American Journey Puppy Food : New Exclusive Brand – First Impression

Welcome back to a very special edition of Growing Up With Chewy! Today, things will be a little different. We were given the opportunity to try a new food exclusive to, American Journey.

Today’s post will be a little about the product and our first impressions on the food.

First things first, there are 7 varieties and flavors to choose from, ranging from large breed to puppy, and 12-24 lb bag options. As for pricing, they range from $24.99-$39.99 and there is a special promotion to get 50% off of your first bag right now.



We were sent the Sweet Potato & Lamb Puppy Food (24 lbs) to try and we already have a lot of thoughts on it.


First off, I like the size of the kibble itself. The pieces are small, but large enough that the puppies won’t choke on it while they inhale their food. (these guys are around 80-85 lbs as of right now).


The quality of the ingredients is really phenomenal in this blend, which I would expect for a food of this price point, with real meat as the first, second and third ingredients!


Upon first impression, these guys absolutely LOVE the food. We typically feed them Taste Of The Wild because of the good quality ingredients, but they really seem interested in this. Even before the bag was open they were sniffing it and we were actually a little concerned that they would tear the bag open before we even fed it to them.


The minute this hit their bowls, they went totally nuts for it and gobbled it up immediately. We all agreed that we have NEVER seen them get this excited over a food yet.

jeffy eating food.jpg (Even Daechir was interested!)

So for our first impression, this seems like a HUGE win. I cannot wait to see how they end up liking it through the rest of the month!

Thank you to for giving us this amazing opportunity, we appreciate and love you! Stay tuned for follow up and final thoughts posts coming soon!



*This post is NOT sponsored. Product was sent via for honest review.


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