Best In Beauty 2016 – Top 5 Best Skincare!

Welcome back to the final installment of my Best In  Beauty 2016 miniseries. We’ve already done top 5 best makeup products,5 worst makeup products, and today will be my top 5 skincare products. as I’ve mentioned in the previous two posts, I am limiting myself to either new releases of 2016, or products I’ve discovered in 2016, so let’s dive right in to number five.

#5 – Little Pea Soaps Tunnel Vision Coffee Body Frosting.  

Tunnel Vision.jpg ($12) 

This is a really unique body moisturizer. It actually has the texture of cake frosting, which I think is really cool. The scented version smells like maple bar donuts, and this makes my skin feel absolutely amazing.  It’s so incredibly hydrating without being greasy at all. If you can’t tell by my blog name, I live in Montana. And it’s cold out here. Like super cold. It was -26 F when I took this photo, not including wind chill.


Point being, my skin is already naturally very dry, and the unending winter doesn’t exactly help the situation. This has really helped my skin stay nice and smooth during the winter, and I highly recommend it to any and everyone. The only reason it’s in my number 5 spot is because I didn’t buy it until December, but it’s a winner nonetheless.

Funny story with this, turns out it’s edible. Our dogs ate a sample of it and I messaged the Little Pea Soaps owner somewhat frantically to make sure we weren’t going to have to induce vomiting or anything for the dogs, and she informed me that she actually makes her products edible because her child and pets have both gotten into them before. Can’t blame them, if I didn’t know better I would eat them too. They look delicious.

#4- Tarte Maracuja Oil  

maracuja oil.jpg

(Sample size is $15, full size $48)

If you’ve been here for any length of time, you know that I have very dry skin, so I live for face oils. This one is very expensive, but really makes a big difference with the hydration and texture of my skin. I am die hard for my jojoba oil, but this just does something more for my skin that that can’t. If you want a splurge-y skincare product, try this out. I am so dreading when I run out of my current sample because I know I’m going to have to buy more.

#3- L’Oreal Detox & Brighten Charcoal Pure Clay Mask.  

charcoal collage ($12.99) 

When I initially did my review of these, this one was by far my favorite, and that hasn’t changed. This mask really helps draw impurities from my skin and leave me with smoother, healthier looking skin. Totally worth the $13!

#2- Replenish Soap Co. Lip Balms.

20160718_012956 ($3) 

These are by far my favorite lip balms I’ve ever used. I’ve gone through 3 tubes since March, and I’m working on my fourth.

They are super hydrating, and really save my lips from the dry weather in Montana. If you’re a lip balm junkie myself, you NEED to try these. Peppermint is my favorite!

And finally, my #1 skincare product is probably something you’ve all seen coming if you’ve been a reader for awhile.

#1 – Little Pea Soaps Breast Milk Rose Clay Charcoal Facial Soap.  

breast milk soap ($10) 

I’ve talked about this ad nauseum, and that’s because it’s truly the best skincare product I have ever encountered. If you’re interested in learning about the very different ingredients in this product, read THIS review.

To sum it up, this does for my skin what no other product can. It hydrates, softens, gets rid of texture, it’s basically magic. When I stop using this, I can see a huge difference in the overall integrity of my skin. If you have dry or mature or if you have skin at all, you need this. It’s currently out of stock, but I’m hoping it’ll be back soon!

And with that, we end today’s post and this miniseries. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my favorite (and least favorite) products of this year. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for the beauty world.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post, and if you’ve liked it, be sure to subscribe to make sure you never miss a post.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy 2017!



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