Growing Up With Chewy : Dogs For Dummies!

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Before we get started on today’s review, I have a little announcement about this series. I’m very grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to do this series with the puppies, but unfortunately, this will be the last installment of this series. There is nothing wrong with the puppies, but they are my boyfriend’s parent’s dogs and we just moved away from them. We still see them all the time, but just won’t be doing these posts anymore.


As of June, the puppies turned a year old! It’s hard to believe they’re this old now, but they’ve grown up quite a bit and have really become amazing dogs.


For this post, I wanted to try a different kind of product for the dogs, so we ended up getting the Dogs For Dummies book from!

dogs for dummies.jpg

This retails for $19.28, and was written by Gina Spadafori, along with the help of some pet experts.

Here’s a quick overview of the contents.

dogs for dummies contents.jpg

As you can see, this really covers everything you may need to know about your dog, from grooming to breeding, and everything in between.  If you’re a first time dog owner, I HIGHLY recommend picking up this book, especially for the sections about training.  I personally learned a lot from this book, and it’s written in a very user-friendly way, everyone could learn something from this!

My favorite chapters were the Tens, specifically Ten Dog Myths – Debunked (chapter 19).

Ultimately, there’s not much more I can say about this book without just reciting the entire thing. But, this is absolutely a wonderful book I recommend to every dog owner, novice or not. I promise you that you will learn something from it.

And that’ll be that for today’s post. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this series, and if you want more pet posts, I will be continuing The Monthly Meow!



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Growing Up With Chewy : Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Wet Dog Food

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Welcome back!

Today is the Easter edition of Growing Up With Chewy!

puppy easter

Our puppies clearly had a great Easter this year! A basket with some Nutro dog food and hard boiled eggs, doesn’t get much better for these guys.

We also had an egg hunt for them! We peeled their hard boiled eggs and hid them in the backyard for them to find.

egg hunt 3.jpgEgg hunt 4.jpg

Saoirse is clearly an egg hunting machine, she found both of them within a few minutes. Jefferson waited for her to find them so he could eat them.

In their basket (and for our review this months) we have the Nutro Limited Ingredient Wet Dog Food *(lamb & potato flavor).

pupper easter basket.jpgpuppy basket feat snirshy.jpg

As you can tell, Saoirse is really excited about their basket!

Now, into the food.

nutro can 2.jpg

This retails on for $26 for a case of 12 in a 12.5 oz size. This price is very comparable to other brands in this category of grain free wet good.

The key benefits are as follows (copied from

  • Number-one ingredient is great-tasting, real pasture fed lamb which delivers amino acids to build muscle and maintain a healthy metabolism. Give your dog all that she needs to thrive and stay healthy.
  • This product is made without grains, corn gluten meal, wheat or soy protein. Because of this there is a less chance of aggravating food sensitivities and allergies.
  • Formulated with optimal levels of omega-6 fatty acid (linoleic acid) and zinc to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Help keep your pet keep looking great and robust.
  • Made with absolutely no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. This is a high quality product that is produced in the manufacturer’s own facilities to ensure safety and quality.
  • Nutro’s dedicated team of experts tailor their formulas to your pet’s life stage and health condition. They only use natural ingredients that they directly buy and can trace back to their suppliers. 

Right off the bat, this hits every one of my requests. We only purchase grain free food with real ingredients, and no artificial colors or flavors.

The ingredients (copied from

nutro.png There’s nothing in these ingredients that make me raise an eyebrow or anything that concerns me, so I really like that aspect of this food.

As for the puppies, they really love this! When we give them wet food, it’s typically the Taste Of The Wild brand, but I think they like this more.

nutro can1.jpg

I’ve noticed their coats being very shiny, and they get VERY excited every time we crack one of these cans open.

There are feeding instructions on the back of the cans, but for our dogs, we typically just put a heaping spoonful on top of their dry food. Jefferson is around 85 lbs, and Saoirse at around 70, so it would take several cans to feed them this exclusively. If you have a smaller dog (or a larger budget), this could absolutely be their only food.

To wrap up my thoughts, I’m very impressed by the quality, and I think the price point is more than fair for the quality of the ingredients. Our puppies really love this, and I think yours will too!

