City Color Cosmetics Metallic Shadow Pots – Review!

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Today I’ll be sharing a review of the City Color Cosmetics Metallic Shadow Pots with you.


These are unlike your typical cream shadows. These have a very thick, mousse consistency, while somehow remaining very lightweight.

There are 6 shades in the line, each retailing for $4.99, or you can buy all 6 for a special bundle price of $12 (Use the code MAKEUPINMONTANA to receive 10% off of your purchase!) and they all have a nice rubber stopper in them, to keep them from drying out.

As for the formula, they’re all very pigmented, and have some seriously intense lasting power. These aren’t going to come off unless they’re removed.

We’ll go through each of the shades individually, starting with the lightest in the line, “Shooting Star”.

Shooting star.jpg

This is a very yellow gold shade, and is probably my least favorite of the line.

shooting star swatch.jpg

It’s very pigmented, but the texture is thinner than the others,almost feels a little greasy,and just doesn’t translate to my eyes as well as I’d like. The color just really isn’t my favorite either. I prefer true golds to yellow golds. With that being said, it makes a great base for other shadows to stick to. This definitely isn’t a bad cream shadow at all, it just isn’t my favorite from this particular line.

Moving on, the next shade I have to share with you is “Solar”.

Solar .jpg

This one is a ridiculously stunning rose gold copper shade with a slight silver microglitter running through it.

Solar swatch.jpg

I really love this one. It’s very unique, and it look gorgeous by itself, or layered under a rose gold shade. I used this as a base for my Manna Kadar Eyeshadow in “Fantasy” and it was unreal. Completely recommend this!

Next shade is “Cosmo”


This is kind of a bronzey taupe shade. In the packaging it looks similar to Solar, but swatched they are completely different. Cosmo is more cool toned, so if you prefer cool to warm, this is the one for you.

cosmo swatch.jpg

This one is really beautiful, and I don’t see any difference in the quality or formula of this compared to Solar at all. They’re both excellent, and  I will definitely get a lot of use out of this guy.

The last “neutral” shade in this line is “Nebula”.


This one is by far my favorite from the whole line. The base color is a deep brown plum shade, but the best part is the intense silver glitter that takes over.

nebula swatch.jpg

This one is almost a duochrome. In indirect lighting, it just looks like a shimmery brown plum, but once the light hits it, you get that vibrant silver sparkle. I haven’t been able to top this one with another shadow, specifically because I don’t want to cover up this gorgeous glitter. If you’re a fan of glitter but hate the mess, definitely get this shade. I don’t own anything like this, and if you’re going to only get one of these, I strongly suggest it be Nebula.

The first of the more colorful shades is “Meteor Shower”.

meteor shower.jpg

This teal color really reminds me of a cream version of Urban Decay’s “Shattered” from the original Ammo Palette. It’s a beautiful teal blue.

meteor shower swatch.jpg

However, I’m really not crazy about the formula of this one. It’s very reminiscent of the formula of Shooting Star. It is pigmented, but the texture is much thinner and just feels a little greasy. I prefer to use this one as a base as opposed to using it by itself, and it’s nice, but this one isn’t a must have.

And the last color in the line is “Galaxy”.


This one is a hard color to describe. It’s kind of a dark steel blue with very strong gray undertones.

Galaxy swatch.jpg

Unfortunately, this one was a lot like Shooting Star and Meteor Shower. Again, it’s not a bad cream shadow, but it just isn’t as remarkable as the other shades. It’s just kind of thin, greasy, and patchy. Unless you’re really crazy about this shade, I wouldn’t say it’s worth grabbing.

swatches w names

Ultimately, I really do like these, but I overall recommend the shades “Solar”, “Cosmo”, and “Nebula”. They’re beautiful as bases and stand alone shadows, but the others really just function as bases for me. Whichever shades you choose are very dependent on your needs and preferences, but those are my suggestions.

And that’ll do it for today’s post! I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if you have,  please subscribe to receive email notifications of future posts like this!

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*This post is NOT sponsored. All products were purchased myself, Some links are affiliates. I am affiliated with City Color Cosmetics.






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