The Monthly Meow: VitalEssentials Freeze Dried Rabbit Treats

Welcome back to our next installment of The Monthly Meow, Halloween edition! So obviously, I have to share a few throwback photos of some of my favorite Halloween moments with my favorite black cat.

1157387_886175881392675_4661167200575297507_n.jpg (Daechir and I “decided” to go as twins a few years ago. Clearly, I was more into it than she was.)  

This October, we had the opportunity to try out the VitalEssentials VitalCat Freeze Dried Rabbit Treats!


If you’ve been a fan of this little series, you’ll know that my favorite treats to feed Daechir are natural, grain free snacks. And these might be a new favorite.


As you can see, the ingredients are just rabbit meat and organs. I love how the back of the packaging really gives you all the information you would want and need about the product, even detailing the process of how they freeze dry the products.

These retail for $4.49 on, making it the most affordable place to purchase these.

vital cat nibbles.jpg

From an owner’s standpoint, these are the BEST freeze dried treats I’ve ever come across. I’ve had issues with other brand’s being very flaky and falling apart before I even get a chance to give them to Daechir. These are much more solid, and completely keep their shape, while still being easy for cats and kittens to eat. I would even feel comfortable traveling with these, because they’re completely mess free.

I also really appreciate how you can actually see the difference between the meat and the organ meat in the treats. I can’t get over how wonderfully simple these are, and they are exactly what I look for in a treat.



The best thing about these treats? Daechir the Pumpkin Queen totally approves.

I haven’t seen her get this excited over new treats in a really long time. She is incredibly picky,but she really enjoys these.

The texture is crunchy, while still being comfortable to eat, and she LOVES the rabbit flavor. I haven’t really given her much that’s been rabbit flavored, but I think I should start, because she really seems to like it.

This is probably the first time I can say that I really don’t have a single con with this product. It’s user friendly, an Daechir can’t get enough. This is the perfect treat, and if I don’t buy a replacement bag, Daechir might not love me anymore, and who could blame her?

To sum it all up, these are awesome treats. Great quality for a great price point, and I really couldn’t be happier with these. Big thumbs up from me, and I think I need to explore the VitalEssentials line a little more!


Last but not least, tiny photo of Daechir in her hot dog costume from a few years ago. I know, she is really enjoying it. But don’t worry, she was only willing to wear it long enough for a photo anyways.

And with that, we end today’s post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and please sign up for email notifications for future posts to see more like this!

As always,

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