Thank you to for sending this to me for review, and thank you for reading today’s post! I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if you have, please be sure to come back next month for a new Growing Up With Chewy post!

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thanks for stopping by!



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Growing Up With Chewy: Hill’s Science Diet Jerky Snacks

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Welcome back!

Today will be another installment of Growing Up With Chewy, where we check in on how Saoirse and Jefferson are growing and talk about a product specifically for our canine friends.

First things first, let’s take a look at the puppies.

smiley pupper

They’re officially 9 months old now, and Jefferson is weighing in at 80 lbs, while Saoirse has remained a pretty steady weight for some time now. I don’t think Saoirse is really going to get much larger, but that’s okay. Jefferson certainly makes up for what she may lack in size.


As for our product this month, we’ll be talking about the Hill’s Science Diet Jerky Snacks*.

Jerky snacks These retail for $3.99 for a 7.1 oz bag on  

The key benefits are listed as:

  • Real beef is the #1 ingredient, all natural formula
  • Naturally preserved with no corn, artificial colors or flavors
  • Helps build and maintain lean muscle
  • Delicious, natural treats made from only the best ingredients
  • Great taste & great nutrition in perfect harmony  

Right away, this treat appeals to me from an owner’s standpoint on two levels. All natural ingredients, and only $3.99 for a 7 oz bag. Seriously affordable for a quality treat.

jerky treats

These are a really convenient treat size, especially if you want to take a few with you on a walk or something like that, very portable.

As for the puppies’ thoughts, they really enjoyed these. Possibly more so than other treats we’ve tried recently.


This was Saoirse’s face when I was photographing the treats, and yes, there was drool involved.

Overall, these are a total hit. Highly affordable price point, great ingredients, and the dogs really enjoyed them. If you have picky snackers, these seem to be very appetizing so they could definitely work for them.

And that’s it for today’s post. Keeping it short and sweet. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the puppies grow up with us, and thank you to for the opportunity!



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American Journey Puppy Food: New Exclusive Brand – Final Thoughts

Welcome back!

Today is the final part of my little miniseries about the new exclusive brand, American Journey.  If you missed parts one and two, they’ll be linked HERE and HERE.

To catch you up to speed, the puppies and I had the awesome opportunity to try this new food, and the puppies really loved it!

jeffy eating food (Daechir was also interested, apparently) 

I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet, but to sum it all up, we are totally over the moon about this food! Once we ran out of the bag we were sent, the puppies really had less of an interest in the food they had previously been eating. Even now, they’re not even remotely as excited come meal time as they were when they were eating this.

In my follow up post I noted that the puppies’ coats had become incredibly shiny, and after the American Journey food had run out, their shininess has actually diminished since not eating it.

The price point for this food is on par with what we typically purchase for them, and we’ve decided to start purchasing the American Journey food instead. The puppies loved it, we loved the ingredients, and we saw positive changes in them after eating it. It hits all of our parameters for what we want out of their food, and it’s by far the best food we’ve tried for them!

All in all, this is a fantastic food and I really highly recommend it to any and everyone!


Thank you to and American Journey for giving us a chance to try this awesome food out, and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this!



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American Journey Puppy Food : New Exclusive Brand – Follow Up

Welcome back to Makeup In Montana!

If you missed my first impression and explanation of this new product and the miniseries I’m going on it, please check it out here! 

Today, we’ll be doing a quick follow up on the new exclusive brand, American Journey. If you’ve read my first impression, you’ll know that Jefferson and Saoirse both really enjoyed this food. Enjoyed is probably an understatement, they absolutely adored it!

smiley pupper Few things in life are better than a puppy smile!

The puppies have steadily eaten this food for about a week, and there have been some definite differences to note.

First and foremost, they’re always really excited to eat this food, and they have yet to become complacent about it. Every time the food hits the bowl there are two very happy, smiling puppies around.

They’ve both seemed very energetic, and this food has 2% more crude protein than their food they usually eat, so I’m guessing that the extra protein boost has been giving them a little more energy to work with.  As for digestive changes, nothing to report there.

