Growing Up With Chewy : Eukanuba Puppy Chicken Dry Food

Welcome back!

Today is the very first installment of my new series, Growing Up With Chewy! If you missed my introduction post for this series, I suggest taking a moment to read that first.

Now let’s look at our stars for this post!

dem-puppers (Saoirse on the left, Jefferson on the right)  

As of right now, the puppies are almost 10 weeks old! Jefferson is weighing in at 17.7 lbs, and Saoirse is 14.2 lbs. Definitely growing up quickly!

Saoirse (seer-shah) and Jefferson have worked very, very hard to bring you a comprehensive review of the Eukanuba Puppy Chicken Formula Dry Dog Food, so let’s get into it!

Eukanuba puppy bag.jpg

I received the 5 lb bag, which retails for about $12 on The largest bag available for purchase is 33 lbs, which will run you about $30.

This claims to have no fillers, chicken as the first ingredient, and even is said to “promote smarter, more trainable puppies”.

The first ingredient is chicken, but the “no filler” claim is kind of misleading. The second ingredient is chicken by product meal. Not really a filler, but should be noted nonetheless. However, the third and fourth ingredients are corn meal and whole grain sorghum, which aren’t exactly labeled as fillers, but are in essence. We try very hard to keep these guys grain free, so if that’s also a concern for you, I wouldn’t recommend this one. But to be fair, this does have better ingredients than many commercial dog foods.

puppers eating pupper food.jpg

As you can see, the puppies really like this food! If our experience with the food had ended here, I would give it an overall thumbs up, despite the ingredients. But the pups loving this food unfortunately took a really bad turn.

saoirse.jpg (Candid shot of the very photogenic Saoirse!)


Less than 12 hours after eating this food, Saoirse started violently vomiting, and continued to vomit until all the food was totally out of her body. She wasn’t necessarily lethargic, but she was definitely not feeling well.

We thought it was a one off, but after eating the food again, Saoirse and Jefferson both started to vomit. The food was the only thing that had changed in their diet, so we felt relatively confident that it was because of the new food. After we stopped feeding it to them, they were no longer vomiting and clearly felt a lot better.

Maybe our puppies are just very sensitive, but I feel like I need to share that after further research, I saw that over the course of several years many people had reported incidents of their dogs vomiting because of this food, as well as past reports of the brand having been recalled due to contaminated food. Definitely do your research before purchasing this.

I can’t say definitively that it isn’t just our dogs being sensitive to something in this food, but it was definitely enough to urge me to stop feeding it to them. If you do decide to purchase this for your dogs, be sure to keep a close eye on them throughout the day.

Because of the issues I previously addressed, I can’t really recommend this due to my experience with it, but keep in mind that every dog is different, and just because ours reacted this way does not mean yours will. Completely excluding that, the ingredients are decent and it was very appealing to the puppies.

I hate to end a post on a more negative note, but I have to be honest.

That’ll be it for today’s post! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that it’s been informative and helpful to you.

And as always,

thanks for stopping by!



* This post is NOT sponsored. sent this to me for review purposes, all opinions are my own.





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