Growing Up With Chewy : Dogs For Dummies!

Welcome back!

Before we get started on today’s review, I have a little announcement about this series. I’m very grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to do this series with the puppies, but unfortunately, this will be the last installment of this series. There is nothing wrong with the puppies, but they are my boyfriend’s parent’s dogs and we just moved away from them. We still see them all the time, but just won’t be doing these posts anymore.


As of June, the puppies turned a year old! It’s hard to believe they’re this old now, but they’ve grown up quite a bit and have really become amazing dogs.


For this post, I wanted to try a different kind of product for the dogs, so we ended up getting the Dogs For Dummies book from!

dogs for dummies.jpg

This retails for $19.28, and was written by Gina Spadafori, along with the help of some pet experts.

Here’s a quick overview of the contents.

dogs for dummies contents.jpg

As you can see, this really covers everything you may need to know about your dog, from grooming to breeding, and everything in between.  If you’re a first time dog owner, I HIGHLY recommend picking up this book, especially for the sections about training.  I personally learned a lot from this book, and it’s written in a very user-friendly way, everyone could learn something from this!

My favorite chapters were the Tens, specifically Ten Dog Myths – Debunked (chapter 19).

Ultimately, there’s not much more I can say about this book without just reciting the entire thing. But, this is absolutely a wonderful book I recommend to every dog owner, novice or not. I promise you that you will learn something from it.

And that’ll be that for today’s post. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this series, and if you want more pet posts, I will be continuing The Monthly Meow!



**This post is NOT sponsored. Product was sent via for an honest review. No affiliate links used.


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