The biggest change I’ve seen since the puppies have started eating this food is their coats. Both Jefferson and Saoirse have relatively coarse fur with a bit of wave to them. This food has made their coats so incredibly smooth and shiny! I can barely believe how much a difference has been made in a week.

shiny af.jpg

If you compare past photos of the dogs in previous posts, you would notice that they weren’t nearly as shiny as this! Even in the photo I posted above, you can see that was taken in the house with no direct sunlight and no flash and they’re still so shiny!

So far, we’re incredibly happy with this food and can’t  wait to share my final thoughts with you soon!

Thank you to and American Journey for this opportunity!



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Natural Dog Treats – St. Patrick’s Day Inspired!

Welcome back, or if it’s your first time, welcome to Makeup In Montana!

Taking a detour from our regularly scheduled programming to share a fun St. Patty’s Day recipe for your pups! This is an all natural, organic recipe, so it’s perfect for every doggy (unless they have specific dietary restrictions). Only takes a few ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, so let’s get started! I originally found this recipe on, but did add a few extras.

For ingredients, you’ll need 1 cup of oat flour. I didn’t have any so I put oats in a food processor until they were very finely milled. Along with that, you’ll need 1 banana, 3 tablespoons of peanut butter (I prefer Adam’s Natural crunchy variety, since it doesn’t have any gross chemicals that could hurt your furry friend. 2/3 cup of rolled oats, 1 beaten egg, 1/2 cup of dried parsley, and I decided to up the green-ness of these by pureeing about 5 TBSP of spinach. added a little water to aid in the puree. (Full recipe will be at end of post.)

First things first, peel your banana, throw it into your mixing bowl, and mash it with a fork or potato masher. Preheat your oven to 300 degrees.

mash the banana.jpg

Once it’s thoroughly mashed, add your oats, oat flour, and parsley and give it a mix.

oats, oat flour, and parsley.jpg (Parsley adds to the green color, as well as freshening your pup’s breath!) 

Lastly, throw in your spinach (I ended up using about 3 or 4 tablespoons), the beaten egg, and peanut butter. Mix together until it’s a cookie dough consistency.


If the dough ends up a little sticky, just add a little more oat flour. A little sticky is totally okay though.

Once the dough is to your liking, use a tablespoon measure and ball up the dough, place on your cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

balled up.jpg (Another plus to using the Adam’s peanut butter, real peanuts in it!) 

You can leave them in this form of you so desire, but we just smushed these with the heels of our palms.


Once you’re done, put these in the oven for 20 minutes starting, then rotate them and put them in for another 10, and rotate again for another 10. Once they’re done baking, leave them to cool.

When they’re done they’ll be slightly browned and crunchy, but not super crunchy. Mature dogs or dogs with dental issues could still eat these! Just do a little less time in the oven for a softer treat.


These are sure to be a crowd pleaser, and a fun way to incorporate a little ‘green’, without any unnecessary food dyes for St. Patty’s day into your dog’s diet!

Store them in an airtight container or freeze them for later. Just be sure to defrost them before feeding them to your dog.

smiley pupper.jpg

As you can see, Saoirse is very enthusiastic about these, and they love them!

And that’s it for this recipe! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and your furry friends!





-1 Banana, peeled

-1 cup oat flour 

-2/3 cup rolled oats 

-1/2 cup dried parsley 

-3 tbsp peanut butter 

-1 beaten egg 

-Few tbsp of frozen spinach, pureed. Use your discretion. 


Preheat oven to 300. Put banana in large mixing bowl and mash. Once thoroughly mashed, add oat flour, oats, parsley, peanut butter, egg and spinach and mix into a cookie dough consistency. 

Roll 1 tbsp of dough in your hand and put on baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Use heel of your hand to press down. Don’t get them too thin or they’ll burn easily. Bake until golden brown on the bottom and firm. Approximately 40-45 minutes total. Rotate every 10 minutes. Let cool completely once done. 


American Journey Puppy Food : New Exclusive Brand – First Impression

Welcome back to a very special edition of Growing Up With Chewy! Today, things will be a little different. We were given the opportunity to try a new food exclusive to, American Journey.

Today’s post will be a little about the product and our first impressions on the food.

First things first, there are 7 varieties and flavors to choose from, ranging from large breed to puppy, and 12-24 lb bag options. As for pricing, they range from $24.99-$39.99 and there is a special promotion to get 50% off of your first bag right now.



