The Monthly Meow : VetriScience Perio Plus Feline Bites

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Welcome back to our latest installment of The Monthly Meow! February marks a full year of doing this series, so thank you so much to and those of you who enjoy these posts for supporting it! It’s been a wonderful year, and I’m looking forward to the next.


This month, my favorite black cat, Daechir, is bringing you a review on the VetriScience Perio Plus Feline Dental Bites*. 

vetriscience bag 1.jpg

These come in a  4.23oz  (60 pcs) size and retail for $4.79 on


vetriscience bag 2.jpg

A look at the ingredients above, and a the benefits of this product. (Copied from

  • Support dental health in between cleanings with a dual action delivery system
  • Outer layer contains natural ingredients such as Yucca Schidigera Extract, Champignon Mushroom Extract, Cinnamon, Spirulina and Parsley work together to freshen breathe and cleanse the mouth
  • Inner core contains minerals such as Zinc and Taurine to support gum health
  • High palatability that even the most finicky felines will love these chews
  • Helps reduce the buildup of bacteria 

As you can see, these have super high quality ingredients and come in at a low price tag, which is totally up my alley.


The little flower shape is super cute, and they’re not too hard, so they’d be good for mature cats or cats with dental issues.

However, Daechir just really isn’t a fan of these. She’ll lick them until they’re soggy and gross, but won’t actually eat them. The only way I can get her to eat them is by putting them into her food, which totally works for me. If I can get her to eat a healthy treat that is this good for her, I’ll do it any way I can. It isn’t necessarily inconvenient.

So to sum it up, I think these are great treats. Vet quality at an affordable price, doesn’t get much better than that. Even though Daechir wouldn’t eat them outright, she’ll eat them in her food so I give one to her every meal.

However, Daechir does prefer the Prime Taste Dental Treats* (specifically the Super Salmon flavor), also available at

prime treats.jpg

These are $2, and they’re tooth-shaped, which is cute, and something about the shape actually forces her to chew them instead of just inhaling them.


They work really well, and keep her breath not smelling exactly like Friskies, which is a huge plus when she’s breathing in my face at 2 in the morning. (I did purchase these myself, in case you were wondering. I blog with Chewy, but I’m also a loyal customer!)

Either way, if the VetriScience treats seem like something your furry friend would enjoy, I do recommend them. If you’ve got a super picky cat like I do, slip one in their food at meal time or go with the Prime Taste treats, since they seem a little more appealing to finicky cats.

And that’ll do it for today’s post! I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if you have please be sure to stop by next month for the next Monthly Meow post!

As always,

thanks for stopping by!




*This post is NOT sponsored. I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review via


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