The Monthly Meow: Halo Holistic Wild Whitefish & Salmon Dry Cat Food

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Welcome back to the Monthly Meow!

Yes, it’s been awhile, but a whole lot has happened in my life in the past few months, including traveling for my best friend’s wedding, dealing with some health problems, and my roommate getting a new puppy!

But today, we’re here to talk about my forever favorite furry creature in my life, Daechir.


As you can see, she’s clearly a big fan of the new puppy, Brutus, as she gives him the side eye.

Brutus.jpg (My roommate’s new puppy, Brutus! Hes a 10 week old chocolate lab/Australian shepherd mix.) 

As you know, this series is made possible by! Easily my favorite place on earth to get all of my pet supplies. A big thank you to them for sending us the Halo Holistic Wild Salmon and Whitefish* dry cat food!


(Formally known as Spot’s Stew) 


This dry food formulation is packed with whole  wild caught meat, non-gmo sweet potatoes, blueberries, cranberries, and more, as well as completely avoiding any other artificial junk our cat food doesn’t need. Featuring the ‘Dream-Coat’ supplement to promote healthy skin and a silky coat! Available in 3 lb, 6 lb, and 11.5 lb bags, and ranges in price from $16.57-$36.02 on

If you’ve been a reader of this series, you’re aware that Daechir is incredibly picky with foods and will almost rarely even give something a try. As we can clearly see in the photo below, she loves this! As does my roommate’s cat, so it’s a crowd-pleaser all around.

daechir eating.jpg

This has a very strong fishy scent that is irresistible to cats, but rather pungent to the rest of us, so bear that in mind.

However, I think this is a wonderful food packed with natural, healthy nutrients that are essential for your feline friend at a very reasonable price point. Two paws up from us!


And with that, we’ll end today’s post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and be sure to subscribe to receive email notifications of future posts!

Again, big thanks to!