We were sent the Sweet Potato & Lamb Puppy Food (24 lbs) to try and we already have a lot of thoughts on it.


First off, I like the size of the kibble itself. The pieces are small, but large enough that the puppies won’t choke on it while they inhale their food. (these guys are around 80-85 lbs as of right now).


The quality of the ingredients is really phenomenal in this blend, which I would expect for a food of this price point, with real meat as the first, second and third ingredients!


Upon first impression, these guys absolutely LOVE the food. We typically feed them Taste Of The Wild because of the good quality ingredients, but they really seem interested in this. Even before the bag was open they were sniffing it and we were actually a little concerned that they would tear the bag open before we even fed it to them.


The minute this hit their bowls, they went totally nuts for it and gobbled it up immediately. We all agreed that we have NEVER seen them get this excited over a food yet.

jeffy eating food.jpg (Even Daechir was interested!)

So for our first impression, this seems like a HUGE win. I cannot wait to see how they end up liking it through the rest of the month!

Thank you to for giving us this amazing opportunity, we appreciate and love you! Stay tuned for follow up and final thoughts posts coming soon!



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Growing Up With Chewy: Kong Wobbler Dog Toy

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Welcome back!

Today is another Growing Up With Chewy post! I hope you’ve enjoyed watching our puppies grow as much as we have, so let’s take a look at them now.

lil fat babies.jpg

As you can see, Jefferson (left) especially looks even bigger than he did last month, and he’s weighing in at 75 lbs. Saoirse looks about the same, coming in at 53 lbs. She’s definitely the petite one between the two of them.

This month we had the opportunity to review the Kong Wobbler Toy*.


These come in both small and large sizes (we clearly have the large size) and retail for $15 on (small is $13).

This is a lot like the Friskies Pull And Play toy we reviewed in the Monthly Meow last summer, where you have the hard plastic toy and you fill it with treats and the dogs are supposed to knock the toy around to get the treats out. The bottom part of the toy is filled with sand so it never fully falls over, just wobbles. Think Weebles.

kong wobbler open.jpg

I need to start this off by saying that these puppies are MERCILESS when it comes to toys, especially Saoirse. She murders a new toy typically within a day. Kong is notorious for making high quality toys that can withstand even the toughest dogs you can imagine, and this one was no exception. The photo above is a before picture, and the one below is after them playing with this toy for about 3 weeks.

kong-front-feat-saoirse(Side note: These guys love the camera. Any time it’s out they’re ready for some screen time.) 


As you can see Saoirse really did do a number on this guy, but it hasn’t started to crack or come apart anywhere, despite how rough she’s been on it. And I’m happy to report that the puppies absolutely LOVE this thing, Saoirse especially. We’ve been filling it with Cheerios or some other corn free cereal, or training treats and they go absolutely insane trying to knock the snacks out. It’s fun for them to play and it’s a lot of fun to watch them figure out how to get the treats out. If we tell Saoirse to ‘hit it’ she’ll send it flying across the carpet with her paw. I tried to get a short video of them doing this, but they just didn’t turn out because the dogs were running so fast.

Final verdict, this is fantastic, especially if you have a dog that tends to be really rough on their toys. If they ever manage to destroy this, I will absolutely buy them a new one!

With that, we end today’s post. Thank you for reading, and thank you to for sending this to me for review!

As always, thanks for stopping by!



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Growing Up With Chewy: True Chews Sirloin Steak Dog Treats

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Welcome back to another installment of Growing Up With Chewy, where we take a look at how our Rottweiler/Mastiff puppies are growing, and talk about a puppy product courtesy of!

We did miss December, but it’s 2017 and we’re back! So let’s take a look at the stars of this post.

7 months.jpg

The puppies are now 7 months old! It’s so hard to believe it. Jefferson (AKA Fat Baby) is weighing in at a whopping 67 lbs! Saoirse is slightly more petite at 48.6 lbs. Jefferson is very talkative and still convinced that he’s a lap dog. We just don’t have the heart to tell him he’s not. Saoirse is the most intense cuddler on the planet. They have learned how to open the porch door and let themselves in and out into the yard as they please. Needless to say, they have very big personalities and even bigger appetites. For fun, let’s compare the puppies from the first GUWC post to now.

saoirse then and onw.jpg I honestly can’t believe Saoirse was ever this tiny!

jefferson then and now.jpg Jefferson is still just as handsome as ever, and has finally grown into his ears and jowls!

