The Monthly Meow : Taste Of The Wild Rocky Mountain Canned Cat Food

Welcome back!

Today’s post is a personal monthly favorite of mine, The Monthly Meow, where we review a feline product sent to us by!

Before we get into things, let’s take a peek at today’s talent.

lazy cat.jpg (There is no smoothing filter or anything on her, she’s just so shiny she’s reflects the light like crazy!) 

You can see her here in her natural habitat, curled up in a pile of blankets. Something tells me she wasn’t appreciating the impromptu photo shoot.

This month we had the opportunity to try out the Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Canned Food.

taste of the wild

This is available in two options; 3 oz cans in a case of 24 ($17), and 5 oz cans in a case of 24 ($31) on

The key benefits of this food are as follows;

  • Grain-free diet with real salmon, chicken liver and roasted venison
  • Supplemented with vegetables and fruits, this formula delivers antioxidants to help give your furry friend a healthy lifestyle
  • A great-tasting complement to the Rocky Mountain Feline dry formula, or a stand-alone diet for your special cat
  • Perfect combination of animal proteins will provide your cat with ideal protein nutrition for a lean body and optimal amino acid nutrition
  • Lowers carbohydrate intake and increases water intake, both important features in feline nutrition

I’m relatively familiar with Taste Of The Wild, as it’s what we were feeding the puppies before we decided to make the switch to American Journey. The brand is typically known for having very high quality grain free food.

cat food ingredients.jpg

As you can see, there’s a really interesting array of ingredients. However, the highest concentration of ingredients are all meat and meat products which I greatly appreciate.


This food isn’t a solid pate as you may think, but actual chunks of meat suspended in a thick broth.

As for the price, this is on par with other foods of this quality.

If you’ve been here for any length of time you’d know Daechir has become exceptionally picky when it comes to food, and I think I figured out why. After doing a little research a lot of people have noticed their cats having addictive responses to Friskies, so as a result of that, Daechir wasn’t super interested in this which I found strange, since something like this is usually right up her alley. Because of that, I take no points away from this food for that and I will be working to wean Daechir off of Friskies. If anyone has any helpful tips on doing so, please let me know!

Check back to my blog in a few weeks, because I’m going to have a kitty guest star try this out and give you his thoughts on this food, along with other things Daechir hasn’t particularly enjoyed in the past.

When it comes to quality and price, this food gets a HUGE thumbs up from me! I’m really a fan of the Taste of the Wild brand. If you have been looking for a good grain free food for your furry friend, this definitely has my seal of approval!

That’ll do it for today’s post, thank you for reading and thank you to for sending this to us!



*Post is NOT sponsored. Product was sent via for honest review. No affiliate links used.


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