Tarte Shape Tape Concealer – Worth The Hype?

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Today is a long awaited post, we’ll be talking all about the very hyped up Tarte Shape Tape Concealer*.


This concealer has absolutely taken the makeup world by storm. Every influencer and beauty guru is talking about and using this product. So naturally, I bought it. And I’m here to tell you if it’s really worth all the hype it’s getting.

This concealer has some huge claims. It claims to be hydrating, longwearing, full coverage (also lists natural and radiant coverage…) works for all skin types and softens the look of fine lines and pores. So basically, this is supposed to be God’s gift to makeup wearers.

Shape Tape retails for $24, which is $4 cheaper than my favorite Too Faced Born This Way concealer. However, this has .33 oz of product, which is .10 oz more than the Too Faced concealer. Shade selection is not terrible with 14 shades, and my shade is “Fair.”

Now, with all of the details out of the way, let’s talk about the concealer.

The applicator is a massive doe foot.


I honestly don’t really get the appeal of such a large applicator, since it ends up depositing too much product at once and I have to scrape it off anyways. Very unnecessary in my opinion.

For some reason, I thought this would be a thinner formula, but no, it’s very, very thick. By far the thickest concealer I own.

Now, how does it perform on the skin?

tst before and after.jpg (I know, my brow hairs are crazy long. But I’m way too afraid to trim them) 

I don’t have absolutely terrible dark circles, but I do have some significant veining through my eyelids and as you can see, this does have pretty good coverage. Not incredible, but good. Keep in mind I am under studio lights so it can be a bit difficult to see those darker tones in my under eye, but I upped the contrast in editing so hopefully it’s visible enough. A plus though, the color matches my skin perfectly.

The biggest thing to note with this concealer is that a little goes a long way. If you over apply this, you will have some really unattractive texture on your under eyes. Less is definitely more. I find that the best method of application is a damp sponge. A brush makes it look way too heavy, and blending it out with your ring finger doesn’t look great either.  It does have decent coverage, but full coverage isn’t possible for me with this product because of how heavy it is.

I have much better luck using this under my foundation as opposed to on top like I would typically do. You really have to have a light hand with this and blend it out well or it looks very heavy and dry, though it does have good staying power and doesn’t fade throughout the day.

With that being said, I’m really not crazy about this concealer. It isn’t terrible, but it does crease and settle into lines even when set (I’m only 20, so fine lines aren’t a big issue for me), and it’s difficult to keep it from looking cakey. At least if you’ve got a skin type that’s dry like mine.

My suggestion is if you’ve got dry or more mature skin, spend the extra $4 and pick up the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer. It doesn’t cling to dry skin and looks naturally beautiful. Maybe if your skin is more oily, the Shape Tape would work better for you.

To answer the question, is it worth the hype? My answer is no. I don’t see great coverage with it, it’s cakey, and just doesn’t look great on my skin. I hate to say it, but I have to give this one a hard pass.

I hate ending on such a negative note, but I gotta keep it real.

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*This post is NOT sponsored, I purchased this myself.


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