Growing Up With Chewy: Blue Buffalo Boo Bars (Health Bars)

Welcome back to Growing Up With Chewy!

If you’re new here, this is where we talk about a puppy product, and have a peek at how ours are growing up.

the puppers.jpg

If you can’t tell, these little guys have grown A LOT since last month. Saoirse (on the left) is now weighing in at 27 lbs and Jefferson is a whopping 33 lbs. They’re three months old now, and have more energy than I even thought possible.

These guys worked tirelessly to bring you a review today on the Blue Buffalo Boo Bars. As I’m trying to link this product to Chewy’s website, I can’t find the limited edition packaging, so I’m assuming it’s sold out. However, these are a permanent product, under the Blue Buffalo Health Bars Pumpkin & Cinnamon title instead. So fear not, you can still get your hands on these, they just won’t be Halloween themed.

boo bars.jpg

If you’re familiar with Blue Buffalo, you know that they always put wonderful ingredients in their products, no matter what. I’m never afraid to give my pets anything that comes from BB, as I know it’ll be great quality, and great for them. These were no exception.

boo bars back.jpg (As you can see, these have the same ingredients as the Pumpkin & Cinnamon Health Bars) 

These are on sale for only $4.99 on! Everywhere else, these can go for almost $9.

The key benefits to these treats are: (copied from

  • Oven-baked for a mouth-watering taste of pumpkin & cinnamon, and a crunch that can be heard from across the room. Made with wholesome grains, fruits and veggies
  • Blue Health Bars are jam-packed with omegas and antioxidants for a healthy skin and coat and strong immune system
  • No chicken/poultry by-product meals, just real ingredients
  • No corn, wheat or soy, so it’s great for pups with food allergies
  • No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, just natural dog treats enhanced with added vitamins 

blue buffalo treats.jpg

Since these were the limited edition bars, they came in adorable Halloween shapes. The permanent version is a biscuit shape with a buffalo on it. These were such a fun little way to celebrate Halloween with our puppies, and will be an awesome little snack to hand out to any furry trick-or-treaters.

Now, for what you’re all waiting for, how did Saoirse and Jefferson like them?

saoirse eating the noms.jpg

Does this answer your question? Saoirse gets some serious crazy eyes going when these things come out of the bag. They absolutely LOVE these, and I think it’s something we’ll have to repurchase for them again.

why they so cute tho.jpg (They even dropped their pig ear for these) 

I mean, really. Have you ever seen puppies sit so nicely? The minute I pulled the bag out, their little rumps hit the floor, ready for some delicious snacks.

These have earned a huge thumbs up from me, and from our panel of esteemed judges! Blue Buffalo has yet again impressed me, as well as the pups. These are definitely a fun, affordable treat for your puppies, completely guilt free.

And with that, we end today’s post! I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and be sure to subscribe for email notifications of future posts like this one!

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HWAT.jpg (For a little bonus, the top photo is from last month’s post, and the bottom from today’s. Look how much they’ve grown!)


*This post is not sponsored. These treats were sent to us free of charge by Chewy for honest review. As always, my opinion is 100% my own.

*Some links are affiliates.



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