do in their swatches.  One pro to the slightly drier texture of these is that I’ve experienced zero fallout at all.

These also have really good staying power. I used them over a primer that I’m not totally crazy about, and they actually lasted longer than the rest of my makeup, over 12 hours.

I’ve done a few looks to share with you, and show you a little of what this palette is capable of.

city color cosmetics spice me up look2.jpg (Saffron as my transition, Paprika in the crease, Allspice in my outer corner, Cinnamon on the lid, Ginger in the inner corner.)  

city volor mohdn'poidhgn'd;.jpg (Nutmeg as a transition, Allspice in the crease, Ginger on the lid) 

city color spice me up look2 (Saffron as a transition, Paprika in the crease, Cayenne on the lid, Mace in the inner corner, Tamarind on the lower lash line.)

As for how I feel about the palette as a whole, I actually do like it. This is full of great fall colors for an affordable price tag. However, I feel very limited as to the looks I can get out of it. I think this palette is missing a few essential shades, like a matte cream color for a browbone highlight, and a good inner corner shade.  I don’t suggest ever paying full price for this palette. $16 really seems like a stretch to me. City Color always has sales and I do have a personal affiliate code with City Color. (Use the code MAKEUPINMONTANA  for 10% off any order!)

As I mentioned, this does remind me a bit of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (which I have a full review of), so I did a few comparison swatches for you.

Antique Bronze vs Tamarind  

antique bronze vs tamarind.jpg

As you can see here, not a dupe at all.Tamarind is vaguely similar, but that’s it.

Golden Ochre vs Saffron  

Saffron vs Golden Ochre.jpg

These colors are actually very similar, but Saffron is so unpigmented  in the swatch, it’s hard to see the similarity.

Warm Taupe vs Nutmeg   

nutmeg vs warm taupe.jpg

Again, these colors are very similar, especially on the eyes.

Venetian Red + Red Ochre vs Paprika   

Paprika vs VRRO.jpg

Mixing Red Ochre and Venetian Red gave me the closest to the hot red shade of Paprika. They actually look much more similar on the eyes, but still not a dupe.

That is really where the similarities end.Obviously, the quality of the Anastasia palette far surpasses the City Color one, as it should, considering it costs $45. But if you’re someone who just wants to dip their toes into red toned shadows, this is a good way to do that without spending almost $50. Like I said, wait for a sale, or use a discount code.

To wrap up my general thoughts on the palette, I do like it, especially as an affordable alternative to other similar palettes. Used over a primer, the shades show up well on the eyes, and have good lasting power. I think City Color is really overshooting the price, but catch it on a sale for a good deal.

And that’ll be it for today’s post!

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*This post is NOT sponsored. All products were purchased myself, some links are affiliates. I am an affiliate with City Color Cosmetics.




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