Speaking of appetites, our product to review this month is the True Chews Sirloin Steak Dog Treats.*

true chews bag 1.jpg

This is the mini 4 oz bag, but this comes in a 12 oz option ($8.79) and a 22 oz option ($17.47).

The benefits are described as follows: (copied from

  • Made with real steak
  • Delicious aroma & tender, chewy texture dogs love
  • Easy to tear for treating convenience
  • Convenient re-sealable bags for freshness
  • No grains, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or fillers

And a look at the ingredients.

beef things ingredients.jpg

As you can see by the ingredients, all claims they made are true. No artificial colors or flavors. I would consider ground potatoes a filler, but it’s not an ingredient that bothers me. So big thumbs up there!

looks like a lil poo.jpg

Let’s just address the elephant in the room, there was no attractive way to photograph this treat. This is torn in half, which is how I fed it to the dogs. As you can see, this is real meat. For an affordable treat, I really wasn’t expecting to see such high quality come from it.

The dogs really loved these treats. To be fair, they’re not exactly very picky. But they heard the bag rustle from a mile away and came running. I’m telling you, depending on the day, a hurricane could destroy our home and they wouldn’t wake up, but they hear anything that even remotely sounds like food and they’re right at your heels.

To sum it all up, I think these are great. They’re very affordable and high quality. I’m really interested to try more from this brand! If you’re considering a fun new treat for your furry friend, look no further!

And with that, we end today’s post. Thank you for reading, and if you like Growing Up With Chewy, subscribe for a new puppy post once a month!

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Growing Up With Chewy: Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Dog Treats

Welcome back to another installment of Growing Up With Chewy!

I am very sorry for my lack of posting, but life has been getting way in the way of my blog lately. However, I am happy to report that I will be more active on here now and will hopefully return to my original posting schedule.

With that out of the way, let’s get into this month’s product, and take a look at how Saoirse and Jefferson have grown in the past month.

jefferson and saoirse 4 mo .jpg

As of now, the puppies are a little over 4 months old, and holy cow, they’re getting big. Jefferson(right) is now weighing in at 47 lbs, and Saoirse at 37. Jefferson is still under the impression that he’s a tiny puppy, which we can all clearly see, is not the case.

Here’s a comparison between this month’s photo and last month’s.

3 mo vs 4 mo.jpg

This month we received the Rachael Ray Soup Bones for review.

soup bones packaging.jpg

These retail for $2.99-$5.60 on, and come in 3 different flavors, and regular (6.3 oz, 12.6 oz) and mini sizes.

The benefits of these include:

  • This long-lasting chew is made with real beef and hearty barley and has all the deliciousness of a wholesome soup bone with none of the splintering or mess
  • There’s even a tender meaty center inside made without meaty by-products or artificial flavors
  • Treats are perfect for small, medium or large dogs so they are perfect for multiple-pup households
  • Highly digestible so more nutrition goes to work inside your dog

(copied from

As this stated, they aren’t really bones. It’s a treat that’s tightly compacted with a meaty center. Because of that, these are great for puppies or mature dogs, or any dog that may have issues with their teeth. These are hard enough to satisfy their need to chew, but soft enough that it isn’t uncomfortable.


soup bones insides2.jpg

As for the ingredients, theses are not grain free, but they don’t contain any by products or artificial flavors, so that’s definitely a plus.

The puppies absolutely adored these. So much so, that we bought another bag when our bag we received from Chewy was empty.


so profesh wow.jpg (Super professional Snachat photo of the pups going to town on the soup bones)

It takes these guys about 3 minutes to demolish them totally, but if you have a smaller (or less eager dog) they could last much longer.

Ultimately, I think these are a great snack for dogs. I would prefer if they were grain free, but the ingredients really aren’t bad, and the puppies love them, and in the end, that’s what’s most important.  They’re pretty mess free, too. Especially if your dogs double as a Dyson like ours seem to.

And with that, we end today’s post. Keepin’ it short and sweet today!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and thank you to Chewy for the soup bones!

As always,

thanks for stopping by!



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