Growing Up With Chewy : Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Wet Dog Food

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Welcome back!

Today is the Easter edition of Growing Up With Chewy!

puppy easter

Our puppies clearly had a great Easter this year! A basket with some Nutro dog food and hard boiled eggs, doesn’t get much better for these guys.

We also had an egg hunt for them! We peeled their hard boiled eggs and hid them in the backyard for them to find.

egg hunt 3.jpgEgg hunt 4.jpg

Saoirse is clearly an egg hunting machine, she found both of them within a few minutes. Jefferson waited for her to find them so he could eat them.

In their basket (and for our review this months) we have the Nutro Limited Ingredient Wet Dog Food *(lamb & potato flavor).

pupper easter basket.jpgpuppy basket feat snirshy.jpg

As you can tell, Saoirse is really excited about their basket!

Now, into the food.

nutro can 2.jpg

This retails on for $26 for a case of 12 in a 12.5 oz size. This price is very comparable to other brands in this category of grain free wet good.

The key benefits are as follows (copied from

  • Number-one ingredient is great-tasting, real pasture fed lamb which delivers amino acids to build muscle and maintain a healthy metabolism. Give your dog all that she needs to thrive and stay healthy.
  • This product is made without grains, corn gluten meal, wheat or soy protein. Because of this there is a less chance of aggravating food sensitivities and allergies.
  • Formulated with optimal levels of omega-6 fatty acid (linoleic acid) and zinc to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Help keep your pet keep looking great and robust.
  • Made with absolutely no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. This is a high quality product that is produced in the manufacturer’s own facilities to ensure safety and quality.
  • Nutro’s dedicated team of experts tailor their formulas to your pet’s life stage and health condition. They only use natural ingredients that they directly buy and can trace back to their suppliers. 

Right off the bat, this hits every one of my requests. We only purchase grain free food with real ingredients, and no artificial colors or flavors.

The ingredients (copied from

nutro.png There’s nothing in these ingredients that make me raise an eyebrow or anything that concerns me, so I really like that aspect of this food.

As for the puppies, they really love this! When we give them wet food, it’s typically the Taste Of The Wild brand, but I think they like this more.

nutro can1.jpg

I’ve noticed their coats being very shiny, and they get VERY excited every time we crack one of these cans open.

There are feeding instructions on the back of the cans, but for our dogs, we typically just put a heaping spoonful on top of their dry food. Jefferson is around 85 lbs, and Saoirse at around 70, so it would take several cans to feed them this exclusively. If you have a smaller dog (or a larger budget), this could absolutely be their only food.

To wrap up my thoughts, I’m very impressed by the quality, and I think the price point is more than fair for the quality of the ingredients. Our puppies really love this, and I think yours will too!

Thank you to for sending this to me for review, and thank you for reading today’s post! I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if you have, please be sure to come back next month for a new Growing Up With Chewy post!

As always,

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*This post is NOT sponsored. Product was sent to me via for honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.



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