DUPES! Affordable Alternatives For Expensive Makeup

Welcome back!

Today I’ll be doing one of my personal favorite kinds of posts, dupes! If you’re not familiar, “dupes” refer to duplicates, or alternatives. In the makeup world, dupes are typically low cost alternatives for high end products, and that’s what I have to share with you today! This is actually my second dupes post, so if you’re interested in more dupes than just the ones featured here today, be sure to check that post out. Now, let’s get into the dupes!

We’ll start out with lips, since I only have one to share with you.

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Lipstick in “Queen” vs NYC Expert Last Lip Color “Chocolate Chip” 

nyc vs bare minerals swatch.jpg Price difference: $18  

In the hand swatch, they definitely look similar, but on the lips they’re completely identical. I find the formulas to be very similar as well. The Bare Minerals lipstick is a little more pigmented (as it should be for $20) but beyond that, the differences are very slight. If you’re looking into Queen, I suggest saving the $18 and going with Chocolate Chip!

Moving on to face products, I only have two to share with you, but quality over quantity, my friends.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer vs Maybelline Baby Skin.

Baby Skin vs Smashbox.jpg (Obviously this isn’t the full size, just a little sample I had lying around!) 

These are both very silicone-y primers, and are for smoothing out the skin and filling pores.

Smashhbox vs Baby Skin swatch.jpg Price difference: $29

To put it bluntly, there is absolutely no reason to spend $36 on the Smashbox primer. These is absolutely no difference in how these perform on the skin. Save your $30 and pick up the Maybelline one!

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer vs Hard Candy Glamoflauge 

Maracuja Creaseless Concealer vs Glamoflauge.jpg (Again, just a sample!) 

These are both very full coverage, hardcore concealers. If you’ve got some serious discoloration, these are the guys for you.

Tarte vs Hard Candy .jpg Price difference: $19

These are obviously not color dupes, but the formulas are very, very similar.  The Hard Candy one is a little more hydrating, but the coverage level is the same and I actually prefer how Glamoflauge looks on my skin. Ultimately, this one might come down to your skin type, but I can’t justify spending $25 on the Tarte concealer when this one is just as good.

It’s time to talk about eye dupes, and boy, do I have a lot to share with you. Most of these are Urban Decay product dupes, specifically because I do have a relatively extensive UD collection, so let’s get started!

Lorac Behind The Scenes Eye Primer vs Jessie’s Girl Eye Primer  

Jessie's Girl vs Lorac.jpgPrice difference: $15

To be totally honest, I’m not a huge fan of either of these primers. I prefer my eye primers to have a bit of a tint to them to help conceal the veining in my lids. However, these are basically the exact same product. They both have a very strong silicone feeling to them, and keep my shadows on for the same amount of time. If you’ve been eyeing the Lorac primer, I suggest saving your hard earned cash and just getting the Jessie’s Girl, since I find no difference in them at all.

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in “Zero” vs Nyx Slide On Pencil in “Jet Black”  

Nyx vs Urban Decay.jpg Price difference: $12 

I believe it was YouTuber Emilynoel83 who first alerted me to the similarities of these particular line of pencils, and she was absolutely right.

UD vs Nyx swatch.jpg

I really can’t justify spending $20 on Zero when Jet Black is basically the exact same product, and if we’re being honest, I prefer the color pay off of the Nyx pencil more. I prefer Urban Decay’s Perversion eyeliner over both of these, but I definitely reach for Jet Black much more than I do Zero.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow “Mildew” vs Green shade in the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette 

Mildew vs Comfort Zone.jpg Price difference: $14

Mildew is a single shadow, whereas the one from the Comfort Zone palette is $5 for 8 shades, so you’re already getting a steal there. But if you love mossy greens, don’t spend $19 for the single Urban Decay shadow, and pick this guy up instead. These colors are 100% identical, and the formula of Wet ‘n Wild shadows are amazing.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in “Smog” vs Bronze shade from the Wet ‘n Wild Comfort Zone Palette.

Comfort Zone vs Smog.jpg

Yes, another dupe in this palette!  In the swatch, they do look a little different, but there is no difference on the eyes. Smog is more pigmented initially, but the Wet ‘n Wild shade performs just as well once applied.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in “Sin” vs Eyelid shade from the Wet ‘n Wild Walking On Eggshells Trio. 

WOE vs Sin.jpg Price difference: $16 

As you can see, there really is no difference in these colors at all. They’re completely identical, and there’s no big formula differences either. Sin is a great eyeshadow, but I would recommend going with this instead! You not only get this beautiful shade, but you also get 2 more shades for only $3!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in “Mushroom” vs Ulta Eyeshadow in “Twilight”

Mushroom vs Twilightg.jpg Price difference: $12 

Though these colors are nearly identical on the eyes, the formula definitely is different. Mushroom is much smoother and more pigmented than Twilight, but if you are looking for a color dupe, this is a great one.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in “Polyester Bride” vs Ulta Eyeshadow in “Iceland”.   

PB vs Iceland.jpg Price difference: $12 

Polyester Bride is one of my all time favorite shadows, but Iceland is a dead on color dupe. I still prefer the formula of Polyester Bride, as it’s just more pigmented and has less fallout. But if you need a solid dupe of the color, this is it.

And with that, we end today’s post!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this, and will you be picking up any of these dupes?

And as always, thanks for stopping by!









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