Best In Beauty 2016 – Top 5 Best Products!

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Since 2016 has (finally) come and gone, let’s talk about my top 5 favorite products of this year. Narrowing it down to only 5 products was a huge challenge to me, but that’s how you find what products are truly your favorites, by what pops into your head first.

This is totally inspired by Emilynoel83‘s annual  Emily Awards. If you’ve never watched those, you’re so missing out!

There will be 3 posts in this “Best In Beauty 2016” miniseries; this one, 5 worst products, and top 5 skincare products. I’m only including products that were either new releases in 2016, or products I discovered in 2016. We will count down from #5 all the way to my #1 recommendation, so let’s get started!


#5 – Manic Panic Dreamtone Foundation (Vampire White) 

manic panic.jpg($10)

The only reason this takes the bottom place in my top 5 is because it snuck in at the very end of the year. This is a pure white foundation that I use to lighten foundations that are too dark for me. If you’re very fair skinned like myself, 9 times out of 10 the lightest foundation in a range is not light enough. This product has helped me get so much more use out of my foundations, and I no longer have to limit myself to the brands that do cater to my skintone.

before and after mixer.jpg (Before and after using 1 pump of Dreamtone in the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation in “Porcelain”…don’t mind the cat scratches.)

I don’t find that this alters the formula of my foundations, it only changes the color. If you’re a pale girl, this is an essential product that you need to have in your arsenal.


#4- Too Faced Lip Injections Extreme Gloss 

tf lip injections new.jpg (Full size is $28)

This is not a product I would ever have seen myself loving. I personally think my lips are fine and don’t really feel the need for a plumping gloss. However, I received this in an Ipsy bag and cannot stop using it. I put it on while I’m doing my makeup and it does plump a bit, but it leaves my lips feeling hydrated, and helps reduce the appearance of lines in my lips. If you’re someone who wears a lot of matte liquid lipsticks, you know that any little line in your lips is greatly exaggerated by them.  Putting this product on beforehand just really helps solve the issue of lip products sinking into lines. I have to say, I think after using this continually for several months now, I’m seeing actual permanent results. My lips are just more plump and smoother than they were before.

As for the pain level of this product, I would rate it at a zero. I feel no pain at all, and actually really enjoy the tingling sensation I get from it. If you’ve got very sensitive lips, this may not be for you, but otherwise, I think you’d be fine. If you’re in the market for a product like this, definitely go try this one!


#3- Too Faced Born This Way Concealer.  

born this way

I’ve already done a full, in depth review of this product, so I won’t rattle on about it. To sum it up, this has excellent coverage,is very hydrating, and lasts all day on my under eyes.

btw before and after (Before and after using Born This Way Concealer) 

This does retail for $28, but I absolutely think it’s worth it. If you’ve got very dry or mature skin, I think this would be an excellent concealer for you. My only gripe is that the shade range is seriously lacking. I have the shade “Very Fair” and its not light enough to highlight on me, and come dead of winter it’s a little dark. But I love it nonetheless!

#2 – Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers Mascara.   

super sizer ($8) 

Again, this is another product I have reviewed, so if you want more information about this product, check that out.  This has become my absolute favorite mascara. Nothing gives me more length and volume than this one can.

PicMonkey Collage2

As you can see from this before and after, this mascara is no joke. It stays all day without smudging or flaking, and I honestly can’t say I’ve ever used another mascara that even compares to this one.

And finally, my number one product of 2016.


#1 – Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette.  

mr2 ($42)  

I have raved endlessly about this palette (review here), just like many others have. And that is because this is by far the best palette I own. The quality is phenomenal, every single shade performs just like it looks in the pan, and I find myself wanting to use this and only this every day. Palettes are my weakness when it comes to makeup, and I haven’t even felt the urge to buy a new one since I bought this.

If there was only one product I could recommend to you, it would be this. Go pick it up, you will NOT regret it.

And those are my top 5  best products of 2016. I cannot wait to see what kind of releases 2017 will hold for us!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for my 5 WORST products coming next!

Happy New Year, and thanks for stopping by!



*This post is NOT sponsored, some links are affiliates.



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