American Journey Puppy Food : New Exclusive Brand – Follow Up

Welcome back to Makeup In Montana!

If you missed my first impression and explanation of this new product and the miniseries I’m going on it, please check it out here! 

Today, we’ll be doing a quick follow up on the new exclusive brand, American Journey. If you’ve read my first impression, you’ll know that Jefferson and Saoirse both really enjoyed this food. Enjoyed is probably an understatement, they absolutely adored it!

smiley pupper Few things in life are better than a puppy smile!

The puppies have steadily eaten this food for about a week, and there have been some definite differences to note.

First and foremost, they’re always really excited to eat this food, and they have yet to become complacent about it. Every time the food hits the bowl there are two very happy, smiling puppies around.

They’ve both seemed very energetic, and this food has 2% more crude protein than their food they usually eat, so I’m guessing that the extra protein boost has been giving them a little more energy to work with.  As for digestive changes, nothing to report there.

The biggest change I’ve seen since the puppies have started eating this food is their coats. Both Jefferson and Saoirse have relatively coarse fur with a bit of wave to them. This food has made their coats so incredibly smooth and shiny! I can barely believe how much a difference has been made in a week.

shiny af.jpg

If you compare past photos of the dogs in previous posts, you would notice that they weren’t nearly as shiny as this! Even in the photo I posted above, you can see that was taken in the house with no direct sunlight and no flash and they’re still so shiny!

So far, we’re incredibly happy with this food and can’t  wait to share my final thoughts with you soon!

Thank you to and American Journey for this opportunity!



*This post is NOT sponsored. Product was sent to me for honest review via No affiliate links used.



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