Coastal Scents Hot Pots – Review + Swatches!

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Welcome back, or if it’s your first time here, welcome to Makeup In Montana!

Today we’ll be talking about some of the most affordable eyeshadows I’ve ever come across, the Coastal Scents Hot Pots*.

hot ptos.jpg

If you’re not familiar, hot pots are Coastal Scents single eyeshadows. These are magnetic and fit into Coastal Scents’ empty palettes or your standard Z Palette. There are over 300 shades to choose from, so making an order can be incredibly overwhelming. I have 40 shades to share with you today, and hopefully this can give you a little guidance on your next Coastal Scents order.

First things first, pricing. These retail for $1.99 on an every day basis. However, a few times a year these are on sale for only $0.99 each! They’re a great price either way, but saving a dollar a shadow can go a long way. If you want updates on when these are $.99, follow my Instagram, that’s where I’ll post about it.

For my order, I bought a 28 pan empty palette*, a 12 pan empty palette*, and 40 different hot pot shades.

Here’s an overview of all of my hot pots, with names.

28 Pan Palettepicmonkey-collage-28-pan-all-named

12 Pan Palette

cs 12 pan pallete named.jpg

As you can see, I have very specific color preferences, apparently. Now, let’s check out the swatches and talk about each of these shadows.

As always, these are swatched on bare skin with no primer with my finger, starting with my 28 pan palette.

coastal scents 28 swatches FINAL.jpg

The two shades out of this group that really disappointed me were Wild Raisin and Deep Cider. There’s barely any pigmentation and they’re just really lackluster. However, I’m happy to report and every other shade is really impressive. They’re very pigmented, they blend effortlessly and look absolutely stunning on the eyes.

cs berry eye.jpg (For this look I used Pumpkin Pie, Paprika, Pomegranate Red, Maroon Berry, and Peachy Copper.)

green eye 2.jpg (Oktoberfest, Oatmeal Tan, and Pumpkin Pie in the crease only, lid shade is Loreal Infallible in Golden Emerald) 

15941021_1446702405340017_1687330483769951446_n.jpg (Used Pumpkin Pie, Paprika, Maroon Berry, Raisin Berry, Chocolate Cherry) 

Moving on to my 12 pan palette.

coastal scents 12 palette swatches FINAL.jpg

All of these shades perform beautifully on the eyes with the exception of Opal Black. It is much like Wild Raisin and Deep Cider, not pigmented and dry. Deep Viridian swatches badly, but applies beautifully to the eyes.

olive-gold-eye-j (Hoppin’ Jalapeno, Olivewood, New Penny) [photo taken with the old camera, sorry about the lesser quality!] 

Overall, I absolutely adore these shadows. There is an endless amount of shades to choose from, and the vast majority of them are fantastic quality. I recommend these over and over to everyone!

And with that, we end today’s post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if you have, be sure to subscribe to see future posts!

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